Chemical Muscle Uncesored

Chemical Muscle Uncensored

By Dr.X


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Welcome to the Jungle

Hey everyone how the Fuck are ya? That’s right you are going to be in for a real treat with my column. If you are looking to find out the latest, greatest, and hottest news in the industry with a truly UNCENSORED approach then you have come to the right place. I am telling you now if profanity, hardcore steroid and drug info, SEX, vulgarity, and the reality of what goes on in the bodybuilding scene offends your delicate soul then Leave Right Now…you’ve been warned.! But if you want to satisfy every carnal desire you ever dreamed of, plus a hell of a lot more then I welcome you to the one place that is going to blow your fucking mind. So with that said let’s get down to business and break balls like never before!

The Best Testosterone for Long Term TRT

Q: Hey I just want to say that I loved the first issue of Chemical Muscle Uncensored. Finally, real info that is not candy-coated to appease the masses. I have a question for you and was wondering if you could answer it in print? I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with low Testosterone levels. I am very interested in getting on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and was wondering what you would recommend for this? I really am not using it to get huge but wouldn’t mind putting on some muscle either. On the other end of the coin, I really am not interested in doing a ton of injections so is there something I can use that would minimize the jabbing?

A: Now when it comes to the different forms of Testosterone you have to see what your goals are no matter if it is for physique augmentation or for performance. Now since your goal is not to get massive but mainly to bring up your lagging test level, we have to look at the different choices that available. A lot of guys who need to do long-term TRT will go with the gel or cream like Androgel. I personally don’t like the gels because in my opinion don’t compare to keeping your blood hormone levels stable especially when compared to injectable Testosterone. This is one option if you are a complete pussy and don’t want to do shots.

Androgel is for Pussies!

Now when it comes to oral forms and derivatives of Testosterone like Methyl Testosterone or Methyl-1-Testosterone these would not be of value for your TRT journey. The reason for this is the fact that oral forms of Testosterone are methylated and will wreak havoc on your liver. This is why when these compounds are used in a muscle-building steroid stack they are only run usually for 4-6 weeks max due to the toxic effects it can have on your liver most notably increasing your liver enzyme count. Now during a cycle, they have a very important purpose especially for strength gains but when it comes to long-term TRT these are not something that your health can sustain. Now you may say that Andriol or what is known as Testosterone Undecanoate in an oral form is an option. While many doctors do prescribe this, I find that this is one of the most useless steroids of all time even for TRT. It is so poorly absorbed and the fact that you need to take such a high dose makes it useless. With orals out of the picture, what is a man to do? No worries it’s time to step up to the plate and bat with the big boys. Yes, that’s right it’s time for the Pin Show! So now that those areas are out of the way let’s get down to the injectable forms that are best.

Methyl Test is Too Liver Toxic for Longterm Use!

When it comes to fast-acting or short-ester forms of Testosterone these are also not beneficial for long-term TRT. This includes Testosterone Suspension which is the fastest acting injectable form due to the fact that no ester is present. It’s basically Testosterone in water minus the ester so it’s in and out of your system very fast. This means you have to do your shots on a daily basis which even with the most hardcore meatheads it still can be bothersome with so many injections, and that’s not to mention that water-based Test hurts like a bitch. Another short estered version is Testosterone Propionate which is a favorite among pre-contest bodybuilders. While it is longer acting than Suspension it still will only sit in your system for only 2 days max making you still have to do your shots four times per week. Once again this won’t work.


Test Suspension’s Daily Shots are Too Much!

The most common forms for TRT are Test Cypionate and Enanthate. These longer estered forms only have to be injected once every 7-10 days making a few shots per month much more manageable for those that are not fond of jabbing often. Some doctors will have their clients do 1 shot every 14 days but I think that is cutting it too close to clearing your system in full making you feel like a bag of shit and having your system crash. To keep blood levels stable my belief is that one shot per week is optimal with these esters.

Testosterone Cypionate is Most Common for TRT!

The last type of Testosterone that starting to become very popular for TRT is Nebido. No this is not the name of some monster in a Japanese sci-fi movie even though it does sound so. This is the longest-acting form of Testosterone available for TRT. It is known as Testosterone Undecanoate. Yes, you may have heard this name before from the oral drug known as Andriol. Yes, Andriol, not Anadrol is an oral form of Testosterone Undecanoate but as an oral form, it has horrible absorption rates making it in my humble opinion a pretty shitty form of TRT. It was designed in 2005 by Schering. In the USA Bayer seems to hold the rights on this wonder drug. Now where this drug shine is its half-life. Nebido can sit in your system for close to 12 weeks making the longest lasting Testosterone ever created. When you look at the longer-acting Tests like Cypionate which I mentioned earlier, its half-life is around a week and a half. This is why when doctors prescribe it for TRT purposes they will give one injection every three months. More generous doctors will give you another hit after the initial hit 6 weeks later to provide almost a front-load effect, but after that, you can see him every few months and you are golden. Nebido comes in a 4cc ampoule that is super sexy! So for those of you who hate infections but need TRT and don’t want to go the Androgel route, this looks to be your best bet. The downside is that it’s pricey when compared to the standard Cyp or Enanthate run.

The Longest Estered Testosterone for TRT!

So here you have it folks a look at the different forms of Testosterone and their viability when it comes to long-term Testosterone Replacement Therapy. If you don’t mind a weekly jab then go with Testosterone Cypionate. But if you are not a meathead that actually looks forward to your shots, then Nebido provides an alternative that even the pussiest of men can handle!

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