Chemical Muscle Uncensored

Chemical Muscle Uncensored

By Dr.X


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Welcome to the Jungle

Hey everyone how the Fuck are ya? That’s right you are going to be in for a real treat with my column. If you are looking to find out the latest, greatest, and hottest news in the industry with a truly UNCENSORED approach then you have come to the right place. I am telling you now if profanity, hardcore steroid and drug info, SEX, vulgarity, and the reality of what goes on in the bodybuilding scene offends your delicate soul then Leave Right Now…you’ve been warned.! But if you want to satisfy every carnal desire you ever dreamed of, plus a hell of a lot more then I welcome you to the one place that is going to blow your fucking mind. So with that said let’s get down to business and break balls like never before!

Pinning 101

Q: I am new to the whole steroid thing and I am planning to do a cycle very soon. I would like to know about doing injections. What type of size syringe do I need and what gauge? Do I need different sizes according to what steroid I am using if they are oil-based or water-based? What about where I do the injection, will this affect the size or kind that needs to be used? I want to educate myself on what I need to get and learn how to do this properly because I don’t want to be one of those clowns that jump into this headfirst without understanding the basics.


A: John I want to commend you on taking the time to learn how to do things right. Now, this may sound like simple common sense but you don’t realize how many guys start taking steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs only to know almost nothing about what they do, how they work, and their side effects. This is especially true of those younger users who simply want to look good for the girls and sport bigger biceps. Now making sure you use the right syringe for your injection is very important. If you don’t use the proper syringe you risk injuring yourself or limiting your results because of absorption issues. Remember when taking anabolic steroids the injections must be done intramuscularly. This means that it has to be deep in the muscle tissue. Now let’s take a look at a few things. There are three main parts to a syringe. You have the needle or tip. You also have the syringe body. As well as the plunger which helps push the drug into your body. The first two will be most important for many reasons. For the syringe body, I would recommend using a 5cc body.

You may be wondering why I like a 5cc body when the majority of you reading this most likely have a 3 cc syringe in their cupboard. When injecting a faster-acting product the gear dose is much lower than its longer ester counterpart meaning you will need to inject more cc’s of oil to get your proper dosage. For example, Testosterone Cypionate is 250mg per cc of oil, where Testosterone Propionate is 100mg per cc of oil. With lower dosed short ester steroids you will need to do larger shots to get the desired dose.  I have seen many guys need to do 3.5 cc shots due to their dosing pattern and then have to break it up into two separate shots due to the extra half cc fucking everything up. With a 5 cc body, this will no longer be an issue.

Now there are bigger bodies that go up to even 10cc that resemble a turkey baster. Now one thing you should know is that you shouldn’t inject more than 3-4cc of any steroid in one location at any time. This is a maximum and for smaller body parts and those that are not carrying large amounts of muscle tissue 2-3cc is the order of the day. There are guys such as some professional bodybuilders that will do much more than this but it is not recommended. The reason for this is because your chances of getting an abscess are much higher. Second, it will feel like someone hit you with a baseball bat. I know one person who took 5 cc’s of Sustanon in one shot and his injection site swelled up like a grapefruit. He could barely sit for a week. He actually works an office job and he had to sit on one of those hemorrhoid tubes to keep his swollen ass cheek off of the seat. The funny thing is that since the guy weighs over 300 pounds everyone in the office thought he just had a bad case of the ”Roids”. No not steroids but good old hemorrhoids. Humor aside, don’t be stupid and try something like that because if you get an abscess you will wish you didn’t when a doctor has to slice it open and drain it.

Glute Abscesses are a Real Pain in the Ass!

When looking at the syringe tip you have to make sure that you first get the proper length and the proper gauge. The length of the tip can vary from half an inch all the way to two or more inches. Now depending on where the injection is going this will determine the length. For glute injections, I recommend 1.5-inch tips. Now, this may sound pretty long but you have to realize as I mentioned before that it has to be deep inside the muscle. Now Powerlifters and strength athletes are known for big asses and since they aren’t shredded glutes the needle will have to get through that extra layer of cushioning that helps you bounce out of the bottom of your box squats. Some guys have more than an inch of fat to get through so in my opinion, you will need to stick to a standard 1.5-inch needle. For those lifters that may tip the scales over 350 pounds and pack more ass than a backup dancer in a Jay Z video then you may have to go even 2 inches in length. Now for smaller muscle groups like triceps, deltoids, and quads, you can get away at using a one-inch tip. Now let’s talk about the gauge of the tip. Many of you reading this may not know what I am talking about. This refers to the diameter of the pin in which the drug will be pushed through. Now what you need to realize is that there are two main types of injectable anabolic steroids.

If You Are Packing Ass like this then You’ll Need a Longer Pin!

