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Trenbolone Acetate

By Dr.X

Dr.X is back with a new column here at Power Nutritionist. The purpose is to provide readers with an accurate understanding of different performance-enhancing drugs not only from a medical angle but also what goes on in the back alley gyms all across America. It will provide a refreshing balance of science and street knowledge and application that will be unparalleled. For those of you who want to truly know the ins and out of what really happens behind the scenes with both professional and national level amateurs from different sports, this is the column for you. Like all my columns, this will be totally uncensored with a no holds barred style that I am known for. If profanity or truth offends you…Leave Now!


Trenbolone Acetate is an injectable anabolic steroid derived from Nandrolone (Deca). Its activity is quite removed from its original structure, thus making direct comparisons between the two difficult. Trenbolone cannot aromatize into Estrogen making it ideal for those looking for a hard physique. It is considerably more anabolic and androgenic than Nandrolone on a milligram for milligram basis. Its structure and effects on the body are more commonly compared to a stronger androgen such as Drostanolone (Masteron) than it is to Nandrolone (Deca). Trenbolone displays three times more androgenic potency than Testosterone, making it one of the strongest injectable anabolic steroids ever created. If you thought that was amazing you have to realize that on the anabolic score chart Trenbolone is five times as anabolic as Testosterone. As you can see this is one very potent drug!

Tren is the Nectar of Gainz!

Structural Characteristics

Trenbolone is a modified form of Nandrolone. It differs by the introduction of double bonds at carbons 9 and 11, which inhibit aromatization (9-ene), increases androgen binding affinity, and slow its metabolism. The resulting steroid is significantly more potent as both an anabolic and an androgen than its Nandrolone base. Trenbolone Acetate contains Trenbolone modified with the addition of carboxylic acid ester (acetic acid) at the 17-beta hydroxyl group so that the free steroid is released more quickly than its counterpart Trenbolone Enanthate.

Good Old Finaplex Pellets!


History of Trenbolone

For those of you not aware, Trenbolone was originally designed for cattle to beef them up. Yep, this is the reality for the creation of this drug. It was created in 1963 but it wasn’t until the early 1970s that farmers started using it to increase the weight of their heifers before sending them to the slaughterhouse. The brand Finaplex-H was the original form and it came in pellets that would be subcutaneously injected in the posterior section of the cattle’s ears with an implanter gun used in veterinary medicine. But all it took was one crazy bodybuilder looking to pack on as much muscle as possible to look at those Finaplex-H pellets and wonder how the hell he was going to inject that into his body for mass gainz.

The original Tren on the black market was created from these pellets by using a solvent to break them down and extract out the Trenbolone Acetate. This is a dirty and crude method but at the time there were no other ways to get your hands on this drug. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, these bootleg forms of Tren derived from pellets made their way to the bodybuilding scene. In the 1980s there was a short period of time that Parabolan was being produced by a French pharmaceutical company but remember this is not Trenbolone Acetate but Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate which has a much slower acting ester attached. This was not an easy drug to come by and with very limited amounts being circulated on the black market even pro bodybuilders could not get their hands on it easily. But then in around 2000, Chinese hormone manufacturers started producing “Crystal Trenbolone” which provided a much cleaner version when compared to bathtub brew pellet Tren that was the main staple on the black market. One of the first companies to use this was Quality Vet (QV) out of Mexico. Yes, this is the same company that was raided by the DEA in 2005 during Operation Gear Grinder, with all its assets seized and the owners locked away in a Federal Penitentiary. At this time the majority of Tren is of this version as its quality is much better and more potent than the old Finaplex-H pellet version of Tren.

Quality Vet Trenbolone was Amazing!

