ChemPie Strain Review

ChemPie Strain Review

By Anthony Ricciuto

I know it’s been a bit since I have done a strain review so I wanted to bring you another kick-ass column. You know that I am a big fan of some of the European seed banks, especially those in Spain. They come out with some really cutting-edge genetics and push the envelope on getting recognized as a “Super Power” when it comes to the cannabis scene. With this strain, you will see exactly what I am talking about. I wanted to give you a Sativa Dominant strain that would be ideal for daytime medicating. I strategically chose one that would be beneficial for medical cannabis patients suffering a wide variety of conditions. I know you must be wondering what I chose for this review that I am so excited for? This top-of-the-line strain is none other than ChemPie!

ChemPie is a Potent Hybrid Strain For Daytime Use!

Genetics/ Lineage/Potency

Chem Pie is the creation of the master geneticists over at one of my all-time favorite seed banks known as Ripper Seeds. If you remember my very first strain review for Power Nutritionist, it was another famous strain from Ripper Seeds about the powerful Indica… Zombie Kush. For those of you not familiar with Ripper Seeds then you should be. They are one of the top seed companies not only from Europe but the entire world. They constantly come out with some of the sickest genetics time and time again.

ChemPie is a Hybrid strain with a 60% Sativa, 40% Indica profile. It is a cross of Cherry Pie, Chemdawg, and Do-Si-Dos. What they did was crossed the Cherry Pie and Chemdawg first. Then with that sick combination, they crossed it with the Do-Si-Dos. That is one sick genetic profile so you can bet it is going to be amazing. For the veterans out there you already know that all three of those strains have a huge following. Now mixing these three together produced a masterpiece that is getting praised all over the map. Now when it comes to potency ChemPie will not disappoint. Coming in at 25-27% THC you can bet your ass it will hit you like a freight train. As always with every creation from Ripper Seeds, you won’t find any subpar genetics. They know how to push the envelope hard, and the numerous cannabis championships they have won are just the icing on the cake.

Who needs some ChemPie?


For those of you who may be planning to grow a batch of ChemPie, you are in for a treat. It will take about 65 days for indoor flowering and about 30 days in the vegetative stage before things are ready to rock and roll. Chem Pie will produce long pistils making this bad boy a real treat. If you like thick dense buds then Chem Pie is just what you are looking for. In fact, you will find them not only dense but actually heavy for their size. Some growers say they actually remind them of marbles due to their crazy density. Combinations of light and dark green foliage are its hallmarks. Not to be forgotten is the large number of orange hairs that decorate these thick buds in abundance. Now with buds this dense, you better believe that the trichomes are going to be sick! Loaded with trichomes would be an understatement when it comes to ChemPie.

When it comes to the aroma you are in for a treat. You will definitely notice the Cherry Pie parent strain coming through nicely on the aroma but so does the chemmy notes from the Chemdawg as well. It has a sweet cake aroma that sets the stage. It smells nice as a bud but when you grind it up the aroma comes through much stronger. It is super strong and the chem profile hits you like a punch in the face. The fruity smell layered with a strong diesel mix is truly one of a kind. It will tickle your nostrils with intensity, so you have been warned. It is loaded to the brim with terpenes. If you like a terpene-rich flower, then Chem Pie will be a top contender on your list for sure.

Look at those Orange Hairs!

Now I am sure you have all be waiting to see what the taste is like. If you like delicious medicine, ChemPie produces some out-of-this-world flavors that bounce on your tastebuds like a kid on a trampoline. The cherry notes are very strong and many who vape it will notice that right from the start. You will notice a nice Kush profile so for all the Kush strain fans you will be happy to hear this. As time goes on the sweet cherry fruit flavor will start to change to a chemical cherry tone which is the Chemdawg shining its colors and coming through. The smoke will be very thick yet amazingly smooth. If you don’t like coughing your brains out you will really appreciate the velvety smooth smoke or vape that ChemPie produces. From your very first, pull you will see why ChemPie took the 1st place win at the Expogrow competition in 2018.

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now with this strain being a Sativa dominant hybrid, you will find ChemPie amazing for daytime use. It has a very uplifting effect that is ideal for those that need to medicate during the day without making you feel lazy and groggy. With the 40% Indica profile being noted, Chem Pie will not get you edgy with pure Sativa strains like Durban Poison can do. The Indica genetics provide a nice balance to the powerful Sativa effects to keep you from feeling jittery or wired.

Ripper Seeds ChemPie Tray is Sick!

If you haven’t seen my review on the classic Durban Poison strain then check it out. For those that suffer from ADHD, ChemPie has a huge following due to its numerous benefits. You will find that after medicating with ChemPie you will have amazing mental acuity yet relaxed at the same time. ChemPie is phenomenal also for chronic pain for daytime use as well. It will help numb the pain, without knocking you out which is exactly what you need. It is a crowd favorite for those with arthritic conditions where those old joints (no pun intended) have seen better days. Not to be forgotten are the benefits for women’s health issues. ChemPie can really come through nicely for those that suffer from PCOS or suffer a lot of discomfort during their monthly cycle.

The High

Well now that you got to the part everyone has been waiting for listen up. ChemPie will produce some amazing cerebral effects due to its potent Sativa genetics. This is where the Cherry Pie and Chemdawg parents shine nicely to give you a potent but not overwhelming uplifting experience. You will notice the cerebral effects first and they come on quite fast. But as time goes by the Do-Si-Dos Indica effects creep up on you to give you that full-body buzz that it is known for. Full body waves and tingling will run up and down your body with warmth and serenity. Don’t forget with ChemPie coming in with at least 25% THC, this is not for beginners. If you are a newbie and don’t take my advice in this regard then at least take it slow. If you are vaping dry flower, start with 2-3 pulls and then put it down. Wait about 15-20 minutes to see its full effects then you can decide to have more if you desire. ChemPie is amazing to put your mind at ease but still allows you to be productive on different tasks and work you may have to do throughout the day.

ChemPie is Beautiful!


So here you have it, folks. Another amazing strain creation from the boys down in Spain from none other than Ripper Seeds. Chem Pie is one of my top choices for a daytime strain that will keep you motivated and creative with a calming effect. The amazing terpene profile leads to some phenomenal flavors with an aroma that can’t be beat both on the grind and dry pull as well. If you are looking for a Sativa hybrid that you will enjoy medicating throughout the day with, Chem Pie is your go-to strain. Give it a try the next time you go down to your local dispensary and let me know how much you liked it. ChemPie is an award-winning strain due to its amazing taste, top-tier potency, and providing an amazing experience. So don’t just take it from me, get yourself some of this strain and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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