Durban Poison Strain Review

Durban Poison Strain Review

By Anthony Ricciuto

Let Me Drop an Old School Beat

Yes, I have included an old school strain here for all my veterans and old-timers. You see I have been getting some hate mail as of late. No, I guess not real hate mail where you call me names or make threats but more along the lines of hippie hate mail. Oh, yea you better believe it. I have been getting complaints from a ton of my readers about how I am featuring a lot of the new strains that have been dropped on the scene just in the last year. They are upset about how I am not doing enough for some of the original strains that helped pave the way for the amazing genetics that we have now. So I am going old school here folks to a very popular strain that even the new generation will definitely love. This strain is none other than Durban Poison.

Genetics/ Lineage/Potency

So with a name like Durban Poison you probably already guessed it. Yes, it is a landrace strain Sativa from South Africa. Now for those of you who are not familiar with what a landrace strain is listen up. Landrace strains are basically those that have very limited history and have not been crossed with numerous other strains. These are strains that had little human interaction and grew in the wild. These strains are almost looked upon as on the “endangered species” list because after so many people take them and keep crossing them there are fewer and fewer of these original strains available. So making sure there are geneticists out there to keep them pure and in production is of key importance to not only keep these strains alive but also to preserve this beautiful history of cannabis as well. It came out in the late 1970s but it wasn’t until the 1980s when it really took off especially in the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Now they have tweaked it off and on overtime and some will cross it with Skunk to make it more stable.

Durban Poison is a Classic Sativa Landrace!

It is believed the amazing cannabis legend Ed Rosenthal is the founder of this strain. For those of you who don’t know who he is look him up. He is not only a pioneer in the medical and recreational cannabis scene for over forty years but also an author of several books and a columnist at High Times magazine. Durban Poison is a pure Sativa. Now when I say pure I mean PURE! This is a 100% Sativa so if that is your jam then you will be very pleased. If you are a Sativa lover then this is the ultimate strain for you. It comes in anywhere from 18-25% THC but is almost nonexistent on the CBD content. This strain is the backbone of so many other popular strains out there and crossbreeding with Durban Poison is done by many of the world’s best geneticists due to its amazing properties and effects. Don’t forget that Durban Poison is the parent to such amazingly popular strains as Girls Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. If you like these strains then you will love the original as well.


Now here is where the connoisseurs will be happy as hell with Durban Poison. It is known for its strong pine aroma with a base of earthy notes. It is high in the terpene D-Limonene and that is why it also has a prominent citrus tone that cannot be forgotten. But one trademark of Durban Poison is the potent black licorice or anise scent. This mixture of both sweet and spice makes a very unique aroma that is very distinct when compared to other strains. 

Durban Poison is Amazing for  High Concentrate Yields like Live Rosin!

Now the aroma of this landrace also comes through on the flavor. It tastes very similar to how it smells so if you like the aroma you will also fall in love with the taste. Sweet citrus combined with anise gives a very distinct flavor profile that is layered in a creamy taste. Those medical patients that really enjoy the flavor when medicating will not be disappointed when it comes to how Durban Poison dances on your tastebuds.

If you are planning to grow this specimen then be warned. It will take a full 16 weeks before you can harvest your hard work so you need to be patient. It does take longer than many other strains but if you are a true connoisseur and love old-school landrace strains, then you need to hold onto your horses and let it bloom on its own schedule, not yours. These bad boys also grow very tall so if you are doing it outside and trying not to be noticed, well you might just run into a problem because just about everyone in your vicinity will take notice of that Jack and the Beanstalk like creature you have growing on your property!

Durban Poison is a Sativa Lover’s Dream Come True!

You will find the nugs of Durban Poison possessing very large resin glands. Now for those of you who like to produce different forms of concentrates, then you will be in absolute euphoria the next time you rosin press this masterpiece. They are also very plump or should I say voluptuous Now when it comes to trichomes you will also be just as impressed. Frosted to the max is a Durban Poison trademark so get ready for some icky sticky buds. For its appearance, it does possess the classic Sativa look with camo green leaves and laced with beautiful orange hairs.

