Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Medical Cannabis Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake

By Anthony Ricciuto

Welcome to a new column here at Power Nutritionist. For those medical cannabis patients out there, this column will help provide cutting edge info on different cannabis strains to help you choose what is best for your current medical condition. Anyone that is new to medical cannabis knows that there is so much info being passed around and much of it not on point. This is why I started this column to help those who are looking to educate themselves with the information they can trust.

Who Can Refuse Ice Cream Cake?

I don’t know about you but I have never seen anyone refuse ice cream cake no matter what the occasion. There is something about ice cream mixed with cake that sets your tastebuds into overdrive. Now if I got you salivating that’s good news cause today I am going to let you in on a strain review of exactly that…Ice Cream Cake!

Who Likes Ice Cream Cake?

Genetics/ Lineage/Potency

Now, this is another famous Cali strain that is getting rave reviews as of late. This strain was created by some of the talented geneticists from Seed Junky Genetics. With that said, you know it’s going to be good to go. This strain is an Indica Dominant 75% and Sativa 25% hybrid so for all those nighttime medical patients, listen up. It is a cross of Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake. This is not an easy strain to find so if you can get your hands on it from your local dispensary then it would be a good idea to grab it while you can. With its current popularity, believe me, it won’t last long. In fact, the word on the street is that in Los Angeles it’s almost impossible to get your hands on because they sell out faster than they can grow it. Those parent genetics are two very popular strains by themselves but once you mix them together you have something really special. Now, this is a powerhouse when it comes to potency, so beginners may want to pass on this one or really titrate your dose no matter what method of consumption you decide on. It comes through at 25% THC so you better hold onto your hats because this ain’t your grandma’s cannabis from Woodstock that is for sure.

Look at those Red Hairs!


When it comes to the nugs they aren’t the biggest ones in the game but they are quite dense. The bud looks mainly purple with green foliage. If you like the purple nugs then you are in for a treat. It is fueled by red hairs coming from all directions from top to bottom. The trichomes sugar the bud quite nicely and what could you honestly expect from a strain called ice cream cake when it comes to a nice sweet icing on top. It has a citrusy lime-like aroma with floral undertones. You may not believe it but I have found a hint of an earthy shoe leather smell after you have ground it up as well. It really is quite pleasing. Now the taste is what you are just waiting to hear about but hold onto your damn horses I can only type so fast…lol. It has a creamy vanilla taste with a sweet cheese flavor that just lingers on your tongue. If you are someone that really enjoys a nice flavor profile with your medicine then you can be sure this gourmand cannabis will not disappoint.

Ice Cream Cake’s Flavor Is Amazing!

Medical Benefits and Effects

When it comes to the medical benefits, Ice Cream Cake is just what you have been looking for to ease your woes. For those of you who suffer from insomnia then look no further. Ice Cream Cake will work a lot better at getting you some shut than counting sheep that is for sure. Not only will it help you get to sleep but will also help you stay asleep which is another form of insomnia that many are not aware of. For those of you who have a hard time winding down from your day where they can’t seem to turn your brain off from the constant rumination of the day’s problems and worries then this strain will help you more than you think. It’s an excellent strain to help let go of your problems and worries and get you in a relaxed state when the world around you keeps pulling on your brain. The fact that it helps you to relax also makes it ideal for those that suffer from anxiety issues. Many find it ideal to help quell anxiety when your nervous system won’t cut you any slack. Due to it being a 25% Sativa lineage, it will still keep you chatty and in a good mood to help balance the sedating effects of its Indica genetics. This strain is also good for those that suffer from nausea or loss of appetite. Believe me, after a few pulls of the Ice Cream Cake you will wish you had a real ice cream cake in the freezer to satisfy your hunger.

How You Feel After a Few Pulls!

The High

This is definitely a nighttime strain that is for sure. You may be too sedated if you medicate in the day with this strain to be productive. You will feel very relaxed with the Ice Cream Cake, yet you will be uplifted at the same time. This is not a pure Indica so even though you will feel mellowed out you will not feel like falling into a coma. You can expect some amazing cerebral effects that transform into a state of bliss and happiness. The body high that is an Indica trademark, will creep on you so be patient. You will experience the upbeat cerebral effects first off, then tapers off into a sedated body buzz that leaves you ready for bed.

Ice Cream Cake for Sweet Dreams!


So when you cross two amazing strains that are already on top of their game what else could you expect but another all-star strain? Ice Cream Cake is a popular strain in both the medical and recreational market. As you know I am a big fan of California genetics and they keep hitting some home runs as of late with all the new strains they keep pushing out month after month. If you are looking for an Indica dominant hybrid that will provide a nice mix of cerebral effects with a long last body high, then Ice Cream Cake is just what you are looking for. This tasty dessert strain will not disappoint. If you are wondering what to buy the next time you hit the dispensary then take my advice and give this a shot!

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