Gorilla CBD Strain Review

Strain Review

Gorilla CBD

I know its been a while since my last medical cannabis review so I must apologize to all my readers. I always try and bring you cutting edge information not only on what the latest strain releases that occur so you keep up to date on the cannabis scene, but also those strains that will be best for medical patients. Like I have mentioned before, my focus is the medical cannabis community and providing them with the best information to make educated choices on what is available that may be best for helping them with their current health issues. Now with that said, I have a very interesting strain that I am sure all medical patients will absolutely love. This strain is known as Gorilla CBD.

I Love Dianfem Medical Strains!

Genetics/ Lineage/Potency

Gorilla CBD hit the market way back in 2018 and is the creation of one of my favorite seed banks in Europe which is none other than Dinafem Seeds from Spain. I do have to hand it to the producers out of Spain as they are some of my favorite in the world. Now if you remember some time back, I did another strain review on another Dinafem creation and that was the Remo Chemo. One thing I like about Dinafem is that many of their strain creations are designed with the medical patient in mind. While some seed banks cater solely to the recreational consumer only trying to get higher THC strains and appease the REC market consumer, Dinafem puts a tremendous effort into the medical cannabis sector which has to be noted. Gorilla CBD is a 75% Indica and 25% Sativa Hybrid. It also possesses some interesting parent strains that contributed to this masterpiece. It is a cross of Gorilla X Dinamed Kush CBD. Now what you will really find interesting with this strain is the fact that it comes in only at 7% THC but with a whopping 14% CBD. Now I know you may be thinking that the THC content is so low that it may not be worth your time or money to invest in trying this strain. Now before you think that way listen up. Even though its THC content is relatively low compared to other strains that are much stronger, you have to take into account the complete package which we will discuss later on in the review. It takes about 65 days before it ll be ready to consume so you will need some patience if you plan to grow this bad boy but it will be more than worth it believe me.


Gorilla CBD even though is a hybrid, it’s looks sports that of a powerful indica. The leaves are thin and sharp in nature where as you would think they would be thick and broad in stature. But with that true indica style, Gorilla CBD does have that bush like appearance with condensed leaves and of a medium height. Now when it comes to the buds that Gorilla CBD produces listen up. In fact they are very spiky in nature with a very distinct colour profile. Unlike many plants, Gorilla CBD in the last days of flowering produces buds with a white shade and this is because of its high resin content. Now I am sure most of you would think that with the potent CBD levels contained in Gorilla CBD this would not be the case, but fortunate enough for us it is. In fact Gorilla CBD is a monstrous resin yielder baffling the minds of even the most seasoned grower.

Through her amazing genetic lineage, Gorilla CBD inherited these robust amounts of trichrome glands from her native parent strains. This in turns makes the buds very sticky. So if you are a fan of the icky sticky, then Gorilla CBD will be sure to please even the most finicky connoisseur. Most growers believe that high CBD genetic strains are unable to produce ample trichrome quantity, let alone ones that will make your mouth drop in amazement. This is one strain that goes against the grain. It’s parent strain Dinamed CBD Kush is also known for its resinous attributes for a high CBD strain especially when its combined with Gorilla which is another award winning strain known for its resinous prowess. The combination of these two powerhouse strains makes sure that their love child is without a doubt amazing!

Gorilla CBD is One of the Best Medical Strains!

Now you must be wondering about this strains taste and aroma. Hold on little buddy we are getting to that. I know it can be hard to hold in all that excitement, so here it goes. I have to say that the taste of Gorilla CBD is mind blowing. If you love gas, diesel, and the like you will love the fuel like taste that pours forth with Gorilla CBD. This gassy hit is definitely from its parent strain Gorilla that is for sure. To make this even better is the potent Kush flavour that balances the gas quite nicely from its other parent strain Dinamed CBD Kush. Now many smokers believe that a lot of CBD strains all taste the same and they do have some merit to this statement. But the bright minds at Dinafem modified the terpene profile by using their in house CBD strain thereby creating a flavour profile totally unique to a potent CBD strain. This makes Gorilla CBD’s taste totally unique. Not to be forgotten are the pine and earthy undertones as well. Believe me there is something special about a Gorilla and Kush cross mix and Dinafem hit a home run with this genetic masterpiece!

