The Miraculous Healing Properties of Oil of Oregano Part 3

The Miraculous Healing Properties of Oil of Oregano

An In-Depth Interview with Roger Baird

Part 3

By Anthony Ricciuto

Alright, here we go again with the third installment of this powerful series. This month Roger will be touching in on many of the therapeutic benefits that Oil of Oregano offers. He will cover a wide range of different ailments that I am sure many of you reading this either suffer from or have someone in their immediate family that does. Now many of you may not know this but the main reason why I contacted Roger for this very valuable interview is the fact that I also use his Oil of Oregano. It has helped me tremendously for a few different conditions that I have dealt with over the years and I found it so valuable to my health that I wanted you my readers to be able to take advantage of it as well. Remember I only bring you the latest and most scientific information available as well as the real-world proof that we all respect most. Roger has some really interesting topics with this issue so put your feet up, grab yourself a protein drink, and read more about how this super oil can help you in so many different ways! Enough from me now let’s get back to the interview.

Anthony: What about different digestive issues? Can it help with other conditions that are commonly seen today?

Roger: Oregano oil is recommended for many stomach and digestive problems. Oregano oil will defeat bacteria such as Heliobacter pylori which live in the stomach and are responsible for stomach ulcers. This is why Oregano oil is also successful in getting rid of stomach ulcers. Contrary to popular belief, ulcers are not a result of too much stomach acid so avoid the use and harmful effects of antacids. Swallow 3-5 drops of Oregano oil in vegetable juice, consomme, or water 3 times daily. The bacteria will take time to defeat so continue this regimen for as long as it takes to get better. Follow up with maintenance dosages of 3 drops 3 times daily.

Roger is Well Versed in the History Of Natural Medicine!

French physician, Jean Valnet states in his book, The Practice of Aromatherapy, that Oregano oil, taken internally, stimulates the production of bile. Bile is the digestive juice that helps the stomach break down proteins and other foods.

The backing up of stomach acids into the esophagus and throat has created a huge industry around “acid reflux”. This condition is not a result of too much acid so taking antacids will not cure a disease that does not exist. Rather it is caused by the stomach acids escaping from the stomach by way of sphincter muscles called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Common causes of the typical symptoms attributed to acid reflux are eating too much, eating too quickly, eating too many fatty or processed foods, excess coffee, nicotine, and alcohol consumption, not chewing properly, etc. You can see that most of the causes have to do with general abuse of the stomach.

To solve this condition cut out the bad guys just mentioned, eat whole foods, eat smaller portions at one sitting, use sea salt instead of processed table salt, include fermented foods in your diet as well as fresh fruits and vegetables for the enzymes that help digestion. Oregano oil can help relieve symptoms and also will help the stomach produce more bile to properly digest food. Take 3-4 drops prior to eating or with your meal. If symptoms appear after eating, take 3-4 drops of Oregano oil.

If you use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for treating acid reflux, you are playing with fire. Dr. Mercola, a well-known physician and proponent of drug-free therapy, notes that PPI’s are highly addictive. PPIs reduce stomach acid, making your condition worse. Stomach acid helps prevent bacterial infection. Side effects of PPIs include pneumonia, bone loss, hip fractures, and harmful intestinal infection by Clostridium difficile. If you are on PPI’s, do not stop taking them suddenly or your condition may worsen drastically. Gradually wean yourself off them by reducing dosages slowly over time.

Proton Pump Inhibitors Can Have Drastic Side Effects!

Anthony: What about stomach bloating as I know many lifters complain of this since they are constantly eating large quantities of food to help keep their weight and strength up?

Roger: Oregano oil is well known to help relieve gas. If bloating is caused by poor food combining, I would advise readers to look into basic food combining protocols. For instance, fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach at least 15 minutes prior to eating other food groups. Mixing sweets and proteins is also a recipe for disaster as they use different digestive juices. Although it’s best to eat each group separately, veggies and proteins can be mixed and carbs and veggies can be mixed without adverse gastronomic consequences.

Eating large meals can also cause bloating. Cut down the size of your meal and eat more frequently. Be sure to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to increase enzymes that help digestion.

