Colossus Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Colossus Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

By Anthony Ricciuto

Can You Resist Cookies?

Now, who here loves chocolate chip cookies? Yea I am sure the majority of you said yes, and the rest of you most likely lied. I got dozens of emails about the medicated protein brownie recipe so I know it was a big hit with the readers. But one of the complaints that I got is that I don’t have any cookie recipes. Well, hold onto your horses cause today I have for you exactly what you have been craving. Yes, I have for you an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe that will be healthy and loaded with muscle-building protein. This way you can take care of that sweet fix and get jacked all at the same time.

Everyone Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies!

We all know that chocolate chip cookies taste amazing. Hell if they didn’t they would not be popular with people all over the world. No matter what country you go to, chocolate chip cookies are a hit! But the downside is the majority of them are unhealthy and are loaded with bad ingredients thereby not making them too conducive for dialing in that six-pack or getting jacked. With the recipe that I am about to give you basically can have your cake or should I say chocolate chip cookie and eat it too.

Icelandic Yogurt for the Win!

Enjoy A Treat Without the Guilt!

Now with these protein cookies, you will be able to eat them any time of the day. But like a lot of people, those sweet tooth cravings kick in later in the evening and for many, it is really hard to say no. Here you can have something healthy and nutritious that you won’t have to feel bad about eating even at night. For those mass monsters out there you can even wash it down with a protein shake to really jack up the anabolism.

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

200 grams of Egg Whites

60 grams Coconut Flour

60 grams of Oat Flour

120 grams of Vanilla Whey Isolate

10 grams of Baking Soda

350 grams of Skyr YoPro Yogurt

4 Tablespoons Vanilla Extract

6 Tablespoons Choc Zero Caramel Syrup

4 Tablespoons Natural Peanut Butter

2 Tablespoons of Stevia

60 grams of Choc Zero Chocolate Chips


So let’s get these bad boys done. Take all the ingredients and put them in a mixing bowl. Add them to the bowl in the order that I have put above to make things easier. Get out that whisk and start using those muscles you have to mix it all together nicely. Make sure you get a nice smooth consistency and you will have to put some elbow grease in the mix to get it where you want it. Once you are done take the bowl and put it in the fridge for around twenty minutes give or take. This will help it solidify nicely so when you put them on a tray it is not too soft.

You Will Love These Chocolate Chips!

Space those Cookies Out!

For this recipe, you will need at least 3 baking trays depending on the size. This is a big recipe because I know that if I did it in baby boy portions I would get lashed in my emails about how I made it in children-size portions. You want big, then you got big my friend. Now when you batch them out make sure to leave plenty of room between each cookie as they will expand quite a bit. If you don’t leave room on your tray, it will turn into one big tray cookie. Now with the appetite of many of you reading this, that may not be a bad thing. But for the majority of us you will want to be able to have those handheld cookies which will also help you breakdown the nutrients easier as well.

You Can Enjoy This on Pancakes Too!

Now scoop out your mix onto your baking tray and make sure you used some parchment paper to line it to prevent a big mess. The last thing I want is to get a bunch of hate mail from wives all over the country wanting to shoot me cause you destroyed her baking trays and then blamed it all on me. You can use a very light coating of coconut oil on the parchment paper or a cooking spray if you like to just keep it lubricated and prevent sticking. Once you got them all set up its now time to bake these bad boys. Set the oven to 350 degrees and bake them for about 5-8 minutes. If you like them more soft go with the shorter duration, if you like them harder go with a couple of minutes more. Either way experiment with the time to see what way you like them best.

Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

Ingredient Information

Now, these cookies are loaded to the max with protein not only from the egg whites, and yogurt but also the whey isolate. This will provide you with a fast, medium, and slow-digesting protein matrix to help build muscle and prevent catabolism at the same time. We all know that cookies need flour but just throwing in some white flour is not the best of choices even though it may taste amazing. This is where I used some coconut flour that will provide some good fats as well as the oat flour to give you a nice complex carbohydrate source as well. The Skyr yogurt is a new brand that I started using as of late and I really like it. It’s high in protein, low in carbs and fat, and comes unflavored. Its rich thick consistency is more like Greek yogurt than a regular style version making it amazing. For the sweetener, you can use one that you like. Of course, we don’t want sugar in there but you can choose what your favorite choice is. I like stevia but there are many that don’t like it. Either way, this is one of the finer points that you may have to adjust and experiment with if you decide to use another sweetener since many are different in terms of strength. I tried out a new sugar-free chocolate chip from a company called Choc Zero and was quite impressed so I used them on this recipe. I am always looking for new and exciting brands for a wide variety of ingredients, supplements, etc to stay on the cutting edge of what the best of the best have to offer.

MMM…So Damn Good!

Nutrient Breakdown

This recipe should yield about 25 cookies depending on the size you decided on them. Now that is quite a lot of cookies and with the way my strength athletes can mow down food, there would be no point in making a ten cookie batch at all. This way with this load they can last you longer than a Sunday afternoon…lol. So let’s take a look at the breakdown of what these bad boys have under the hood.

Full Recipe

Calories: 1880

Protein: 210 grams

Carbohydrates: 165 grams

Fat:42 grams

Fiber: 65 grams

So here is the breakdown for the entire recipe. Now since this will yield about 25 cookies depending on the size that you make them, let’s see what each cookie has in terms of its breakdown. This will leave each cookie coming in at about 75 calories, with 8.5 grams of protein, 6.5 grams of carbs, and 1.7 grams of fat. Not to be forgotten is the 2.5 grams of fiber per cookie. So as you can see they are not only delicious but when it comes to providing some good macros they can’t be beaten.

Protein Cookies for Strength Athletes!


So here is one kick-ass chocolate chip cookie recipe loaded to the gills with muscle-building protein. I know how it is when the nighttime munchies come on. So many of you try your best to stay away from junk and processed food and with recipes like this you now can have your cake and eat it too. Sometimes all you need is to satisfy those cravings with a healthier choice that reminds you of the junk you were going to eat and in no time you are happy and full. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to worry about them fattening up your waistline like chocolate chip cookies from the grocery store will do. So give this recipe a try and let me know how you like it. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Anabolic Cookies for Some Nightime Chill Time!

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