The High

Now here is what everyone has been waiting for. Now for those seasoned vets I am sure many of you who look for strains with 20% plus THC profiles, may feel like this strain will not be for them. Like I mentioned before just because it contains a lower THC content than you may be used to do not use this as the only criteria in which to choose your strain especially if you are a medical patient. I know recreational users, the large majority anyways always look for how much THC each strain has as the only benchmark of what they look for when choosing their next strain to try. But for the medical patient this should not be the case as there are many other factors that contribute to the entourage effect, as well as the healing benefits it can offer.

Gorilla CBD is Amazing for Pain and Inflammation!

Gorilla CBD contains 7% THC with a powerful 14% CBD making it a 1:2 ratio. As you already know, the high CBD content will diminish its psychoactive effects due to the CBD blocking the CB1 receptor thereby limiting the THC uptake. Now I think this is a fantastic idea especially for the medical patient. One thing I know is that there are a lot of medical patients that need to medicate during the day, but many have to stay in pain or deal with their condition if they have to work or be out and about and still function. This is one thing that makes this strain so awesome is that it can be used anytime of the day and the psychoactive effects are not off the charts where you cannot get things done. Now for those recreational users that are just looking to get ripped, well that can still be done but you will need a little more to satisfy your level on your your road to Bakers Town! Gorilla which is one of the parent strains comes in at over 25% THC making it a powerhouse in the psychoactive department, but with this new CBD version you will get a milder effect, but one that is still amazing. So with that said you must be wondering how the high actually is? Since it is a dominant indica hybrid you know full well those traits are going to come on hard.

Dianfem Produces the Highest Quality Seeds Available!

Yes if you are looking to relax and take the edge off of a stressful day, Gorilla CBD will come through to diffuse the built up tension of the day. If you have a hard time switching from the hustle and bustle of an overwhelmed sympathetic state and have a hard time turning it off and relaxing into the healing parasympathetic state, Gorilla CBD will flip the switch in minutes. For those of you who are in need to lower the stress threshold, this strain is the one to go to. You will also find the high to be very balanced. This is a major plus for those who cannot handle high THC strains which may lead to anxiety or other off feelings. This leaves many that do suffer from this issue to turn away from THC totally, and I believe this is a mistake. What needs to be done is to find a balanced strain like Gorilla CBD. You can look forward to a heavy body high with waves of delight running up and down your body. Even though it has very little sativa properties, the cerebral effects of Gorilla CBD should not be ignored. Overall the high from Gorilla CBD is very pleasurable and calming most likely due to its indica dominant properties and the high CBD content that rounds things out nicely.

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now when you are looking for what it offers your medical issues listen up. Gorilla CBD was created with the medical patient in mind so its not like some strains that are particularly created for the recreational users but then medical patients find some relief in it. Dinafem is one of the best geneticists in the world when it comes to medical cannabis cultivation and they have created some award winning medical strains that are leaders in their class. Gorilla CBD is no different because it is not only unique in its genetic lineage and breeding, but also in its taste and medical effects. Gorilla CBD will be amazing for anyone looking for a high CBD strain that still wants a small amount of THC but not to be overwhelmed by it. Science has shown that THC with CBD works better than either alone for most medical conditions so this strain is just what most are looking for in the medical arena. Gorilla CBD is amazing for inflammatory conditions so if you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain issues this is the strain for you. It’s high CBD content also makes it ideal for those that suffer from anxiety related conditions and also for those who can’t handle large amounts of THC where it can make this issue worse. Not to be forgotten, are those who have sleeping problems as well. Gorilla CBD is a potent Indica hybrid that will definitely help you get a good nights rest without having a groggy feeling in the morning due to a high THC content.

Isn’t it Time for some Gorilla CBD?


So as you can see I am a big fan of Dinafem’s Gorilla CBD strain. They have really dialed in the genetics on this one with precision. They really put some time and effort into the creation of this powerhouse medical strain that is for sure. This is one of the reasons why I am such a big fan of this seed bank. Like I mentioned earlier, they are not only one of the best medical seed geneticists is Spain, but the entire world. Gorilla CBD is a phenom and one that every medical patient should consider in their arsenal of meds. One thing should be noted is that you will not find Gorilla CBD with ease at your local dispensary. In fact you will have to search around quite a bit to get your hands on this very unique and rare strain, but all your effort will be highly worth it. It provides a potent amount of CBD that will help quell all forms of body inflammation and yet there is still enough THC to give you a kick in the pants. This is why I highly recommend this strain for medical patients that may have used different recreational strains in the past, but are still looking for something that is more dialed in for their medical needs. Take it from me, Gorilla CBD will not disappoint and once you try it I am sure it will be a keeper and one that you turn back to time and time again!

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