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With the three part series I did on the health and performance benefits of Gynostemma tea I received a ton of emails with questions and praises. In the third part of the series I touched base on some of the top quality Gynostemma products that I really liked. Today I want to give you an in depth look at one of the products that I mentioned and that is none other than Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tea.

Gynostemma Tea is Pure Longevity!

Rare Medicinal Herbs at Your Fingertips!

First off when it comes to different companies that produce high quality herbs and teas, Majestic Herbs is one of my favorite. Now for those of you who don’t know, Majestic Herbs is located out of Thailand but it is run by a fellow Canadian who moved out there a decade ago. He created this business to fill the gap of sourcing rare medicinal herbs especially for those that live in areas where they are nearly impossible to find. He also wanted to provide customers with the highest quality organic medicinal herbs and teas available at an affordable price. This would allow these rare medicinal herbs to be shipped right to your door. No longer would you have to search high and low trying to get your hands on high quality herbs. With Majestic Herbs being an online business, getting your herbs is quick and easy.

Gynostemma Offers Numerous Health Benefits!

What Does Gynostemma Offer Your Health and Performance?

Now for those of you who have missed my series on Gynostemma I recommend you go back and give it a read. I have provided a ton of information based on medical studies to help you understand all that it has to offer your health and training performance. Here I want to highlight just a few of the many positive benefits Gynostemma tea has on the human body.

  • Gynostemma can help fight and prevent several forms of Cancer

  • Works with chemotherapy to improve its effectiveness and reduce damaging effects that it is noted for

  • Prevents cardiovascular disease from several angles

  • Optimizes blood pressure to treat both low and high levels

  • Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, and irregular heart beats

  • Strengthens the immune system against bacteria and viruses

  • Provides potent antioxidant protection against free radicals

  • Improves muscle pumps in the gym due to increased nitric oxide production

  • Helps to reduce mental and physical stress and replenish depleted serotonin and dopamine levels

  • Helps ease insomnia and regulates your sleep cycle

  • Increases training endurance and recovery between sessions

  • Helps to decrease body fat levels

  • Improves insulin sensitivity for optimal health

  • Stimulates Glutathione Peroxidase product to help detox the body of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals

Now these are just a handful of the different things that Gynostemma tea has to offer those that consume it. It has been studied by medical researchers for several decades with tons of studies that have been conducted on it. This is truly one of the healthiest teas you can drink.

Optimize Your Health and Performance with Gynostemma!

Why Do I Like Majestic Herbs So Much?

Now there are many different Gynostemma teas available on the market so what makes Majestic Herbs different? One thing that really stands out is the integrity of this company. For me this is a big thing and I am sure many of you reading this feel the same way. Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tea is first off organic. This is a big plus for me especially when you don’t want to be thinking about what kind of pesticides could be used. Majestic Herbs source of Gynostemma is a fair trade product grown by local hill tribe farmers. This provides income to local farmers that have in the past relied on drug crops such as opium to provide for their families. By growing and cultivating Gynostemma it has provided a way out for these farmers to earn money while not relying on these illegal drug farming. This allows them for a better way of life and a way to take care of their families without resorting to past means. In fact, Majestic Herbs Gynostemma is not just pesticide free but no chemical fertilizers are used as well.

Beautiful Gynostemma Farms in Thailand!

Organic and Fair Trade

These Gynostemma farms are also run under a project by the government to help solve the issues of deforestation and soil erosion to make it easy on the environment from every angle. Under this Royal Project program, only sustainable and organic methods are allowed and practised in the farming of these crops. These farms and their products are also licensed and inspected by the Thailand version of the FDA. Since no chemical fertilizers are used, these hill tribe farmers rely on compost and humus methods. Once the Gynostemma is ready to be harvested it is hand picked and dried using the traditional pan drying method. This is one of there reasons why Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tastes amazing, but also why it is so potent. When someone purchases Majestic Herbs Gynostemma not only are you benefiting your health and wellness, but you are doing much more. You are also helping provide a legal income to farmers and help sustain the traditions and way of life for the indigenous hill people of northern Thailand. Now with all that I just mentioned, how could I not want to spend my hard earned money with a company based on integrity and transparency like Majestic Herbs?

