Slurricane Strain Review

Medical Cannabis Strain Review


By Anthony Ricciuto

Welcome to a new column here at Power Nutritionist. For those medical cannabis patients out there, this column will help provide cutting edge info on different cannabis strains to help you choose what is best for your current medical condition. Anyone that is new to medical cannabis knows that there is so much info being passed around and much of it not on point. This is why I started this column to help those who are looking to educate themselves with the information they can trust.

Anyone Craving a Hurricane of Nugs?

How’s the weather up in your parts today? Is it looking like a little downcast with some drizzle? Or are you in the middle of a hurricane of green nugs raining down on you like every cannabis lover’s dream? Well, today I have a very interesting strain today that every Indica lover will be chasing after that is for sure. Today’s strain review is on the one and only…Slurricane!

Slurricane is One of the Hottest New Strains!


Now I know the names of these strains keep getting crazier and crazier but you know what? I think that’s half the fun especially when your friend asks you what you have in your vaporizer and you give him some off-the-charts names like Koolato Camel Ok, enough of my ranting about strain names and let’s get back to the green goodness at hand. Slurricane was created by the unrelenting geneticists at In House Genetics and boy have they hit a home run with this one that is for sure. After experimenting with different phenotypes, these boys got it just right with the creation of a strain that is super popular and for good reason. This is a cross of a Northern California Do-Si-Dos cut and Purple Punch. Those two parent strains are top of the line both respectively so what could you expect when mixing these top dawgs together. It’s like having Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford being your parents. With those kinds of genetics you sure as hell not coming out to be some bucktooth, troll-faced ugly duckling that is for sure. It is a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, Indica dominant strain. It comes in at a whopping 28-30% THC so if you are new to medical cannabis take it slow. It contains less than 1% CBD so if you are looking to take advantage of this cannabinoid this may not be the strain for you. Don’t go in cocky because it might just knock you on your ass faster than a left hook from Mike Tyson. For those of you who are planning to grow this bad boy, you will need about 65 days before it is ready to harvest. Cultivators find that Slurricane is easy to grow and will produce a Jack and the Beanstalk story type of

Look at the Frosting on this Bad Boy!


If you like big jugs, oops I meant to say big nugs…then you are in luck. Slurricane is known for producing large and dense nugs that will impress even the pickiest cannabis connoisseur. Coming in around the 30% marker for THC you can rest assured that is loaded with trichomes. This is why those that produce concentrates like rosin simply loves Slurricane due to the high yields it produces. If you have access to a Nugsmasher press then Slurricane will give you a flow of live rosin that has to be seen to be believed. The purple genetics come through on these nugs with dark foliage and mint green undertones. Even the trichomes have a purple hue to them when looking at it under magnification. Not to be forgotten are the nice orange pistils that cover it from top to bottom.

Orange Pistils Just Cover the Slurricane Nugs…Wowsers!

Now you must be wondering about the aroma eh? It has a very strong sweet berry and citrus aroma that will make you think you just walked down the produce aisle at Whole Foods. If you like fruit strains then look no further cause Slurricane is a fruit lover’s dream come true. For the flavor, you will not be disappointed in the least. If you thought the dry toke and after grinding aroma was good, it only gets better with the taste once it has been introduced to your vaporizer. The nice berry blend taste is dominant with nice citrus undertones. It is layered with a sweet creamy taste to compliment the fruit blend that will set your taste buds on fire. Many note that it is a very smooth smoke for those of you who do combust, so you won’t be coughing your brains out on this one. Most Indica will cause some serious lung expansion but for those of you who don’t like that, you will be pleased with the Slurricane. Many patients look at this as a fantastic after-dinner dessert strain that will compliment a hearty meal nicely.

Slurricane is Amazing for Migraines!

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now that we covered a little info about this wonderful strain I know all my medical patients are wondering what conditions can it help with? Now for those of you who suffer from migraines or different forms of headaches then this may be the strain for you. Many medical users find this strain ideal for not only pain in the noggin but also for those that suffer from chronic pain in various forms. If you suffer from different forms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, past sports injuries, or Lupus this may be the strain to make a huge difference in your relief. For those that suffer from depression and anxiety issues, Slurricane has also been shown by tons of positive reviews to be one of the best strains to battle these conditions. It has a big following for those who suffer from epilepsy as well. It could be the Sativa lineage that helps to provide benefit for those suffering mental conditions and seizures due to its potent cerebral effects.

The Happiness from Slurricane is Contagious!

The High

Oh, the part that everyone looks forward to. So everyone wants to know what the deal is with Slurricane when it comes to the high. With it being an Indica dominant strain you can best be assured it will hit you like others in this category. You can expect a nice body buzz that will turn into a heavy feeling of relaxation and sedation. This strain is best to have in the evening because for many it will give you some couch lock and that’s the last thing you want when you have a big report to work on. Since it is a hybrid you will go back and forth on the high from Indica effects to Sativa effects and this is why hybrids are so popular with many consumers. It has powerful cerebral effects coming from its Sativa lineage. One positive note is that once you have had some Slurricane, stress just diminishes away and a vibrant happy feeling takes over. If you like strains that make you feel happy and drown away your worries you will be very happy with Slurricane. You can look forward to full-body tingles that start at your head and then travel all the way to your feet. Not to be forgotten is the euphoria that surges your mind in waves of elation. Not to be forgotten is how good food tastes on this strain. Having some of this before a Cheat Meal would be unbeatable. Many find this strain to be a creeper so don’t overdo it right from the start. Take your time and enjoy its effects little by little. Remember this is a potent 28% THC plus strain we are talking about so if you have a low tolerance don’t jump into the deep end all at once.

Slurricane Couch Lock is Serious!


So here you have some info about one of the newest and hottest Indica dominant strains. For those who enjoy a nigh time blaze session to help you deal with your medical issues, Slurricane could be the weather forecast you were hoping for. If you enjoy the couch lock effect but also crave potent cerebral euphoria then you are in for a real treat with this strain. Slurricane is another top of the line strain coming out of California that is gaining a following all across the nation. Next time you are at your local dispensary ask your go-to budtender about the Slurricane and if it’s in stock get your hands on some because you will be so happy that I recommended it!

Slurricane is Beautiful Medicine!

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