Garlic Cookies Strain Review

Garlic Cookies Strain Review

By Anthony Ricciuto

Hey, I know it’s been a bit since my last medical cannabis review so I have been hearing some flak as of late about getting my act together and making this more regular. Ok folks I am back with another kick-ass review that I know you are going to love. As you know it seems like every month there are new strains that come out and yes they do most of the time come with some crazy name. Well, a good friend of mine wanted me to do a review on a new strain that is for sure going to knock your socks off. He loved this strain so much he just had to have me do a review of it to make you the medical cannabis patient, understand just how good it is. Now I know you must be wondering more about what it is and what it offers. So let’s get to my rambling on this amazing strain known as Garlic Cookies.

Garlic Cookies Comes in at over 30% THC

Genetics/ Lineage/Potency

Now I know with the name Garlic Cookies it doesn’t sound the most appetizing. Yes with some of the other strain names they do make it interesting and yet the name combinations just make you want to try it out. Strains like Vanilla Kush, Chocolate OG, or Cherry Cheese Cake just make you want to rip them out of their baggie and dive in right away. I guess our love for bad foods does this for us and when it relates to a specific strain it can most definitely help in the marketing of that particular strain. Now Garlic Cookies like I mentioned earlier doesn’t sound like something you would want to eat. Now from a health guru like myself, it might sound like a recipe that I would send you to help get your blood pressure and cholesterol blood markers in check. No, I am not that mean even though I do love garlic myself not only the taste but also what it offers our health.

GMO Cookies and Garlic Cookies are the Same Strain!

Alright, enough of my bantering so let’s see what this strain has in store. Garlic Cookies also go by the name GMO Cookies so if you see either one it should be the same strain. For those of you who wonder who the geneticists behind this strain look no further. Divine Genetics is the brain behind this creation. They have the reputation for growing some of the more powerful potent strains on the market. They seem to create strains that are for the more experienced user that is looking for cannabis with a powerful kick. This strain is the love child of two very popular and excellent strains. It is a mix of Chemdawg and Girls Scout Cookies. For those of you who are veteran cannabis connoisseurs, you already know that both of those have a huge following and in their respective rights some powerhouse strains as well. Chemdawg is an Old School strain and is popularly used to create other well-known strains especially those in the Diesel genre. In particular, it is the parent for Sour Diesel which is one of the most popular strains in the history of cannabis. For those of you wondering about the terpene content, you should know that Limonene is the primary source. I know that most Indica strains are usually higher in Myrcene to help you relax and Limonene is more common in Sativa strains but with Garlic Cookies, this is not the case.

Garlic Cookies is Popular in the Canadian Legal Market!

Now when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies we have another home run strain that is well known all over the world. It is also used to parent many other different famous strains so when you mix these two bad boys in one go, you are looking at one amazing strain. Now Garlic Cookies is a 90% Indica and 10% Sativa Hybrid. So if you are an Indica fan then listen up as this may be just what you are looking to add to your arsenal. This makes it ideal for nighttime use and I will get to that later on more in-depth. Now when it comes to potency you will lose your mind. I remember a time when a 19% THC flower was considered powerful stuff and now as time progresses you see strains that are pushing the envelope and Garlic Cookies definitely is one of those strains. This bad boy comes in at around 32% THC on average but I have seen it as high as 37% THC with some experienced cultivators. Yes, you heard me right. Garlic Cookies is one of the strongest strains you will currently find at your local dispensary or your neighborhood plug for those who don’t live in a legal state or country. Now with a THC percentage as high as it offers you can be sure that when it comes to its medical benefits it will be a five-star medicine.

Garlic Cookies Flavor Profile is Totally Unique!


Now after what I told you above I know you are just begging to find out more about what this strain has to offer. Garlic Cookies have a light green color that reminds you of almost an olive green and tan camouflage pattern. Not to be forgotten are some purple undertones as well that blend in nicely throughout the bud. It is loaded with orange hairs so if that is your jam then you are in luck when it comes to this strain. The buds are chunky in size and quite long for an Indica dominant Hybrid strain. In fact, when you look at these buds they resemble a Sativa so this makes it quite interesting. Yes, it is also loaded to the gills with white trichomes dusting this delicacy like a powdered donut. With a THC count over 30%, how could it not be laced with enough trichomes to make you weak in the knees?

Who Loves Diesel Strains of Cannabis?