Bloating can also be a result of Candida infection. Oregano oil is effective in helping the production of bile for breaking down proteins in the digestive tract. It is also effective against Candida. Oregano has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for gas and bloating.

Take a drop or two before, during, or after your meal. If you experience acid reflux, take the Oregano oil with the meal. You will find Oregano oil quickly relieves discomfort.

Anthony: Now some of my readers complain of Gum and Teeth problems? Would this help those who may suffer from some form of Gum Disease?

Roger: Wild Oil of Oregano has shown remarkable results for people suffering from gum disease and infected teeth. I have received some glowing testimonials from people reversing deep gum pockets and even resolving issues like hypersensitive teeth. My wife is one such case. She had severe problems for years and the dental visits were frequent and costly. After using Oregano oil daily, her condition cleared up.

Researchers in Italy discovered that Oregano oil was able to penetrate the biofilm and eradicate the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Biofilm is the plaque that the dentist scrapes off your teeth when you go for a cleaning. This biofilm is created by bacteria to act as a protective device. The bacteria colonize under this protective shield and are thus very difficult to eradicate. Regular application of Oregano oil solves this problem.

Use the oregano oil as you would a mouth wash. Put a few drops under the tongue, wait to salivate a bit and then swish it around in your mouth. If gums are in poor shape, apply the oil with a finger or cotton swab directly to the gum surfaces. You may also use a drop on your toothbrush. Do this at least twice a day. You will be amazed at the improvement in your gums over the next few months.

If toothache strikes and you can’t get to a dentist quickly, put Oregano oil on the infected tooth. It quickly kills bacteria and kills pain. Keep on making regular applications of Oregano oil until you can get to the dentist. This simple procedure can save you a lot of pain.

Keep those Teeth Free of Bacteria so You Don’t End Up with  This!

Anthony: Wow Roger that is some amazing information right there. I was not aware that it could be used for tooth pain and infection as well. It seems like for almost any condition Oil of Oregano has some type of application. What about its effects on Viruses like the common Flu?

Roger: Oregano oil has shown in lab testing to be effective at destroying both RNA and DNA viruses. Many people rely on Oregano oil to get them through the cold and flu season unscathed.

In this case, prevention is definitely better than a cure. Take 3 drops 3x daily during the cold and flu season to keep your immune system strong. At the first sign of a symptom, immediately start taking a couple of drops every hour throughout the day. Drink plenty of water. This should knock out the flu or cold bug before it gets a foothold. You will wake up the following day feeling fine.

Should the cold or flu have already settled in, Oregano oil will help you recover more quickly and will reduce your chances of getting pneumonia or other secondary bacterial infections. Take 3 drops under the tongue 3-5 times daily. Drink plenty of water.

Anthony: Well Roger I couldn’t have said it any better myself. This past winter there has been some really bad colds and flu’s going around Toronto and seems to have hit almost everyone I know. I had two close friends come down with pneumonia as well. I usually get sick every winter but this year I loaded myself down with the Oil of Oregano from your company anytime I felt like something was coming on. Within a day or so I felt perfectly fine and didn’t get sick once. This just doesn’t happen with me to go a whole season without one occurrence. You see I meet with at least 12 different clients or more per day for nutritional counseling. And with all these different people coming in daily the amount of germs I am in contact with is tremendous for sure. It’s always one of my clients that seems to get me sick but this year I didn’t get taken down with the flu or cold once. To be honest, this year was one that more people were sick than in the last several. It was a really bad year for this and if you ask anyone living in the GTA about what I am saying they will back it up for sure. The proof was in the pudding here and seeing the results for myself was the real-world results that most are looking for. Are there any side effects that lifters should watch out for when deciding to use Wild Oil of Oregano?

Roger: There are some precautions that apply when using Oregano oil. These are not side effects as one would experience from pharmaceutical drugs.

If one is taking a high blood pressure medication, be aware that Oregano oil acts as a blood thinner. If taken along with a prescription blood thinner, blood pressure may drop to an unsafe level. Oregano oil can interfere with the uptake of iron. If you are taking iron supplements, take them 4 hours apart from Oregano oil.

