Remo Chemo Strain Review

Medical Cannabis Strain Review

Remo Chemo

By Anthony Ricciuto

Medical Cannabis is Medicine for Athletes

Now you all know that I want to bring some of the best insight and guidance to the medical cannabis community with my columns here at Power Nutritionist. Being a sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach that has worked with so many world champions and professional athletes from different sports, I feel very blessed to have been able to do what I love for close to three decades. I am absolutely obsessed with creating champions, but I also have a passion for holistic medicine. This has had me spend so much time studying different ways to improve not only the performance of my athletes but also improve their health and longevity. This passion is what has had me research medical cannabis and all that it has to offer athletes on so many levels. With this said, I have something very special for you today. I have a strain review that will knock your socks off. This awesome strain is known as Remo Chemo.

Remo Chemo is a Premier Medical Strain!

A Collaboration of Genius

This amazing strain is produced by a collaboration between Dinafem seed-bank and Urban Remo. For those that have followed my writings you know that I am a big fan of the Dinafem company from Spain. They produce some of the most amazing medical strains in creation. You see there are some strains that are created for recreational users but then provide medical patients some good benefit as well. But on the other side of the coin, what I find special is when a company and geneticists work together to create a medical strain with very specific medical benefits, but yet the recreational user finds love for it as well.

The Godfather of Canadian Cannabis

For those of you who are not familiar with Urban Remo then let me give you some insight. He is one of the pioneers when it comes to the “Canadian Cannabis” scene. He runs the most popular cannabis page on Youtube with over a quarter-million subscribers. But Youtube fame is not what Remo is all about. He is one of the world’s most sought out cannabis cultivators, a strain geneticist, and even has his own line of plant nutrients to help make your plants grow that much better. From his humble beginnings to being a world figure that hundreds of thousands of fans all over the globe look to for expert advice, Remo is truly the Godfather of Canadian Cannabis!

Remo Chemo is Truly Beautiful Medicine!


Now when it comes to the genetics of this strain you are looking at two powerhouse parents. Remo Chemo is a cross between an elite clone of “University of British Columbia” which is known as UBC Chemo and is crossed with a legendary strain of a very special male Bubba Kush pheno. Now for those of you who may not know, UBC Chemo was created specifically for those who suffer from cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. Urban legend has it that the famous Dr. David Suzuki played a major role in this strain creation in the 1970s to help those suffering from this horrible disease. UBC Chemo was created in Vancouver and was not easy to get your hands on because seeds were not available, and only clones would get into the hands of a very select few.

Dinafem has now enabled medical patients all over the world to get their hands on the daughter of UBC Chemo which has, in reality, surpassed its parent strain by leaps and bounds. This power-base strain is what provides so many medical benefits in which we will get into later in the article. For those of you who are veterans in the scene, you know that Bubba Kush has an amazing reputation as being one of the top Indica strains without a doubt. It came into fruition in California in 1996 hailing from Afghani descent and set the cannabis scene on fire. So what we have here is some of the best genetics from California, the epicenter of cannabis in the United States getting married to and producing offspring with the best genetics from Vancouver which is the Capitol City of Cannabis in Canada, to produce a love child that is unbeatable!

Remo Chemo is a 65% Indica, 35% Sativa hybrid. Coming in at a mind-blowing 24% THC you can rest assured that you will feel this hit you hard. It made the High Times magazine’s Top 10 Best Strains of 2017 so you know that it is one powerful hybrid. It also won 1st place at the 2017 and 2018 Karma Kup for Best Indica in Canada’s biggest Cannabis competition. Not to be forgotten was its 1st place win at the ExpoGrow competition in Spain. With all these strict cannabis connoisseurs judging the Remo Chemo and placing it head and shoulders above the competition, rest assured you will be just as impressed with it too.


Remo Chemo is known for producing large yields especially when grown indoors. It’s a very compact plant so it’s ideal for closet growers or those that don’t have a large space set up. You are looking at about 70 days before you can harvest it, but the wait will be well worth it. The nugs are very dense and provide a very potent terpene profile. This is a medium height Indica so no worries about it towering above you and getting out of control. Its rich green nugs are laced with beautiful purple leaves. A rich frosting in THC laden trichomes tops it off nicely like icing on a cake. Highlighted by its Kush lineage, sticky delightful buds are the order of the day. If you like thick smoke or vape, then you will be happy with what it brings to the table. Thick rich clouds of deliciously flavored vape will fill your room in no time at all. The aroma is earthy, with hints of spicy black pepper. Not to be forgotten is the pungent skunky goodness as well. But where it shines is the gasoline baby! When this strain was created they wanted it to have a West Coast flavor profile and this they accomplished quite nicely. If you are a fan of diesel and love that gas, then Remo Chemo will be a favorite on the flavor profile for every petrol lover!

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now Remo Chemo was created for the medical cannabis user in mind. This is the premier strain for those suffering from different forms of cancer. Due to the high amounts of pain associated with this disease, the need for potent medicine to shut it down in its tracks is the order of the day, and Remo Chemo is simply amazing in this arena. Another benefit for cancer patients is the fact it helps with nausea. Remo Chemo can help ease your uneasy stomach and help settle that queasy state. Chemotherapy can wreak havoc on your appetite, leaving you not wanting to eat anything. This strain will stimulate your appetite in no time at all and will make the foods you do eat that much enjoyable. For those patients that suffer from other forms of pain, whether it be from arthritis, fibromyalgia, past injuries coming back to haunt you, migraines, and much more, Remo Chemo will provide relief like no other! Its high terpene content also makes it ideal for fighting inflammation in the body. One topic that I have discussed in the past several times is how chronic inflammation is not only a cause for physical pain in the body, but also a major contributor to numerous conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, cancer, and much more.

Remo Chemo is Amazing for Cancer Patients!

I know this a predominantly medical strain but like I mentioned before Remo Chemo is a crowd favorite among the recreational segment of cannabis users as well. So with that said let’s take a look at the high and effects it has to offer. First off, if you like a high that lasts and lasts, then look no further. Remo Chemo is like the “Energizer Bunny” of cannabis strains because it doesn’t fizzle out fast like some other strains are known to do. In the true Indica fashion, Remo Chemo will help you relax and drift you off to Never Never Land in no time at all. This strain is also noted for the happiness it envelopes you in with ease. This is why it is also very popular for those suffering from depression. In fact, many people find that it is more uplifting than the original parent strain of UBC Chemo, leaving you giggling and chatty. The cerebral effects of its Sativa presence cannot be overlooked as well. Remo Chemo will have you feeling euphoric in waves of body tingles that leaves you in a cascade of delight.

Remo Chemo is Pure Delight!


So here you have it, folks. Remo Chemo is your definite go-to strain for your medical woes. Created by the bright minds at DinaFem and the legend Urban Remo himself, what else could you expect but perfection. If you are in need of a five-star medical strain, then Remo Chemo is just what you are looking for. Don’t just take my word for it. Give this a try and see for yourself how truly amazing this strain is. I am sure you will be just as pleased as I am with this world-class medicine, and all the amazing benefits it has to offer!

Remo Chemo in All it’s Beauty!

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