Side Effects

Now when it comes to side effects, Tren has gained notoriety as being one of the harshest drugs in the game, especially at higher dosages. For those that suffered from acne as a teenager or are prone to breakouts then you should know that Tren can trigger it as well. Keeping some prescription face wash and 10% Benzoyl Peroxide gel handy is a good idea to help dry out the skin. For men, you can look forward to growing a thicker beard, and that five o’clock shadow will come on much faster than before. When it comes to hair loss it can be hit or miss. Some people will find not too many issues in this regard, while for others it can cause dramatic hair loss.

Prolactin Side Effects are No Joke!

Due to the fact that Trenbolone is such a powerful androgen, its ability to bind to the androgen receptor is very strong. One thing to note is that Trenbolone does not aromatize into Estrogen even in large dosing patterns, Estrogen related side effects are not a concern. But we do have something that could potentially even be worse than Estrogen related side effects to worry about. Trenbolone does have Progesterone related side effects due to it not only being a progestin but also its ability to bind to the Progesterone receptor, and this is where the drama starts. To make this even more of a concern is the fact that Trenbolone can also increase Prolactin in males as well. For those of you not familiar with Prolactin listen up. It is created by the pituitary gland and is the primary hormone responsible for lactation. MMM…this doesn’t sound good, does it? This gets to the fact that Trenbolone can cause puffy nipples and gyno through this pathway even though Estrogen is not an issue. To make things even better for those of you who are very sensitive to Trenbolone’s Prolactin issues, lactating in males is possible. We will touch on that later on in the article.

Tren-Somnia is the Real Deal!

Let’s not forget a couple of other side effects that need to be mentioned. Insomnia is another one that can get very bad even for those that have never suffered from this condition. If you already have sleep quality issues, then if you decide to take Trenbolone then you are going to be up day and night that is for sure. If the insomnia doesn’t drive you nuts then the night sweats will. This can be a problem for those even living in colder climates, but if you live in a warm area you will feel like you are in a sauna. You will have to change your bedsheets quite often and removing your bedtime t-shirt at least once will be a nightly occurrence because you will sweat right through it.

Tren Can Make Insomnia Unbearable!

Is Trenbolone Neurotoxic?

We all know that Tren can cause some people to really get irritated like no other anabolic steroid. Yea the little things that you may overlook in everyday life when you are off Tren can drive you up the fucking wall when you are on even a small amount of this androgenic powerhouse. I know of many wives and girlfriends that have outright banned their husbands from using it at all because of the mood swings and nasty attitude that some sport when taking this drug is off the charts. It can make a nice person into an asshole and if you are already an asshole then you will be a fucking maniac fucktard when you start taking Tren. Those that can harness this mental power that Tren can stimulate can be a huge advantage for those that can direct it into their workouts. They will have a huge ergogenic benefit over those that seem to take it out on those around them in their daily lives. So now that we know that Tren is obviously doing something with our brain chemicals, what else could it be doing? A recent study on Tren showed that it can increase Beta-Amyloid plaque in the brain that leads to Alzheimer’s. This is not good news in the least so it gives good reason to cycle Tren and not stay on it for long periods of time.

Tren Cough for the Win!

Another issue that must be looked at if you decide to use Tren is its effects on cardiovascular endurance. If you are in a sport where cardiovascular conditioning is a must then it is best to leave Tren on the shelf. It can dramatically lower your aerobic capacity. If you are a boxer, MMA fighter, or even a competitive strongman where you have to perform in medleys and other speed/endurance events, Tren may reduce your ability to perform at your best. This also relates to the issue of “Tren Cough”. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s when you inject Tren and may have nicked a vein or capillary which will cause the compound to enter your lungs. The first thing that will happen is you will get a metallic taste in your mouth. Then you will feel a tensing feeling in your throat and then bam. You will be on the floor coughing your lungs out like you can’t imagine. Imagine your worst cough you ever had at ten times as bad. The thing to remember if this happens is not to panic. You can give yourself a serious anxiety attack and this is not what you want to happen when you are enduring a coughing fit as this is hard enough on you.

PCT is a Must!

