Medicated Anabolic Protein Brownie

Medicated Anabolic Protein Brownie

By Anthony Ricciuto

Did You Say Medicated Protein Brownies?

Now today my faithful readers I have something really amazing for you. I have a true one of a kind recipe for you that you are sure to love. You see there are tons of regular recipes out there for brownies. When it comes to protein brownies there are also many different recipes you can find. But have you ever seen a medicated protein brownie recipe? Well, what we have here is not only a muscle-building dessert that you won’t have to feel guilty eating and you get to medicate at the same time. I have looked all over the place and have yet seen one like this before. Well, you are in for a real treat so keep reading on how this bad boy will change the way you forever look at healthy bodybuilding snacks that are medicated at the same time!

The War on Drugs…Total Failure!

Now you may be thinking that I lost my marbles with this one but hold on there big boy I am just getting started. The reality is that medical cannabis is hitting not only mainstream society but also the fitness industry as well. The amount of medical benefits it possesses is no longer hidden from us by governments that lie only to line their pockets with Big Pharma’s money. The War on Drugs has proven to be a total failure in more ways than you can count. Many of the drugs that we were told in the ’80s would eat away at our brains like an egg frying in a pan are now being proven to heal brain injuries and help many mental health issues. Looks like a 180-degree turn of events. Alright, enough of my diatribe here so let’s get on with the recipe because this other topic is an entire article in itself!

Anabolic Magic Carpet Brownie

360 grams of  Organic Pumpkin

30 grams of Organic Coconut Flour

120 grams of Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate

30 grams of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder Unsweetened

6 tablespoons Hershey’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup

4 teaspoons of Stevia

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

200mg of THC from MCT Tincture (Indica)

Are You Ready for Your Magic Carpet Ride?

The Root of the Matter

Ok so here are the ingredients for this powerhouse brownie recipe. I know you might be thinking that pumpkin will taste gross or you may be a person who doesn’t like it at all. The fact is that you won’t even taste it in the recipe so that is the good news for those that are not pumpkin pie fans. It provides the bulk base of carbs as well as the fiber contained within. I like using coconut flour in this recipe but some of my clients have used other versions and it still has come out nice. This method will keep the carbs down more than some of your other choices. For the cocoa powder just get any form that is unsweetened. You will have enough sweetness from the other ingredients so need for any excess calories here. For sweeteners I have used stevia but if Splenda is your jam go with what you like. I know there is a non-stop debate on what the healthiest sweeteners are and a mixed opinion on what is best. You decide what’s best for you on this one. The baking soda will help give it a little lift and fluff it up just enough to give it that cake-like texture.

Nutrient Breakdown

Calories: 1125

Protein: 125 grams

Carbs: 120 grams

Fat: 16 grams

Fiber: 45 grams

THC: 200mg

Is This Too Much Brownie For Ya?

Now as you can see this is a big brownie here. It really is not a single serving but in reality a full tray worth. Unless you are a 350-pound strongman competitor you will not be eating the entire serving in one go. I made this recipe to provide not one but four servings. So if we break it down from the above full serving recipe we are coming in at 288 calories, 32 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fat, and 12 grams of fiber per serving. This is perfect for most people ranging from bikini competitors to even bodybuilders who don’t have monstrous appetites.


  • Add your canned pumpkin into a large mixing bowl

  • Add in your Coconut Flour

  • Mix in that Chocolate Protein Powder

  • Time for the Unsweetened Cocoa so mix it in

  • Squirt in that Chocolate Syrup… and don’t forget to lick the spoon

  • Dump in your Sweetener of choice

  • Lastly, sprinkle in that Baking Soda

  • Last but not least squirt in your MCT oil-based Cannabis tincture

  • Whisk it all up nicely until it looks like brownie batter

  • Lay some parchment paper into a cake tray

  • Spray with some Non-Stick Cooking Spray

  • Pour in your brownie mix and shape it to the edges of the pan

  • Now set your oven to 350 degrees and wait for it to reach temperature

  • Throw this bad boy in the oven for 10-12 minutes

  • This will make it chewy and soft on the inside at this setting

The Cannabis Connection!

Now that the main kit and caboodle of the recipe is done. I know you are wondering about the cannabis part of the recipe. Hold onto your horses little grasshopper I am getting to it. Now there are different ways to incorporate cannabis into recipes and you may have even made weed brownies before. To make this very simple I decide to go with a THC tincture. If you were to use flower you would have to decarb it first. Then you would have to extract it into a butter or oil carrier. Then from there, you would have to do a few more steps to get it all together. By using a tincture you can medicate your protein brownies with ease and can skip all the drama your parents had to do when they wanted to get baked off some brownies at a Pink Floyd concert.

