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Welcome to the Jungle

Hey everyone how the Fuck are ya? That’s right you are going to be in for a real treat with my column. If you are looking to find out the latest, greatest, and hottest news in the industry with a truly UNCENSORED approach then you have come to the right place. I am telling you now if profanity, hardcore steroid and drug info, SEX, vulgarity, and the reality of what goes on in the bodybuilding scene offends your delicate soul then Leave Right Now…you’ve been warned.! But if you want to satisfy every carnal desire you ever dreamed of, plus a hell of a lot more then I welcome you to the one place that is going to blow your fucking mind. So with that said let’s get down to business and break balls like never before!

Escort Pet Peeves

Q: Hi Dr.X I just wanted to shoot you a line to say what’s up. I am a pure sex junkie and was wondering about your thoughts of hooking up with an escort. I have never done this before and think it may be a riot but was wondering what kind of things I need to look out for when trying to find that perfect piece of ass? I have heard you have had your fair share of fitness bimbos and escorts so I thought you could maybe chime in and give me some insight on some of your experiences.

Name withheld by Request

A: Hey man you have come to the right place if you want the real dirt on the ins and outs of getting serviced by a professional or what you would call “Pay for Play”. Now I am going to discuss some of the things you have to look out for when going to any escort or hooker but most of what I am going to say is more prevalent in the U.S. than in other parts of the world. Yes, that is right I have been tapping sweet little asses all over the globe but what I would like to focus on is the local tail scene since I am sure that is where you will be doing the hunting.

As Tempting as it May Be, No Crackheads!

Clock Watchers

Nothing can ruin the moment like a clock watcher. While a lot of the girls will promise a “Girlfriend like Experience” many fall short by constantly looking at the clock. If an escort is good at her job, it’s not just how efficiently she can ride your anaconda. It’s the full experience where she makes you feel like the center of the universe. If this bitch is constantly looking over at the clock on the bed stand it’s not going to make you feel like a champ but more like a chump. Remember she needs to provide you with an experience that is more than just a fuck, but a full-blown fantasy in every way. If you feel like just a number in a line up like at a drive-through window, it will have you going home feeling like a loser. If you see any reviews on escorts sites where anyone complains of clock watching then keep looking because you will be wasting your coin.

Clock Watchers are Cock Droppers

 Bait and Switch

This technique is used more often than not. The good old bait and switch aren’t just what commercial stores do to draw you in only to offer you a rain check on an item that is no longer in stock. This is done in the hopes of drawing you into the store and since you are there you will stick around and buy something else in the same product category or you will spend some money on something else as this seems to be human nature.

This is done often in Asian massage parlors. Oh, yea they post ads with hot little 115 pound Asian Dumplings all the ripeness of 19 years old. You lose your shit when you see this little porcelain doll and make your way up to get a massage that you’ll never forget. But when you show up and ask for Fuko, you get some woman in her late 30’s that looks more like a stunt double in Full Metal Jacket’s rice paddy scene, than the hot little Japanese geisha that was featured in the ad. But since most guys are there with a raging hard-on throbbing like a water main about to blow, they swallow their pride and hook up with someone that looks like it would be Mr. Miyagi’s wife rather than some cute little Asian barely legal teen that filled you with insatiable lust.


What you thought you Paid For

What you Ended up With

The Scammer

Now if you have been doing some looking on some escort sites or BackPage you will be sure that most of the girls will give you an allotted time slot which you will pay for. Most will offer half-hour or one-hour deals. So basically you get to enjoy her for what services you agreed upon for the time you paid for. Well, some guys will pop a Viagra before they head over so they can take full advantage of every minute and get their dollar’s worth. Now what some girls will do is scam you once you bust your first load. So let’s say you are good for two solid rounds in that hour but since you are excited like a 12-year-old boy with his first issue of Penthouse, you bust your first load after 15 minutes just because the fantasy-like stimulation was over the top. Some of these girls will then tell you your time is up even if you paid for a full hour. These bitches will try and rip you off so make sure you clarify that you get as much action as you want for the time you paid for and get to drop as many loads in that time period as your balls can handle.

The Hood Thief

Now, this is not something you usually have to worry about with higher class escorts that get good reviews on escort sites, but more than likely in lower-class areas and with street hookers. My first time ever using an escort ended up in a real disappointing mess. She was a cute little Puerto Rican Mami that I found on Craig’s List. Her ad claimed 19 years old but I think she was around 25 years old or so. Ah, its all good, bullshitting you is part of the game to get you to take a bite. Anyways I called her and we set up an appointment to meet. She wanted to meet me at her apartment building and asked that I bring a bottle of Peach Schnapps. Well, I don’t mind spending a little money on the booze if it helps set the mood so it’s cool. I met her in front of the apartment building and she met me with a big smile. She was quite cute to be honest and even looked better in person than in her photo on the site. I passed her the gift bag with the bottle of Peach Schnapps and the envelope with the $200 cash. This took place in November so it was cold but not freezing out. She had on a long coat. She opened it revealing one sexy as hell outfit that just about made my mouth drop. She closed her coat and then came and whispered in my ear…” If you want me you are going to have to catch me.” So I was like ok if this little dame wants to be spicy and play I am all for it. Before I knew what the fuck was going on she does a 100-meter dash with the speed of Marion Jones. She ran to a car parked on the sidewalk that was already running and before I could even start chasing her she jumped in and they bolted off. I just stood there with complete shock on my face and wondering what the fuck just happened. This grab and dash scenario is actually common among many of the escorts that work in lower-end areas. You see I was a beginner at this whole thing and boy did this take me by surprise. Me being that gullible guy just got duped for $200 and a bottle of booze. What a bitch. I am telling you if I ever see her anywhere in public again I would bitch slap this twat right into next week. Well, this was not the best thing that could have happened especially not on my first run with an escort. I shook it off and got a good laugh about it later.

Definitely Not where you Want to go Shopping!

The Out of Shape Fitness Slut

This escort is the fitness slut that you will see at your local gym. Basically, many of you in the industry has seen many girls who do a competition look amazing on the day of the show. They are lean with a chiseled body and done up to the nines with makeup looking out of this world. Now what these girls seem to do is post these amazing photos from contest day or a photoshoot done the next day as their profile photos for their escort ad. So you the unsuspecting Testosterone loaded monkey sees the bait and is ready to drop his next paycheck on getting his dick a little action. The only problem is when you show up she is 30 pounds heavier than the photos in her profile. That once tight ass that looked like you could bounce a quarter off of now seems to have softened with cellulite. On top of that, the make-up artist that did her make-up for the show wasn’t on-site the day you went to meet her. So instead of looking like a 10 out of 10, you are lucky if she’s a 6 at best. Now that you are there, even though you are disappointed with the new plumper less attractive version of your fitness model that is before you, most likely you will stick around and pay for her services. So take it from me if you are going to go with the “Play for Pay” route just make sure you know what you are getting into. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows so make sure you are ready to get fucked in more ways than one if you decide to venture into escort services!


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