Trenbolone will also be hard on your HPTA Axis as well. This means that a proper PCT protocol after your cycle is a must. Trenbolone will shut you down harder than other steroids and the recovery time will also be longer. If you plan to use Trenbolone even in small amounts and decide against doing a proper full PCT protocol after your cycle is over, you are a fool. Not to be forgotten is Trombone’s negative effects on your cardiovascular health. It has been shown to reduce your good or HDL Cholesterol all the while increasing your bad or LDL cholesterol. Increases in blood pressure are also common with Trenbolone so staying on top of that is important for not only your heart health but also of that of your kidneys. The above-mentioned factors do put you at risk of hardening of the arteries and coronary heart disease so make sure to tread lightly.

Tren is No Friend to Kidneys!

Last I want to talk about Trenbolone’s effects on the kidneys. Many in years past were not familiar with the fact that Trenbolone is one of the hardest drugs on your kidneys. Large doses of Trenbolone will dramatically affect your kidney function. On blood labs, this is known as your Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR). This test will let you know how well your kidneys are functioning and also determine the stage of kidney disease if it is impaired. This is one of the main reasons why Tren needs to be cycled in short periods. If you stay on Tren for long amounts of time then you are putting constant undue stress on your daily kidney function and this is something you do not want to do. You see the liver can take a beating and keep coming back like Rocky going 15 rounds with Apollo Creed. It can heal quite fast otherwise you would see many alcoholics not living as long as they do. The deal with the kidney is that it does not repair itself in any fashion like the liver and is much more delicate of an organ. If you damage your kidney its much harder to regain proper function.

Take Care of Your Kidneys!

Cycling Information

Trenbolone is one of those drugs that work well with a large majority of other steroids. In fact, it only makes them even more effective. This is due to the synergy between them that gives you much more than the sum of either alone. Trenbolone is often stacked with Testosterone propionate, Masteron Propionate, and Winstrol during the last 8 weeks of contest prep. The combination of all the compounds together produces magic when it comes to dramatic changes in lean dense muscle. This is why it is a staple among competitive bodybuilders. One reason why this is so beneficial is due to the fact that Trenbolone lowers cortisol production. We all know how stressful contest dieting can be along with twice a day cardio sessions and then your weight training workout. This along with being in a caloric deficit can cause a big spike in blood cortisol levels which can lead to muscle catabolism where all that hard-earned muscle evaporates. The fact that Tren lowers cortisol during a critical time like this not only allows you to build muscle on such a powerful androgen but also prevents muscle breakdown at a very critical time. This offers a huge benefit for those dieting hard and may be worried about losing hard-earned muscle as a result. Plus to make things better is the protein-sparing effects it has. It is one of the best anabolic compounds in this regard which once again makes it ideal for competitive bodybuilders in the last 8 weeks before a show.

Tren in the Off-Season

Some may use Trenbolone even in the offseason to help pack on mass while trying not to put on too much fat. When you are trying to get huge, an excess caloric intake is a must, otherwise, your gains from one year to the next will be minimal at best. Some bodybuilders like to add it in to help improve nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity as it does help in both of these areas. Using it with compounds that we know to cause water retention like Sustanon and Anadrol can help create a balance since it will harden and deplete some of the excess water retention caused by these androgens known for their ability to aromatize easily. Many of you may be unaware, but Tren is a potent fat burner due to its ability to stimulate the androgen receptors in fat tissue. The other reason why Tren is popular on a bulk is the fact that its ability to stimulate the Androgen Receptor in muscle tissue directly leads to an increase in IGF-1 blood levels. This increase in IGF-1 further enhances muscle growth from another pathway. To make this even better it can also cause satellite cells in muscle tissue to increase IGF-1 sensitivity along with other growth factors.

Don’t Take a Double Serving of Prolactin!