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now I know I may have lost many of you in the taste section and you totally forgot about all the medical benefits it has. Yes, the taste is very intoxicating but hold on as there is much more that Durban Poison has on its resume. Like I mentioned earlier Durban Poison is a pure Sativa. This means it is an amazing daytime strain. I would not use this in the evening as it may keep you up. This is why many refer to it as the “Expresso of Cannabis”. It is a very uplifting strain so if you suffer from depression where you don’t feel like crawling out of bed, Durban will kick that ass into gear having you want to get up and get shit done. If you are looking for an energy boost then Durban will come through nicely. It is also effective for those that suffer from PTSD due to its uplifting effects that kick those blues to the curb.

The “Expresso of Cannabis” is Durban’s Trademark!

It is also a fantastic strain for chronic pain, especially for daytime use. Many of the better pain strains are Indica based so taking them during the day will have you feeling groggy and wanting to take a nap. Not good if you need to stay productive while trying to stay pain-free. Durban is also good for nausea. If you are doing Chemotherapy it will really help you with settling that uneasy stomach that is for sure.

One unique medical attribute of Durban Poison over other strains is the fact that it is high in the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). While THCV only has about 25% of the psychoactive effects of Delta 9-THC, it does cause an intense cerebral high with a very quick onset. THCV has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels which may provide benefit for those that are Type II Diabetic. It is also very effective for those with Alzheimer’s and who suffer from motor control issues, and tremors.

Since it is very popular for those suffering from many different conditions, the medical dispensary’s usually kept this one in stock due to its heavy demand. You may think it’s just the old hurting hippies from days gone by that like this strain, but that is not the case at all. Even the younger generations can enjoy this one of a kind tried and true classic.

The High

Now for those of you who are not pure Sativa consumers you do have to take note. It can be racy for those not used to potent Sativa strains so start slow. Don’t hit it hard if you are not familiar with this strain right from the start. Otherwise, some of you may feel anxiety and that is not what you want. I want to give this warning in advance because when you get Sativa genetics this pure you need to work your way up and not go buck wild on it like some average hybrid strain.

Now if you like the cerebral effects then Durban Poison will be something you will search out again and again. It is one of the best strains for spacey cerebral effects and if that is your jam then you found it right here. It is also very uplifting. If you are feeling down or just not motivated, Durban Poison will make you feel invigorated and ready to go for any task in front of you. In fact, this strain is very popular with writers and those doing creative work where you need to stimulate that frontal lobe of your brain without feeling like you want to crash on the couch.

Another benefit of this strain is the effects it may have on libido. Durban Poison does have the reputation for helping lovers get it on like a pack of jackrabbits in heat. The cerebral effects intertwined with a romantic interlude can dramatically magnify the intensity of your dirty deeds. The euphoric effects of Durban Poison can take orgasms to a whole other level.

Durban with Your Significant Other is Amazing!

You will find the high to be not only clean but also very motivating. I even know a few people that like to hit this before a workout to get them in the zone. It is also popular with long-distance runners who also like to partake in the green goodness right before heading out on the road for a trek. While that may not be for everybody, this strain is very versatile for the many things you can do during the day and enjoy all its amazing qualities. You will also find it great to help relieve stress without the Indica like couch-lock effects that other good stress relieving strains are known for.


Now if you are looking for one of the best all-time classic landrace strains then Durban Poison is right up your alley. Actually, I don’t even know if can call yourself a cannabis connoisseur if you haven’t even tried this potent Sativa. If you need something to keep pain at bay for daytime use and want to keep trucking along all day without feeling like a sloth, Durban Poison is the strain to make you forget all your woes in no time at all. If you have never tried it, ask your hook up if they carry it and if they do…you know what to do! Give this South African delectable a try in whatever way you fancy and you will be amazed in more ways than one!

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