When first taking Oregano oil, take small dosages such as 2-3 drops. Wait and see how your body reacts. If your body has an infection, the Oregano oil will kill the pathogens and that can cause toxins to be released into the bloodstream. These toxins may cause a “healing crisis” or Herxheimer reaction. Symptoms such as fatigue, headache, or flu-like symptoms may appear. This can be prevented by drinking water throughout the day. Water will help flush these toxins from your body before they can have an effect.

For women, Oregano oil should not be taken when pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or during breastfeeding. Always follow the recommended dosages. Avoid getting Oregano oil in the eyes, ears, or sensitive skin areas such as genitals. Pure Oregano oil is caustic and needs to be diluted with edible oil such as olive oil in order to make it safe for internal and topical use. All dosages recommended here are based on the mixture we use at Hedd Wyn Essentials for our Wild Oil of Oregano. It consists of a dilution of 1 part Oregano essential oil to 4 parts olive oil.

Anthony: Are there any people that should not use it?

Roger: People having allergies to the mint family should proceed with caution. Test a small area of skin, such as the inner elbow, by placing a drop of oregano on it. Cover with a bandage and wait 24 hours. If there is redness on the skin, avoid usage as an allergy is indicated.

Mothers that are breastfeeding may want to avoid Oregano oil use internally. External use should be fine. Blocked milk ducts can be successfully cleared by topical application of Oregano oil to the affected area.

Infants and small children can benefit from a drop or two being applied to the soles of the feet, or by inhalation of the vapors. Internal use is not recommended for infants and small children under 6 years.

Anthony: Are there any drug interactions you may be aware of?

Roger: There are no known contraindications with drugs other than blood pressure medication. We advise people taking multiple medications to not take Oregano oil, just to err on the side of caution. Pharmaceutical medications can take a great toll on the liver and kidneys.

Anthony: I push my readers to always drink plenty of clean water. Why is it so important for people taking Wild Oil of Oregano to drink plenty of water?

Roger: Water flushes toxins from the body. When Oregano Oil kills pathogens and parasites, toxins are released into the blood. These toxins can cause discomfort. Symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms can result. This is called a Herxheimer reaction or a “healing crisis”.Water helps prevent this by flushing out toxins through the normal channels.

You mentioned clean water and this is of utmost importance. Tap water often contains fluoride and chlorine, both are toxic and carcinogenic, as well as many other chemical pollutants. As a result, it is best to drink pure spring water. Much of the bottled water is tap water that has been treated with reverse osmosis filtering. This is far from optimum as it is acidic and will not hydrate the body as well as spring water which contains natural minerals and is more alkaline.

Anthony: One condition I have had lifters write about is dandruff problems. What is your take on that and what can be done?

Roger: Dandruff is often caused by a fungal infection. This is easy to treat with Oregano oil. Add 5-10 drops to as much shampoo as you are using to wash. After lathering, let it sit on the scalp for a few minutes. Rinse out. At night before bed, rub a few drops directly into the scalp. Wash out in the morning, if necessary. Repeat until dandruff has cleared up. Oregano oil has been traditionally used for thinning hair. Perhaps the reason for this is that fungal infection on the scalp can be detrimental to healthy hair growth.

Anthony: I am big on antioxidant protection especially for lifters who train intensely and increase their free radical damage from these sessions. Can you tell us a little bit about the antioxidant properties of Wild Oil of Oregano?

Roger: Oregano Oil has been used since the 1950s as a food preservative due to its ability to stop oxidation and spoilage in fats and other foods. Some of the potent antioxidants that Oregano oil contains are Rosmarinic acid, hydroxycinnamic acid, labiatic acid, and p-hydroxyhydrocaffeic acid. These antioxidants work the same on cells in the human body as they do in food. A few drops of Oregano oil provide the same antioxidant protection as much larger servings of antioxidant-rich foods.

Anthony: Why is this so important for a competitive strength athlete?

Roger: I’m sure most of your readers know that hard exercise contributes to the production of free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage healthy cells that they come in contact with. This results in disease, premature aging, and tissue damage. Antioxidants fight free radicals by attaching themselves to the free radical molecules. This prevents free radicals from attaching themselves to healthy cells. Antioxidants are mostly found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts as well as herbs such as Oregano and garlic.