Preparing Gynostemma Tea is Easy as 1-2-3

How Do I Prepare this Amazing Tea?

Now many of you might be wondering what is the best way to brew up Majestic Herb’s Gynostemma tea. There are a couple ways you can do it but I will outline below the best procedure to make the tastiest and most potent method available.

Step 1

Use High Quality Water

I am assuming the large majority of you reading this do care about the quality of the water you drink on a daily basis. One important note is that to get the best taste from tea, using a high quality clean water is a must. It can be reverse osmosis, distilled, or any other high filtration method to make sure it is clean and toxin free.

Clean Water is a Must!

Step 2

Dial in the Temperature

Now take this clean pure water source and get it heated up to around the 90 degrees Celsius mark. You can use a food thermometer if you like but I am sure many of you don’t have the patience for this. I do seem to know my readers well, don’t I? To make this even easier you can bring the water to a boil on the stove. Once you have reached this point, remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool for about three minutes. This will most of the time get it to the right temperature without all the hassle.

Step 3

Add in the Gynostemma Tea

Here you can add in 1-2 teaspoons for each 250 ml of water used. If you are going to make a litre of tea, simply add in 4-8 teaspoons of Gynostemma to help provide the optimal dosage. You can try with the lower amount your first time and then increase from there to help you see not only where you like the flavour best, but also for its effects as well.

Step 4

Steep for Potency

Now the next thing you want to do after you add in the tea is to steep it. Here you can cover and allow the tea to steep for a minimum of ten minutes. This is the least amount of time you want because you want to extract all those amazing gypenosides that I discussed in my series. One thing I like to do is let it steep for a full two hours. Oh yea I like my Gynostemma tea strong that is for sure. This allows the maximum concentration of those healing saponins to be pulled from these delicate leaves.

You Will Love the Taste of Gynostemma!

Step 5

Drink and Be Merry

Now that your tea is ready, its time to drink up all that goodness that it possesses. You can drink it anytime of the day or night without any concerns. Like I mentioned in my articles, Gynostemma is dual directional. This means that it will help provide energy throughout the day, and then help you calm down and relax in the evening.

Start Experiencing the Health Benefits of Gynostemma Tea Now!

Tips and Tricks

Now many of you might be wondering how much to drink daily to reap all the benefits. For the beginner I would recommend at least 2-4 cups each and every day spaced out. Don’t try and drink that much all at once as you will get better results spacing it out. In terms of when is the best time to drink this delicious tea, consuming it about half hour before meals on an empty stomach is best. You can also take it a couple hours after a meal as well. Now in the above paragraph I recommended 1-2 grams of tea per cup of water. For those of you who are more advanced and have responded well to the tea, this can be increased to find your sweet spot. Remember Gynostemma is safe and non toxic in nature. It has been consumed for thousands of years by people who drink large amounts everyday. The thing noted by these people is not only their healthy bodies free of disease and illness, but also their very long lifespans as well.

Don’t be Afraid to Increase the Dose!

How Do I get my hands on Majestic Herbs Gynostemma?

Now like I mentioned before, getting your hand on this amazing tea is simple and easy. All you have to do is go to their website which I will leave below and place your order. They also have a contact form on their website. This way if you have any questions or concerns they will get back to you. They even have a customer service and order line as well if you would like to reach out and call. I have always received fast and courteous service that goes above and beyond what other companies offer. This is another reason why I have always liked dealing with “Mom and Pop” businesses over large corporations where they care less about your needs.


So take it from me. If you are new to Gynostemma tea then you are in for a real treat with Majestic Herbs organic tea. For those of you who have read my articles over the last two decades, you know that I try and source out those hidden gems that are not so easy to find in a wide variety of niche areas that strength athletes can benefit from. Majestic Herbs is one of those hidden gems that you will be very pleased with that is for sure. If you are looking for a high quality organic Gynostemma tea, then look no further. Majestic Herbs will provide you with an amazing high quality and potent Gynostemma that will truly help you on your path to health and longevity!

They can be reached online at:

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(+66) 93 051 6481

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