Not the Brownies Your Parents Ate!

Now if you are looking at most tinctures especially from the government dispensary or from a medical supplier they will average about 25mg of THC per 1ml. So with this said you will need to add about 8 ml of tincture for the complete recipe. This will leave you with about 50mg of THC per brownie when broken down into 4 servings from the above-portioned breakdown. Now for those of you new to cannabis edibles, 50mg will be way too much for you to handle. So you can adjust the recipe to make it even less. For you newbies out there or those with a low tolerance reduce the tincture amount to half. This way you will get about 25mg of THC per brownie. This way you can even eat half a brownie, wait a couple of hours and then see if you want to proceed with the remaining half. A dose of 12.5mg of THC for the majority out there will not put them on the moon so this can be a good starting point from where to begin. I almost forgot to mention that if you want this to help you sleep even better, make sure it is an Indica form of a tincture.

Shatter Bars are No Joke!

One Funny Story

Remember you can always eat more edibles if you need to feel more medicated but you can never eat less so always keep that in mind. Don’t try to copy some of the veterans you see on Youtube because you will regret it. I had one friend a big 250-pound bodybuilder that vapes cannabis but never had edibles before. Well after watching hardcore cannabis enthusiasts on Youtube eating a 1000mg brownie while only looking like he weighed 120 pounds he figures he could handle at least a quarter of that. Off to the dispensary he went to buy himself a medicated chocolate bar coming in at 250mg of THC. It was a Shatter Bar to be exact.

Shatter is Super Concentrated THC!

This is a popular company in the grey market of the Canadian cannabis scene and what makes them unique is that they are not made from flower, like many other edibles but from shatter. For those not familiar with what shatter is listen up. It is a concentrated form of cannabis. It looks almost like a light yellow rock candy texture and is thin where you can see through it. Many people will vaporize shatter or use a dab rig. The thing is you need very little to get a very powerful effect. So since these chocolate bars are made from shatter they are some very serious edibles. Him not being aware of the ramifications that can occur, he wolfed down the entire bar in one go. Yea that was not a good idea in the least.

Don’t Get Cocky With THC Edibles!

You see one thing I really love is when a client or friend calls me asking for advice after they do something. Usually, the best thing to do is ask for advice before you consume something but I guess that is boring. So after he wolfed down the entire 250mg of THC in one sitting he calls me up an hour later asking me if he ate too much. He is a seasoned smoker so he thought he could handle a decent amount. But when you consume cannabis orally it converts Delta 9 THC into Delta 11 THC which is now a totally different compound. This is why some people who smoke a ton of cannabis like Snoop Dog or Seth Rogan who come to mind, cannot handle a large number of cannabis edibles.

Well after I told him that I personally would have started with about 20mg for what his tolerance level would be he realized that he would be in for the ride of his life. The other thing to watch out for is that while smoking cannabis the effects may last a few hours in length, with edibles it usually lasts 8-12 hours. So if you take too much it will not be over in a couple of hours and your bad trip may last way longer than you ever hoped for. In fact for those that have consumed a very large amount of THC edibles the effects could last even for 24 hours.

When You Realize You Ate Way Too Much Edibles!

Well, let’s just say he will never consume that much THC in edible form ever again. The entire night he was totally off his rocker. His head was spinning like he was a merry go round from hell. He felt like his legs were being pulled into the ground. Then the anxiety kicked in…Oh boy. Not a full-blown anxiety attack but the edginess was on thick. Then the paranoia kicked in where he felt people were spying on him. He just laid on his bed hoping and waiting for this bad trip to end. That was the plan until he believed his legs now melted away because he no longer felt that they were there. Then he felt like he had an out of body experience where he saw himself floating above his body in a red glowing form. So let’s take some advice from his mistake and always start low and go slow! When it comes to THC edibles remember, there is No Turn Off Switch!

Looking At Himself Regretting He Ate the Whole Bar!


So here you have the very first medicated muscle-building protein brownie recipe that I have ever seen anywhere in existence. Now for most bodybuilders and strength athletes, it’s at night where the cravings kick in. This is perfect to consume at bedtime to help get rid of those non-stop desires to wolf down some bad things that you shouldn’t be eating. Plus the THC addition to this recipe will help you sleep like a baby. You get to take care of those cravings, build muscle, and get into Stage 4 sleep and stay in that recovery zone even longer with this amazing medicated protein brownie. So the next time you want to have a healthy dessert and want to Netflix and Chill with your significant other, this medicated protein brownie recipe may be exactly what you needed to make that weekend experience one to truly really remember!

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