Due to the rigorous training that competitive strength athletes undergo, their need for taking large quantities of antioxidants is critical in order to offset free radical damage to cells. A few drops of Oregano oil packs a powerful antioxidant punch. Take a few drops prior to, or after, a workout when it may be inconvenient to eat fresh foods.

Anthony: Many people claim that they feel increased energy from this can you explain?

Roger: Free radicals are contributing factors in cancer, heart disease, premature aging, slow metabolism, and decreased energy levels. Oregano oil protects the cells from free radical damage. People will experience the effect of this protection as increased energy.

Anthony: Another popular thing is an increase in libido? Is this true or just an old wives tale? Can you expand?

Roger: Energy is energy. If the body is exhausted, libido is low. When healthy, the body is full of energy which can be used for any purpose. Oregano oil works on a multitude of levels by enhancing immunity, decreasing the count of pathogens and parasites, aiding in digestion and absorption of nutrients, cleansing internal organs, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, its antioxidant activity against free radicals, and more. This all adds up to improved health, energy, and vigor. As a result, libido is boosted. If more old wives knew this and fed Oregano oil to their husbands, then they might be getting more tail and telling fewer tales!

Anthony: Oh my gosh that is hilarious Roger. You had me on the floor with that one. Many lifters train very hard and this increases Cortisol production which is known to reduce immune response. I get tons of emails that constantly complain of lifters getting a cold or flu especially during the end of their training cycle before a competition when their bodies are under the most stress. Can this help them out?

Roger: Oregano oil will certainly help to counteract the negative effects of Cortisol. I would definitely recommend using it for this purpose. Take a few drops prior to working out. For coffee drinkers and energy drink freaks, note that eliminating caffeine from the diet is the single most effective method of reducing cortisol levels and increasing DHEA levels.

It’s also good to remember that not leaving enough recovery time between workouts for muscle tissue to rebuild is counterproductive. Working out every day is pretty much a recipe for wearing out the immune system. Not only that, but strength will decrease if muscles are not given enough time to rebuild completely between workouts. That can take 3 days or more.

Time for Some Oil of Oregano!

Anthony: I want to spend some time talking about parasites. They come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Can you go in-depth in relation to such bad boys as lice and scabies?

Roger: Scabies and lice are both nasty insects that live on or bury into the skin and are difficult to deal with. They are usually treated with toxic insecticidal chemicals. Infection results from physical contact with people who are infected. Oregano oil is very effective against both scabies and lice.

Scabies is particularly painful because they crawl under the skin and are not easy to get rid of. The topical application of Oregano oil is highly effective. If the infection is in the genital region or other sensitive skin areas, it is necessary to further dilute the Oregano oil in more olive oil to avoid an uncomfortable heat sensation.

I have supplied missionaries in China with Oregano oil to treat whole villages infected with scabies. Even after diluting the oil five times with more olive oil, they were able to successfully eradicate the epidemic.

Head lice are mostly a problem with children who can pick them up at school or when playing with friends. Often heads will end up being shaved as lice are so difficult to get rid of. Part of this difficulty relates to reinfection from the same playmates or from lice eggs that get deposited all over the house on bedding, floors, and furniture. Meticulous house cleaning and regular washing of bedding and clothing using borax and hot water in the wash is necessary until after the infection is eradicated.

To treat head lice, mix Oregano oil with shampoo and wash hair thoroughly. Before bed apply Oregano oil liberally to hair and scalp. Dilute further with olive oil for young children or if scalp skin is sensitive. The added olive oil also acts as a lice deterrent. Similar treatment is recommended for body or genital lice. Continue applications at least twice daily until lice are eradicated.

Anthony: What about internal parasites you find waterborne like Cryptosporidium and Giardia? Can you explain to the readers what these are and how Oil of Oregano can have a potent effect at battling them?

Roger: Cryptosporidium and Giardia are waterborne, microscopic protozoan parasites. Giardia is found in water contaminated by human, beaver, muskrat, and dog feces. Cryptosporidium is found mostly in human and cattle feces. Chlorine added to water supplies is often not able to destroy the cysts that cause infection. Symptoms of the infection are upset stomach and diarrhea and could include vomiting, chills, headache, and fever.

