The Dangers of Soda Consumption – Part 3

The Dangers of Soda Consumption

Part 3

By Anthony Ricciuto

Ok readers it’s time for another installment of this very informative interview with Mike Adams. Now I have gotten a ton of emails about this interview series from PL USA readers who couldn’t imagine that soda was so harmful to the body. I have seen some very positive feedback on this series and I am very happy that Mike helped shed some light on a very basic yet very important topic that affects so many of you reading this column. I am happy to see that so many Powerlifters have given me good news about the fact that they are no longer going to drink soda. Even if one person stops drinking soda, then it makes all the hard work worth it. Now in the last part, Mike discussed heavily what soda does to the skeletal and neurological development of children. I received emails from some very responsible parents out there who listened to my warnings and informed me that their kids are now off soda for good. This is one of the best things you can do for the future health of your children because poisoning them with soda will hurt them down the road for many years to come. I am very pleased to hear all the positive news coming from our lifters who wrote in to me and are starting to see the reality of how bad soda consumption is.

In this third installment, Mike is going to touch on some different areas that were not covered in the last two parts. Mike will discuss the reality of diet soda and neurotoxins. If that doesn’t make you wake up and listen then I don’t know what will. He also will let us in on some very valuable and unknown information in regards to the politics involving soda and artificial sweeteners. I am sure those of you who are into politics will find this very interesting. Another very important area of concern is the relation between soda consumption and kidney health. Many of you are unaware of the relation between these two. Mike will unveil some ideas that will shock you! Mike will also let us in on some herbal remedies that are used to help prevent kidney stones and improve overall function. So get ready for another information-packed installment that will help inform you of hidden info the soda companies don’t want you to know. So let’s take a look at what this issue has in store for us.

Mike Adams is the Health Ranger!

Anthony: Does soda contain neurotoxins? If so can you explain to the readers what they are and what they do to the body?

Mike: Yes soda does contain neurotoxins and the most popular is the artificial sweetener aspartame. Now Dr. Russel Blaylock wrote in his book that aspartame is an excitotoxin. It works by over timing your nerve cells in the body. It actually harms your brain by causing permanent death to the cells in your nervous system. Now the manufacturers of this chemical will strongly disagree with that statement and will say that it is perfectly safe. The truth is that aspartame has never been safety approved by the FDA. There was never any safety studies conducted and reviewed by the FDA. Now, this was rushed through to approval by Donald Rumsfeld when he was CEO at Searle Laboratories which owned aspartame at the time. Now it was Donald Rumsfeld that pushed it through the FDA and that was many years ago I believe in the 1980s.

Are You Going to Trust Your Health to this Man?

Anthony: Wow that was some very interesting information right there Mike! Yes, I am a fan of Dr.Blaylock’s writings. His book called, “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills” is one all Powerlifters should read because there is so much valuable information in there. So it was Donald Rumsfeld of “Weapons of Mass Destruction“ fame that was very involved in the big aspartame push. I am sure that our reader will find that very interesting that good old Donnie had his hand involved with that as well! I guess when you hear things like that you always feel like there is a hidden agenda with politicians no matter what the topic. I guess no matter if it’s war or artificial sweeteners, deceiving the public is what politicians do best!

Mike: So this was a chemical approved by politicians, not by good science.

Anthony: Can you explain how soda actually causes strain on the kidneys and how this affects our entire body?

Mike: I am glad you mentioned the kidneys because that is a very important area of concern. Now, do you remember earlier in the interview when I discussed how Phosphoric Acids strip minerals from our skeletal system?

Would you Feel Safe Drinking This?

Anthony: Yea that point is one that readers should always keep in mind

Mike: Remember you have to urinate those minerals out of your body to buffer the acidity of the soda. As the minerals are leaving the body they have to pass through the kidneys. Now think about this for a minute here. Now with all those minerals passing through the kidneys, some of them are going to stick around and start the formation of kidney stones. So there is a very strong correlation between the incidence of those people that drink soda and them being affected by kidney stones. I believe that if you keep drinking soda you are for sure going to get diagnosed with kidney stones at some time. Now for those of you that have not had kidney stones all I can say is they are one of the most intense forms of pain you can experience. You see when you pass a stone it’s like peeing out a boulder.

Anthony: Yea, that doesn’t sound so sweet does it!

Mike: Now I have not ever experienced it.But from the people that I have talked with that have, they say it’s extremely painful. Not only is the pain horrible but you also urinate blood as well. Now that right there is something just about all sane people would wish to avoid!

Kidney Stones are No Joke!

