Boreal Wild Foods Chaga

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Boreal Wild Foods Chaga

By Anthony Ricciuto

I haven’t done a review for a natural health product in a very long time. For those of you who keep up with my website’s latest content, you know that the book and documentary reviews seem to have taken over as of late. One of the things I try to do with all my product reviews is bringing to you things that you may not have heard of before. No matter if it is a best-selling book, new documentary, an exciting training video, or a supplement that I like, I want to open your eyes to things that have gotten my attention. With that said, today is no different and I am happy to introduce to you not only a company but a product line that is at the top of their game.

Boreal Wild Foods Chaga

The company that I want to introduce you to is Boreal Wiled Foods but was known for years as Fiddlehead Heaven. You see I love finding obscure companies that the majority of you would never hear of and bringing them to light. As you know from my past, there is nothing I like more than to take a family-oriented business that is based on producing quality products, along with excellent customer service, and give them my support. A company that prides itself on honesty, integrity, and dedication to bringing forth the best product to market is always a winner in my book. As many would say, these “Mom and Pop” shops are the backbone of our country and in a time when big corporations are taking over this is even more critical. I love to spend my hard-earned money with those that truly deserve it and Boreal Wild Foods (Fiddlehead Heaven) fulfills all the above.

Dwight Taking a Little Break from Chaga Production!

What the Hell is Chaga?

Fiddlehead Heaven was created by Dwight Thorton out in Windsor New Brunswick. Yes, he is a fellow Canuck so make sure you show him some love. Dwight has an amazing story on how he got introduced to Chaga and ultimately how it changed his health and life for the better. I don’t want to share too much because I have an amazing interview series coming out very soon and I want to save all the juicy stuff. The product I want to discuss today is the wonderful healer known as Chaga. This is a fungi that grows on White Birch trees in cold climates. Now you might be wondering why the hell would you want to consume something like this?

Chaga Straight from Nature!

Nutritional Powerhouse

Like I mentioned before I don’t want to give away too much information right here because the interview series I have been working on will be without a doubt the most comprehensive compendium of Chaga on the net. Chaga is one of the healthiest things you can consume. It has the highest antioxidant content of anything in existence. When you compare something like blueberries known for its anti-oxidant protection to Chaga, it’s like comparing the bicep size of Pee-Wee Herman to Hulk Hogan. Obviously not even in the same ballpark here folks. The amount of different health benefits it offers is off the charts, but its anti-cancer effects are one highly noted.

Who Loved the Hulkster as a Kid in the 80’s?

Beyond your Expectations

Now Dwight offers some of the highest quality Chaga anywhere on earth. Yes, I speak the truth on this one. I have tried Chaga from many different companies and his is the upper echelon when it comes to quality and potency. The reason for this is the amount of care and consideration that is taken to bring forth to customers only the best of the best cuts of Chaga. Harvested in a professional and eco-friendly fashion, Dwight takes his job very seriously. He makes sure you get a Chaga that is beyond your expectations, all the while being conscious of taking care of the delicate environment from which it comes.

Consuming Chaga Couldn’t Be Easier!

Dwight offers Chaga in different forms depending on your needs. He has it in large chunks, tea grind format, and even a ground powder. For those that are lazy and don’t want to do any work he even offers it in tea bags in 1/4 cup dosing and ThermoTea sizing as well. This allows you to customize how you want to use and brew Chaga without having to do any of the hard work yourself. He takes all the guesswork out of the equation so you can just sit back and enjoy the many health benefits.

Nothing Compares to Chaga!

 Start Your Day in the Right Direction!

For those of you who are not familiar with Chaga and how you consume it, it really is quite simple. You brew it, which there are a few different methods to do so, and drink it much the same way you would tea or coffee. Many people have stopped drinking coffee entirely and drink Chaga instead. You can drink it hot or cold and even use it as a base for healthy green smoothies. Some people may like to sweeten it but to be honest it tastes amazing all on its own. While I mentioned earlier that it has numerous health benefits, that would be an understatement. It also has several performance benefits as well. So those hardcore strength athletes constantly looking to up their game should also take an interest.

Start your Day Right!

Chaga Interview in the Works

I wanted to do this brief review to let you all know what brand of Chaga I personally consume, but also to introduce you to Dwight and his company FiddleHead Heaven. As my loyal readers know from my writings in Powerlifting USA magazine, I am dedicated to not only educating you on innovative ideas but also where and how to implement them as well for maximum benefit. I am super excited about the upcoming series with Dwight. You can be rest assured that it will be a goldmine of information, with much you haven’t heard anywhere else. For those of you who are familiar with Chaga, please give it a try. I know that you will be just as pleased as I am with the quality and potency especially when compared to other brands that are currently available on the market.

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