Once in the body, the cysts hatch, and more cysts are created. The cysts are particularly resistant and do not respond to drug treatment. For most people, infection is not life-threatening but the illness can last a long time and be extremely unpleasant and debilitating. For immune-compromised people, such as cancer or AIDS patients, these infections could be life-threatening.

Immediate treatment is necessary once infected. Giardia infection, in particular, can have serious consequences if left untreated. Crohn’s disease, colitis, skin diseases like eczema, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, asthma, ulcers, and more can be the result.

Beware of drinking water in the wild from lakes or streams as it could be contaminated. Boil water for at least one minute before drinking. If you have Oregano oil, put a drop or two in a glass of water and agitate before drinking.

Both of these organisms are hard to kill. They hide inside the intestinal wall and even in the liver in the case of Giardia. Due to the ability of Oregano oil to pass through tissue, it is able to kill the organism over time. Treatment is likely to be prolonged. In Mexico where giardia is infection is common, they found Oregano oil was 90% effective, making it a more effective treatment than Flagyl, the drug of choice.

Take 3 drops 3x daily under the tongue. Also, put 3 drops in vegetable juice or water and take 3x daily on an empty stomach. To make this treatment more effective, take an empty capsule, and add cayenne pepper, raw garlic, and 5 drops of Oregano oil. Swallow it half an hour before breakfast.

Human trial studies on Oregano oil are relatively rare because it is a natural product and cannot be patented. As a result, no one is going to be able to have exclusivity on the product and make pharmaceutical industry profits such as 224,973 percent mark-up on Prozac or 569,958 percent on Xanax!

However, a small study was made in which Oregano oil was tested on 14 adult patients whose stools tested positive for enteric parasites, Blastocystis hominis, Entamoeba hartmanni, and Endolimax nana. After 6 weeks of treatment, there was a complete disappearance of Entamoeba hartmanni in 4 cases and Blastocystis hominis in 8 cases. Gastrointestinal symptoms improved in 7 of the 11 patients infected with Blastocystis hominis. This study was reported in Phytotherapy Research. 2000; 14: pp.213-214.

Anthony: Yes you are correct since natural products can’t be patented Big Pharma can’t make several thousand percent mark upon it. This is one of the reasons why so many Medical Doctors are against natural methods of healing. It’s a shame that healing in the United States is mainly based on profits and stock options than actually wanting to heal and help people. It is truly a shame that the medical establishment has reached the level it has with all the unseen things the majority of the public is unaware of. I have also read about its positive effects as an Anti-Venom? Is this really true because if so it is truly amazing? Can you expand on the science behind this and if you have any personal accounts or related stories?

Roger: Oregano oil has been used for a couple of thousand years to neutralize poison from venomous bites. I have personally used it successfully on a wasp sting. Other accounts note its effectiveness against bee stings and even a brown spider bite which is particularly toxic. More research has to be done before science understands the mechanism of why Oregano oil is effective against the venoms of different types.

Many people are allergic to common bee and wasp stings. Applying Oregano oil immediately to the site of the sting will neutralize the venom and provide more time to seek immediate medical attention. The same is true in cases of snakebite or spider bites.

Oil of Oregano is Amzing for Stings and Bites!

Apply Oregano oil immediately to the bite and continue this treatment a couple of times an hour or until you get medical attention. Take 2 drops under the tongue every hour until you can get medical attention. Continue to apply Oregano oil to the wound several times daily until it has healed. Oregano oil is not a substitute for targeted anti-venom or medical attention. Many venomous bites can be life-threatening. Using Oregano oil may provide the extra time needed to get medical attention but do not rely on it as a complete solution.

Anthony: Can you explain what Pleomorphism is and its many dangers? Can you explain how Wild Oil Of Oregano combats this?

Roger: Science fiction fans know all about shapeshifting. Pleomorphism is a fancy word for that. What it describes is the ability of micro-organisms to change their form and morph into another very different form. The theory of pleomorphism was first advanced by Pierre Bechamp, a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. Pasteur is known for advancing the germ theory of disease, i.e. that microorganisms are the cause of disease.