So now that you know what it looks like you want to know about the taste and smell. As you might have guessed it does have a pungent garlic smell. It is pretty crazy when you think of it how cannabis geneticists can make your favorite weed smell like a wide variety of different foods. You will also smell the distinct diesel odor as well. Lastly is its delicate cookie scent that comes through ever so gently. So it basically smells like a garlic cookie dipped in gasoline. Now I know that doesn’t sound too attractive but believe me, I know you will actually like it for the large majority of you. So with how I described it above, you are now wondering how does it taste? Well, it does have a strong garlic flavor so that is a given. But what you might not expect is the mushroom and onion flavor that also bounces off the garlic. Yea I know this strain sounds more like a pizza than a cookie with all the flavor profiles that seem to work in unison. For some people, they don’t taste any cookie flavor at all while others do find it mildly, as the combustion of the flower progresses.

Garlic Cookies Extracts Coming in at 80% THC

The High

Now, this is the part everyone has been waiting for. Sometimes I think that you read my whole article just to get to this part in particular. Now many will say that Garlic Cookies produce a high that is unlike other strains. With over 30% THC potency you can now understand how this is possible. First, the body buzz you get from Garlic Cookies will be intense. Tingling waves will run up and down your body in a cascade of delight. When this subsides it will turn into a heavy body high that will make your limbs feel like they are made out of cement. If you like couch lock, Garlic Cookies will do the trick. Not to be forgotten is the euphoric cerebral effects that it also offers your high. Even though it is a 90% Indica Hybrid, it still possesses Sativa head sensations but with one exception…no stimulation. It’s like it took the best of Sativa cerebral effects without getting you wired up. This makes it ideal for those people that enjoy the head high of a Sativa, but then when they consume too much it causes anxiety. Here you get the best of both worlds all in one. Now if you are a beginner take this one very slow. Garlic Cookies is no joke and if you are not a veteran medical cannabis patient then you may bite off more than you can chew, so be warned. One of my clients who recently tried Garlic Cookies told me that just after a few inhalations off his PAX 3 vaporizer he was seeing stars. He is no newbie either so it can attest to how much of a punch Garlic Cookies can pack.

The PAX 3 is a Truly Amazing Vaporizer!

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now for all the medical patients reading this, I know you are always wondering what conditions does this strain help with? Garlic Cookies with their couch locking Indica qualities make them ideal for insomnia and sleeping issues. If you are someone that is looking for a strain to help you unwind at night and help get you in the right zone to conk out for a good night’s sleep, this is the strain for you. With this being said it would not be a good daytime strain if you are trying to be productive because it will knock you out. It does provide a very strong euphoric effect as well. This is why many suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD, really like this strain. Even though this strain is sedating in nature, it still is mentally uplifting without the stimulating effects of a Sativa.

Garlic Cookies Looks and Tastes Out of this World!

Now if you suffer from pain then you will love Garlic Cookies. It is very well known to have some very good pain-relieving effects and when taken in the evening it will help dull chronic pain caused by inflammation and allow you to have a peaceful sleep along with it. It has a pronounced heavy body high that will allow your body to melt away pain in no time at all. Since we are on the topic of pain, Garlic Cookies is also very good for those that suffer from migraines and headaches. Lastly, if you are a cancer patient and deal with nausea issues and a lack of appetite, Garlic Cookies have you covered. It will help quell that stomach and on top of that make you ravenously hungry. Garlic Cookies have a lot to offer the medical cannabis patient on so many levels and this is why it has gotten so popular as of late.

Garlic Cookies is All the Rage For Medical Patients!


So here you have it, folks. Garlic Cookies is definitely one of the strongest strains you will find currently on the market. With parent strains of Chemdawg and Girls Scout Cookies, I just knew it would be a hit. This unique Indica dominant Hybrid produces some amazing medical benefits for numerous medical conditions. For the recreational user, you will also find the high to one that is in a league of its own. If you are an Indica fan then you simply have to try this strain out if you get a chance, because it is that good. The next time you are at your local dispensary make sure to ask for it by name. Due to its popularity, it does sell out fast even though it does cost a bit more compared to other strains. This is understandable due to its high THC content and amazing terpene profile. So take it from me. If you are looking for a new Indica to help ease your pain or melt away depression, Garlic Cookies may just become your new most favorite strain. Give it a try as I know you won’t regret it!

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