I would though recommend not using other Nor-19 Andro compounds along with Trenbolone due to the fact that Prolactin issues can arise quite easily. So mixing it with Nandrolone-based compounds like Deca Durabolin, NPP, or Nandrolone Cypionate would not be a good idea. Even without adding in another Nandrolone-based drug, there are those that can really suffer elevated Prolactin side effects. This means that keeping drugs on hand that can combat these issues like Cabergoline or Pramipaxil is a good idea. Another drug to consider is Letrozole due to its ability to lower Progesterone and Estrogen. While Tren does not increase Estrogen, the other compounds in your stack most likely do there for you need to keep Estrogen at bay. If it gets elevated too, it will be like adding gasoline to the fire in regards to your Prolactin issues and will basically feed it.

Don’t Mix Tren with Deca!


When it comes to cycling Trenbolone Acetate there are different ways to go about it. Due to its fast-acting nature and short ester, multiple shots per week are needed to keep blood values stable. If you don’t like injecting often then use Trenbolone Enanthate or Parabolan instead as you can get away with as little as twice per week with these compounds. The majority of people using Trenbolone Acetate will inject four times per week. Many will follow a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday protocol. There are also many pre-contest bodybuilders that will inject Tren daily. Now you might be wondering what kind of dose should you go with? If you have never used it before then you have to realize how powerful a drug truly is. Some people will start off with a high dose and then complain latter how horrible it was. They went about it all wrong and then complain later which if done correctly for the large majority of you reading this, you will absolutely love the results it has to offer your physique and strength.

Start Low and Go Slow with Tren!

If you have never done this compound before I would recommend going slow and start with 50mg of Trenbolone Acetate taken four times per week. This will give you a total of 200mg per week which is not off the charts but still very effective for a first-time user. For those that are a little more advanced, you can go with 100mg of Trenbolone four times per week for a total of 400mg. If you are advanced, injecting 150mg four times per week would be about as much as you really need. Believe me, you will feel this big time as long as you are getting a real quality product. When you are taking 600mg of Trenbolone your body will take on an entirely different look and will easily take that rolly polly soft physique to one that is rock hard.

Underground Street Applications

Now here is the part of the article you all have been looking forward to. You know that no punches will be pulled and only the truth will be told no matter who it offends. Trenbolone is known to be one of the most powerful drugs in existence. It is a favorite for not only bodybuilders but strength athletes like powerlifters and strongmen as well. Bodybuilders like it due to the fact that it can dramatically change body compositions very fast. It packs on very lean dense muscle, unlike other drugs like Deca that will give you a ton of water and bloat. They also like it because it has nutrient partitioning abilities allowing them to eat more carbs when dieting but still get lean. In fact, it is so strong that I know of many that have to actually increase their carbohydrate intake when on Trenbolone due to the fact that they start getting hypoglycemic several times per day if they don’t. Plus many bodybuilders will even feel flat where their muscles don’t get full pumps while using it so this is another reason why the increase in carb intake is a must for many. The other plus to using this drug is the fact that when you come off of it you actually keep a large amount of the results you gained from it, unlike other compounds that can make you feel deflated like Anadrol or Dianabol.

Wrestling Superstar…MMM Delicious!

I have a lot of interesting stories of top-level athletes using large amounts of Trenbolone. Like I mentioned before a beginner will see results in as little as 200mg per week so it goes to show you how powerful this drug is. I remember one professional wrestler famous for his crazy bloody wrestling matches that absolutely loved it. He was a crazy fucker believe me. He is the kind of guy that you could hit in the head with a baseball bat and he keeps coming as nothing happened at all. I clearly remember being in my office and I pulled out a bottle of Trenbolone in front of him. He just looked into my eyes with a deep piercing stare than on the Tren, then into my eyes, and then on the Tren. He was starting to make me feel uncomfortable and made me think what the fuck was going on in his head. He then smiles and says, “Damn, that looks delicious!” This guy was over 6 feet tall and was around 275 ripped to the bone. His body fat was way under 10% and was vascular from head to toe. When I asked him how much he was taking I was in shock. I wasn’t a seasoned vet at that time as we are going back decades. He told me he was doing 1000mg of Trenbolone Enanthate and stacking it with 500mg Trenbolone Acetate. Not to be forgotten was his 2000mg of Sustanon per week to round things out nicely. This guy looked like a specimen and performed like one in the ring as well. Without a doubt it was the Tren that definitely added to his wrestling persona because with that much flowing through his veins, how the hell could you not feel like raging intensity?