Bechamp’s theory was that the basic unit of microbiological life was a small particle which he named the “microzyma“. This seed could change forms to bacteria, fungus, or virus and then return to seed form. The form would depend on the state of the body referred to as the “terrain”, particularly the blood.

Although Pasteur recanted and admitted on his deathbed that Bechamp was correct in his theory, the Pasteur model is still embraced to this day by many in the medical field. I tend to agree with Bechamp that “The terrain is everything.” What that means is that food, mood, water, and exercise all will change the pH of the body and the condition of the blood and cells. These changes will affect the quantities and types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi found in the body.

Researcher, Royal Rife was able to directly observe pleomorphism in the 1930s. He had built the most powerful light microscope ever invented and was able to observe viruses as well as bacteria and fungi during their life cycles. He did not use dyes that kill microbes as does the electron microscope.

You’re probably wondering at this point what difference all this makes and how it relates to Oregano oil. Quite simply, Oregano oil is effective against all forms of harmful microorganisms whether they be fungi, bacteria, or viruses. If you are using an antibiotic to treat bacteria it will have no effect against viruses or fungi. If the bacterial infection morphs into another form, you are out of luck. Oregano oil does not discriminate between different forms of pathogens. It is effective against them all.

Anthony: Wow that is amazing info right there Roger. I have heard people that have Hepatitis used this with great success. Can you elaborate on this?

Roger: Hepatitis is considered to be an incurable condition. The truth is that with a proper diet and a little help from Oregano oil, Hepatitis patients can be restored to perfect health with no trace of the virus. We have had a couple of customers who were clinically declared free of Hepatitis C after six months of changing their diets and using Oregano oil daily. In both cases, the individuals concerned started with 3 drops 3x daily and gradually increased to larger dosages over a few weeks to a maximum dose of 6 drops 5 times daily. This was continued for six months. One of the customers had cirrhosis of the liver. Over the treatment period, his liver regenerated completely.

Liver Cirrhosis is No Joke!

Anthony: Damn that is fantastic news for sure. What about its effects on diseases like Herpes?

Roger: Oregano oil helps to weaken viruses by damaging the viral sheath. Oregano oil has helped people with Herpes by helping to stop outbreaks or reducing the time of infection. Oregano oil also helps to speed healing of the skin from Herpes lesions. Herpes usually breaks out when the immune system is weak.

Take Oregano oil regularly to keep the immune system strong. At the first sign of an outbreak, apply Oregano oil topically to the area and repeat the application several times daily. Take a couple of drops under the tongue every hour throughout the day on the first day. The Herpes virus hides in the spinal cord. Rub a few drops of oregano oil along the spine daily to weaken the virus.

Anthony: What about its effects on Asthma and other respiratory ailments? I have this condition and I have found that Oil of Oregano is very helpful. Can you expand on this and why it helps?

Roger: The effects of Oregano oil on asthma and other upper respiratory complaints can be dramatic. Asthma is another modern disease that has become an epidemic. It can be life-threatening and is responsible for a large number of deaths. The primary culprit is the modern diet which consists of too many processed foods that contain many different chemicals. We are also subject to chemical poisoning from chemicals used in carpet, upholstery, cleaning products, dry cleaning, etc.

The first step is to eliminate as many of these chemicals from your environment. That means changing your diet to whole foods that are preferably grown organically so they will be free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

Drugs used to treat asthma will actually worsen the condition over time as they also contain toxic chemicals. All types of infections can initiate an asthmatic condition. Oregano oil consumption will go to the root of the problem in the case of infections.

Food allergies can also be a trigger. Likely suspects are wheat, milk and milk products, peanuts, and shellfish. If you have asthma, you will probably be aware of worsening symptoms after eating certain foods. Eliminate them completely from the diet.

Test for allergy to Oregano oil before using it to treat asthma. If your symptoms get worse after use, discontinue immediately.

Take 3 drops under the tongue. Let it sit and breathe in. The vapors will go into your lungs where they will help clear passages. Rub a few drops on the chest area or inhale vapors directly from the bottle at the first sign of an attack. Take 3 drops 3-5 times daily or as needed. We have had customers report that they were able to stop using their puffers after treatment with Oregano oil.