Anthony: Yea I can’t see urinating boulders and blood being on the top of my “To Do” list.

Mike: What the readers need to know is tha tkidney stones don’t simply happen because of bad luck. They are formed chemically following soda consumption.

Anthony: I think the readers should really pay attention to that last point because it is not only applicable to kidney stones and soda consumption but also the large majority of other health ailments. These problems occur because of the garbage and poison that you pollute your body with day in, and day out, year after year. This occurs until your body is just a toxic heap of chemicals and the lovely side effects that you can now enjoy are upon you!

Is Drinking Soda Really Worth the Health Risks?

Mike: I agree Anthony because if you don’t drink soda and eat nutrient dense super foods then you will never have kidney stones. Now to add a little more goodness to the topic you need to understand that when you are creating these kidney stones in your body, you are also forming gall stones as well in your gallbladder. Now passing a gall stone is reportedly just as painful as passing a kidney stone.

Anthony: Great Mike that is fantastic news. I am sure that this info will help wake up our readers that drink soda like it’s going out of style without thinking of the health consequences that they are causing themselves down the road.

Mike: So if you are not into pain, then I think that would give you some good reasons why not to drink soda.

Anthony: Yea I guess if you are not a masochist then put down the soda because you are only asking for the pain train sooner or later.

Mike: Yea so let me give the readers a few tips on how to get rid of those kidney stones while we are on this topic.

Anthony: Mike that would be fantastic. This info would be well appreciated by the readers that have passed kidney stones in the past. I am sure they will find this very beneficial.

Mike: Now there are two herbs in particular that I like to use.If you go to the grocery store you can buy some fresh corn that is still in the husk. Now what you do is take the silk, you know the stringy stuff between the husk and the corn.

Corn Silk Tea is Amazing for Kidney Stones!

Anthony: Yea the stuff that is a pain in the ass to clean off the corn and seems to stick to your fingers.

Mike: Yea that stuff. Now take that and boil the corn silk in a pot.Now don’t drink the corn silk just the tea that you got from boiling it. Now drinking this will cause you to eliminate kidney stones over time.

Anthony: That is some very good info right there Mike. I can just see all these Powerlifters at the grocery store lining up with carts full of corn.

Mike: Now the second herb is called Chanca Piedra. This is a South American herb for those of you who haven’t heard of it before. This herb will actually eliminate kidney stones quite aggressively.

Anthony: Yes Mike I am familiar with that herb actually. This is a very powerful herb that has numerous health benefits and not just for kidney stones.

Mike: Yes that is true

Anthony: Is there any specific dosing protocol that you would recommend with the above two herbs to help someone overcome kidney stones or prevent them?

Chanca Piedra is an Amazing Herb!

Mike: With Chanca Piedra you can get it in a supplement form. I would just recommend following the instructions enclosed. It is a very safe herb. With the corn husk tea, you can simply drink it several times.

Anthony: I am sure our readers will be very interested in this especially those that have suffered from kidney stones in the past. Can you touch on the topic of soda rumors? I am sure that you have heard that if you put a nail in Coke it will actually dissolve. Is this true? Are there any others that you found interesting that you would like to share with the readers?

Mike: Now the nail rumour I think got started because of the Phosphoric Acid.Now if you drop a nail in a can of Coke it’s not going to dissolve overnight. So that’s probably a myth. Now if you drop a nail in a can of Phosphoric Acid then it will indeed dissolve. Now here is something you will find interesting. Phosphoric Acid is actually what the U.S. military uses to clean rust off battleships. Another very good point is that stone mason’s use of phosphoric acid to help etch patterns into stone.

Looking for a Good Toilet Cleaner?

Anthony: So you are telling me the same stuff that the military uses to clean hardened rust off their ships and equipment is what people are drinking? I was totally unaware that stone masons also use Phosphoric Acid for pattern etching. I think the readers will do a double-take and finally realize the poison that they are putting into their bodies.

Mike:  Now you can go to a hardware store and buy PhosphoricAcid. If you touch it, the Phosphoric Acid will eat away at your tissue.

Anthony: Great Mike that is exactly what people should be putting into their bodies especially in large amounts every day of the year…NOT!

Mike: Now that is how strong this stuff is.Like come on here,the military uses it as a rust remover!

Would You Drink Something that is Used to Clean Rust off Battleships?

Anthony: So what makes this even better Mike is the fact that kids all across the U.S. are drinking this stuff in large amounts on a daily basis.

