Chemical Muscle Uncesored

Chemical Muscle Uncensored

By Dr.X


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Welcome to the Jungle

Hey everyone how the Fuck are ya? That’s right you are going to be in for a real treat with my column. If you are looking to find out the latest, greatest, and hottest news in the industry with a truly UNCENSORED approach then you have come to the right place. I am telling you now if profanity, hardcore steroid and drug info, SEX, vulgarity, and the reality of what goes on in the bodybuilding scene offends your delicate soul then Leave Right Now…you’ve been warned.! But if you want to satisfy every carnal desire you ever dreamed of, plus a hell of a lot more then I welcome you to the one place that is going to blow your fucking mind. So with that said let’s get down to business and break balls like never before!


Is Oral Trenbolone a Fucking Scam?

Q: I was at the gym the other day and overheard these guys talking in the change room about oral Tren. Is there really such a thing? I thought Tren was an injectable. Do you think this is some type of scam? Please let me know more about this topic since I have never heard of this before.

A: Well my friend that steroid dealer you overheard talking to one of his clients is actually correct. Yes, Trenbolone does come in many different injectable forms. This includes the most common of all being Trenbolone Acetate. We cannot forget the longer-acting version of Trenbolone Enanthate which is an off-season favorite among many. Not to be forgotten is the rare Trenbolone Hex also known as Parabolan. Even more rare is Tren Suspension which many consider as the strongest version of injectable Trenbolone due to it hitting your system in record time. Now the drug that you are inquiring about is an oral form of Trenbolone known as Methyltrienolone (MT). It can also go by the name Metribolone as well. It was first created by the French Pharmaceutical company Roussell-UCLAF. Yes, these are the same amazing scientists that brought you another Tren Family drug known as Parabolan.

Oral Tren is the Nectar of Strength!

Now I can’t tell you what your local gym dealer was selling was the real deal without having it analyzed, but what I can tell you is that oral Trenbolone is the real deal. It is a very potent androgen that strongly binds to the androgen receptor. First, off you should know that this compound should not be run for long periods of time. I would put this at 4 weeks at max. This is due to the toxic effects this can have on your liver and kidneys. Yes for those wondering it is even harsher on your liver than Anadrol or Halotestin so you need to keep this in mind when implementing it. This is why I would personally run some liver protectors like LIV-52, Milk Thistle, Tudca, NAC, and ALA when running this compound. This drug was a favorite for athletes competing in the Olympic games for a very long time due to the fact that up until 2008 when a ton of Greek athletes got busted for it, it was basically undetectable. The reason why so many Olympic competitors like this drug are not only was it not to be found when taking a drug test but due to the fact that it is the strongest steroid ever created. Milligram for milligram MT is stronger than anything else available. That is why very small doses of this drug elicit huge results.

What Methyltrienolone Raw Powder Looks Like!

Split the Dose

It is basically a 17 Alpha alkylated (17-AA) version of Tren. MT doesn’t aromatize into estrogen so this is a plus but since it is a 19Nor compound you do need to worry about Prolactin issues that can mess up your libido when the cycle is over. It does have a progestational activity which in layman’s terms can amplify the effects of the estrogen producing drugs you may be taking in your stack. It basically can bind to the Progesterone receptors so keep this in the back of your head when planning what other steroids you will include in your cycle. So making sure you are running an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex is a very good idea to incorporate into your stack. It has a very short active life in your body lasting about 4-6 hours so with that known you should split your daily amount into two or three doses. This will help keep blood levels more stable than just shotgunning the entire dose once per day.

Oral Tren Packs on Rock Hard Muscle!

MT doesn’t convert to Estrogen so it is a fantastic compound to run during a cutting cycle or precontest. With this understood you can look forward to very hard dry gains with no water at all making it ideal. Not only does it bind to the androgen receptors in muscle but it also does so in the fat cells as well. This can lead to increased fat burning from this pathway. Another very important tidbit of info but not know too many is the fact that MT also binds to receptors that interact with glucocorticoid hormones. For those not familiar with this, these are the catabolic or muscle wasting hormones like Cortisol. So by being able to shut down their abilities this will help prevent muscle loss during those tuff pre-contest diet plans that are needed to get shredded. The fact that this drug can help build muscle, increase strength, burn fat, and reduce catabolic effects of Cortisol among others shows why those athletes in the upper echelon of competition found it so beneficial to their contest regiment.

Protect your Liver!

When it comes to dosing 500mcg to 1000mcg is the most common amount used. Yes, it is amazing that half of a milligram of any steroid can produce such amazing results especially when you think of how other orals like Anadrol are dosed at 50mg per tablet. There are some that will venture to 1500mcg per day but this is venturing into the hardcore zone. It has been reported that those that took 2000mcg per day came down with jaundice in a very short period of time. This is not something you want to happen. It can also contribute to hair loss and acne for those that are prone. For those of you who have run into issues with their dick losing sensitivity while running any form of Tren, then keeping Pramipaxil or Cabergoline handy is a good idea because you will find similar results with MT. Due to the fact that it is harsh on your liver definitely don’t mix it with any other oral steroid and I would not be drinking any alcohol while using it.

Not for the Ladies!

Now when it comes to who likes this drug it is a crowd favorite among many sports. For bodybuilders, during the contest prep, this compound is your ace in the hole if you can get your hands on it. It will dry you out making you look grainy and hard. For strength athletes like Powerlifters, Strongman, and Weightlifters running this the last 4 weeks before your competition will promote a major gain in strength and explosive power. Not to forget it will raise your aggression level through the roof so you will be looking to rip someone a new one while on this stuff. Oh, yea boys get ready for lots of fights with the wifey while on MT. Boxers and MMA athletes will also like its effects due to the fact you will get stronger, faster, more aggressive all the while of not gaining much weight. This drug is definitely for men only. Sorry ladies but it’s just too strong for you lovely gals unless you are looking to transform yourself into a hideous science experiment. When it comes to availability there are not a lot of underground labs making this at the current time due to the fact that it is a rare compound to get raw materials for. But if you look hard enough you will find it so if you are dead set on giving it a whirl then it’s not out of your reach by any means. Most companies will make the dosing in 250-500mcg tablets. The lower dose ones are nice since you can space out your dosing throughout the day in multiple feedings. So if you are looking to get jacked as fuck and don’t get scared off with the side effects then you have found one badass Steroid to take you to the next level!

MMA Fighters Love Oral Tren for Aggression and Rage!

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