There are water-based drugs like Winstrol and Testosterone Suspension. Then the large majority of others are oil-based like Testosterone Enanthate, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, and all the others. Oil-based steroids are usually thick but the steroid particulates should be soluble in the oil solution. That is unless you are buying underground garbage by some guy with a grade 9 chemistry class under his belt that is making it. Now the larger the gauge number, the smaller the size of the diameter. So for all of you who may not be mathematically gifted, this means that a 25 gauge syringe is smaller in diameter than a 22 gauge syringe. For glute shots that are oil-based, a standard 22 gauge is most commonly used. This will make sure the oil can pass through easily while at the same time minimize scar tissue formation. For smaller body parts like delts, triceps, and quads many will use a 23 gauge. The upside to this is that it will leave even less scar tissue but the downside is that it can take much longer to expel the oil during the injection process.

Proper Location for Glute Shots!

Now when it comes to water-based steroids this can be a whole other story. Now you would think that injecting water would be easier but this is not the case. The reason for this is because water-based steroids are known as suspensions. This is because the steroid powder does not truly mix with the water. This is why when you leave Winstrol ampoules for a few hours upright they will settle with the powder on the bottom and water on top. Then you have to shake them vigorously to make them mix before injection. Now with water-based steroids getting the powder through the diameter of the pin is where you run into problems. Many products including veterinary grade steroids are not made with the best precision. Hell, this stuff is meant o be injected into some animal so they are not designed with the intention of minimizing pain. Since Testosterone suspension and Winstrol are both water-based and the steroid particulates are large you will have to use a large gauge needle. Using a 22 gauge for either of these two may be a problem. In fact, I know of many people that even jam a 20 gauge needle with Testosterone suspension. Now, this depends on what brand of product you are using. I have seen micronized Winstrol from Zambon out of Spain that can go through a 25 gauge pin with no problems but these are no longer produced. But this is far and few between with most labs with the large majority this would not be possible.

Zambon Winstrol from Spain Was Amazing but No Longer Produced!

When using a bigger gauge you can run into two other problems. One is the pain factor. Unless you like pain most people will find this not too entertaining. The second thing to think about is scar tissue build up. Using a large gauge needle will cause more micro trauma to the muscle tissue so in turn later on when you do your shots you will get a crunching sound. This is not good and I will cover this later on. Plus with water-based steroids need to be taken once and even twice daily to get maximum results due to the short or non-existing ester. This can make anyone not enjoy their cycles except the truly hardcore. So let’s take a look at what you need to use

Injection Chart

Solution                    Anabolic Steroids              Location                   Syringe Type

Oil-Based Steroids Testosterone, Deca, EQ, Trenbolone Glutes 22 Gauge/ 1.5 inch Tip/5cc body
Oil-Based Steroids Testosterone, Deca, EQ, Trenbolone Triceps/Delts/Quads 23 Gauge/1 inch Tip/ 5cc body
Water-based Steroids Winstrol, Testosterone Suspension Glutes 22 Gauge/1.5 inch Tip/5cc body
Water-based Steroids Winstrol, Testosterone Suspension Triceps/Delts/Quads 22 Gauge/1 inch Tip/5cc body

Now the above chart is a standard example of what you would use for the accompanying steroid that you decide to inject. However, this is not written in stone. I have seen products from all over the world and the viscosity of each of them varies. One example would be Testosterone suspension that I mentioned earlier. With the majority being vet grade, there are very few human-grade quality products on the market. Plus Testosterone suspension from an underground lab 99.9 times out of 100 will be horrible at best. The large majority of the underground labs do not even make Winstrol or Testosterone suspension because they are some of the hardest to manufacture and take a true chemist to formulate it with any precision. Because of the large steroid granules present in it, a larger diameter is needed otherwise it will clog the needle halfway through the injection which if you have ever done this before can be a real pain in the ass and that is literal if you like glute shots. But I have personally witnessed Testosterone Suspension that went smoothly through a 25 gauge 1-inch needle. I know those of you who have experience in the area will think I am crazy but again I witnessed it and even at that low of a diameter gauge it still went in very smoothly which is totally unheard of. One reason for this is the fact they have now used micronized powder which lowers the diameter of the steroid particulate size. Also, all the Testosterone oil-based products from Galenika which is out of the former Yugoslavia are also made with a viscosity that is top-notch. I have seen their oil-based Testosterone Enanthate flow through a syringe like it was water and it was also a 25 gauge pin. The reason why I mentioned these two examples is the fact that my table is not written in stone but in reality, it will be the standard of what most steroids both oil and water-based will be best injected with.

Galenika Testosterone from Former Yugoslavia Was Top Quality!

As a beginner making sure that you understand what type of syringe you will be using is going to very important not only to minimize scar tissue build up and injury but also to make sure that you will optimize the absorption of the product you are using and simply not throwing you money down the drain. I hope this helps clarify the basics of proper syringe selection when starting your first cycle so that you now have an educated response on how this topic should be handled.

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