That Tren Looks Delicious!

World Record and Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Another world record powerlifter that I know also had a love affair with Trenbolone. He had benched over 900 pounds on several occasions in competition. Built like a fireplug with a thick torso and short arms he was made perfect to bench massive weights. He would stay on Trenbolone year-round, and I mean 52 weeks of the year. This was something that I recommended not to do due to the fact that it is very hard on the kidneys. I warned him many times that what he was doing was not going to do his health any favors especially as he gets older. He didn’t take my advice but I think today he wishes he did. He would keep his Tren dose around 1000mg per week and then ramp it up to around 1500mg per week in the last 12 weeks before a competition. He didn’t mix esters like our wrestling superstar and stuck purely to Trenbolone Acetate. He did not like the long esters cause it doesn’t hit you as hard as the fast-acting Acetate ester. Against my recommendations, he continued like this for many years. That was until he went into Stage 5 Kidney failure and had to go on dialysis and is currently waiting for a transplant. If only he would have listened to me I know he could have prolonged his competitive days and eventually hit that 1000 pound mark. He was very close but he would not take his foot off the gas. In time your body can only handle so much before it starts to break down. So you need to know when to back things off to help prolong your career as well as the quality of your life once your days of competing are over.

Dialysis is No Joke!

Pro Bodybuilders with Kidney Failure

As one powerlifter told me, “Trenbolone is like Nitrous”. The amount of fire it burns under your ass is incredible and makes you push that much harder. It is one of the most amazing compounds when it comes to dramatically change your physique if you are a bodybuilder, but offers just as much benefit for the powerlifter or strength athlete as well. One thing to note is the long history of bodybuilders who have had serious kidney issues or even needed a replacement. Flex Wheeler who was one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders of the ’90s suffered kidney disease that resulted in a transplant. Don Long is another bodybuilder from that era that also suffered from kidney failure and also got a transplant.

Flex Wheeler: The Uncrowned Mr. Olympia

Let’s not forget Tom Prince the guy that won Nationals looking absolutely unreal and many thought would be a top Olympia shot caller also went into Stage 5 renal complications and also had to get a transplant. Let’s not forget Nasser El Sonbaty, the one man that I believe could have dethroned Dorian, who died due to heart and kidney conditions at only 47 years old. Now you may be thinking that all the kidney issues with bodybuilders are related to the diuretic use that they implement before a competition. But I really don’ think that is the issue. Some people are on diuretics consistently for years on end for different health conditions even though not in the doses that bodybuilders might use. I believe that the main cause behind these kidney issues is excessively large doses of Trenbolone all the while staying on for months or even years at a time. Even the kidney failure issue that is going on right now with Boston Lloyd is something to consider. Yes, they are blaming it on a new peptide that he believes caused the issues but the fact that it is reported that he has been on Tren for years without a break has to be an underlying factor as well.

Tom Prince had a Crazy Physique!


So as you can see Tren is one of the most potent anabolic steroids in existence. For many users, Tren is their favorite drug by far due to all the many physique and strength benefits that it offers. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine either because it does have the ability to damage your health especially in larger doses and for those that stay on it for extended periods of time. So if you are going to partake in Tren for any of your cycles make sure that you are prepared for the side effects that can occur. If you are looking to take your gainz to the next level, then Tren is definitely a drug that can push you over the top. But also be warned as it can push your mental stability and health over the edge if you are not careful!

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