Mike: Well what this really is is nutritional insanity! Now another myth that is out there about Coke is that you can use it to clean the chrome on your car or to clean toilets. Now, this is absolutely true. Now it’s not only the Phosphoric Acid in there but also the fizziness and bubbling effect that causes things to loosen up. Now I have also heard from EMTs or ambulance crews that you can use cola to clean up the blood.

Anthony: It’s funny Mike that you said that because I was just about to ask you the same question.

Mike: Yes that is a true story they do actually use cola to clean up blood.

Anthony: Wow that was one that I thought was a myth.

Mike: Yes it is very good at cleaning up blood. Again this is because of the fizziness as well as having all the acid in it. Now it’s probably a very expensive way to clean up blood, but it is very effective.

Anthony: I have heard a lot of people tell me that once they ceased drinking soda they actually stopped getting headaches especially those that suffer from migraines. Is there a link here or is it just a coincidence?

Mike: It’s no coincidence. You see headaches are not normal.Healthy brains don’t hurt.Anyone that suffers from headaches needs to look at the cause. Now the cause is usually dietary. When we look at people that consume diet soda, they should never be surprised if they are getting headaches. Remember diet sodas use Aspartame in them and that is an excitotoxin like I mentioned earlier. Now if you are drinking regular sodas and you are getting headaches that could be due to the massive blood sugar swings that the soda causes. So no it’s no surprise to me at all. If you clean up your diet your headaches will disappear and when I say that I even mean migraines. I think it’s a shame in this country that when people get headaches they go to the doctor. Then these doctors give them drugs to help cover up the headache. Now what they need to do is change up what they eat, then they won’t experience headaches in the first place.

Is Soda Causing Your Headaches?

Anthony: I know Mike it really is a shame the way the system works in North America. When the population here gets sick they run off to their local MD. Then he on the other hand likes to dispense meds like candy because that is their mentality. So instead of trying to find out what is causing a particular ailment like the headache problem mentioned above, the large majority just try and cover it up with drugs and pain killers. They then don’t even think about the consequences of these drugs that they are putting into their bodies or the side effects that they pose to their health from their continual use. In other societies, the people try to prevent disease before it hits them. This is the case with Traditional Chinese Medicine. So the take-home point here is to try and keep yourself healthy in the first place. Prevention is the best cure! But in this society the large majority of people don’t think twice about watching their health until a major health problem arises. Then all of a sudden they are put in a situation where they don’t know what to do. Then they use radical drugs to try and cure the disease that they brought on themselves. Which in turn, most of these drugs cause other side effects and health ailments. So in the end this is a vicious cycle and the only ones truly benefiting from it are the drug manufacturers. In closing, I would like to say to the readers that keeping yourself healthy and monitoring your nutrition plan is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Instead of trying to figure out what to do when your arteries are all clogged up, think about this a little earlier so you can take the necessary steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the first place. Powerlifters are notorious for this type of attitude when it comes to their health and it really needs to change for the better otherwise you will be the product of that lifestyle.

Preventative Medicine is the Best Medicine!

Overview of Part III

Well as you can see with this installment Mike revealed some top-notch info that I am sure you had no clue of. The fact that your kidney health is directly related to your soda consumption is something all Powerlifters should take note of. I have worked with more Powerlifters than you can shake your power belt at, and I know the reality first hand. Many Powerlifters suffer from kidney stones and I can attest to that fact without a doubt. It is very important that you take good care of your organs. Remember you only have one set to last you a lifetime. The fact about Phosphoric Acid being used on military equipment to eliminate rust really hit home for me that is for sure. I can’t believe that people actually drink the same chemical in abundance. I hope this will help open your eyes to the fact that soda is not good for your health and no one should drink it. I know the younger guys out there will make fun and poke jokes about this but don’t forget you will get older too. You have to take care of your health in your younger years so that you can enjoy your mature years with good health. There is no need to poison your health through the food and drinks that you pollute your body with. In the end the only thing to look forward to is to get old and have to take 10 different medications because of all the negligence you showed in your youth. Remember you reap what you sow, so if you turn your body into a toxic dumpster, then you can mark my words that sooner or later, you will suffer the consequences of your lifestyle and nutritional choices. Now I know the healthy guys out there, (at least the guys who may think they are healthy because they are not sick yet) will think that I harp too much. But just ask any lifter that has had a heart attack, or has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, or recently come down with Cancer and they all will tell you the same thing. They all would have done something different in their younger years if they knew then what they know now and could have avoided the situation they are currently in. So please take this seriously because your health is the most valuable resource you have. Without it there is nothing! So until next month train hard, eat clean, and don`t poison yourself with these chemicals any longer because now you know the truth!

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