Anthony: Now many lifters suffer from different types of allergies. Can you explain how Wild Oil of Oregano can help?

Roger: Much like asthma, allergies are often a result of the build-up of toxins in the body. These toxins come from air, food, water, and the environment outside and inside. Once the body reaches a certain level of toxicity, it becomes hypersensitive. Allergic reactions can occur to a wide range of things such as food, industrial pollutants, chemicals, etc. Mold is a huge trigger for allergies. If you have mold in your home or at the workplace or in your car, you can use Oregano oil added to water to get rid of it.

Allergies can manifest on the skin, in the sinuses, and upper respiratory tract. Often ear infections can be triggered by allergies. There are too many symptoms to go into depth here. Allergies can be life-threatening.

The first step is to remove these triggers as much as possible from our food and our living and workspaces.

Before using Oregano oil for allergies, do the allergy test by placing a drop of the oil on the inside of your elbow and cover it with a bandage. After 24 hours, inspect the skin and if it is red, it indicates an allergy to the Oregano oil. In such a case, do not use oil.

If allergies affect the sinuses and upper respiratory tract, breathe in the vapors of Oregano oil. You can put a drop or two on a tissue and put it by the pillow at night or on your desk while working. If you are moving about, put a drop on your upper lip. Take a drop or two under the tongue and breathe in while holding it there. These methods will help clear sinuses and ease breathing.

Go slowly with internal dosages. Try one drop at a time and see how you respond over the next couple of hours. If you don’t experience a healing crisis, take another drop every 2-3 hours. After getting used to the oil, use it as required.

Anthony: Now many lifters have pets such as dogs being part of their family. Can animals benefit from using this and what veterinary conditions can it help with?

Roger: Dogs can benefit from Oregano oil in the same way as their humans. Treatment can be both internal and topical depending on the condition. Oregano oil works well on skin diseases by applying a diluted mixture on the affected area. Parasites are an ongoing problem for our four-legged friends. Add a few drops of oregano oil to a teaspoon of olive oil and mix that in with their food. I have a 15-pound dog and will add 3-5 drops in his food. After dinner, he goes on a bit of a rampage as the hot taste perks him up.

We have heard back from many happy customers on how their dogs have recovered from stubborn or chronic conditions with the help of Oregano oil. One dog who had become lethargic after a stroke made a good recovery after a few days on Oregano oil. The great thing about using Oregano oil to treat your dog for any condition is that it will do no harm when administered in low dosages of a few drops.

Oil of Oregano can Even be Used on Dogs!

Anthony: Can it be used on other animals as well as cats?

Roger: The jury is out on treating cats with Oregano oil. Cats do not generally tolerate essential oils very well due to the damaging effects they can have on their liver. That being said, I have had people with sick cats see their cats respond well to a drop of Oregano oil mixed in with their food. One cat who had never licked its owner would lick the Oregano oil off her arm after she had applied it. All cats mentioned survived the experience with improved health. I would exercise extreme caution in this area. Try homeopathic or other natural remedies first.

Anthony: I have a couple of my clients that are farmers down in the Southern US. What about using it on livestock?

Roger: Oregano oil is an excellent treatment for all livestock including cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, horses, or what have you. Oregano oil works wonders in preventing and clearing up infections and can be used for topical applications for injuries and skin problems. External use prevents wounds from becoming infected and speeds healing. It is a great remedy for fungal infections of the hooves and skin. Oregano oil is also an insect deterrent.

Farmers who are running organic operations or just want a more natural approach to maintaining healthy livestock are using Oregano oil in North and South America and Europe. I think this is a trend that will increase a lot in the future. Antibiotics are no longer able to defeat many of the bacteria and most people don’t want antibiotic residues in their meat.

For internal purposes, Oregano oil is simply added to the feed. For topical use it can be mixed with edible oil and applied directly where needed. Farmers can administer Oregano oil themselves so it saves on vet bills.

Anthony: Wow that is some good info right there Roger. I wish that farmers did use this instead of the mass overuse and abuse of antibiotics that they give their animals. You covered some really good topics today and I want to thank you for sharing such interesting and informative research that I am sure 99% of the readers were completely unaware of.


Well, here we have it. Roger really gave us some great information on this issue and touched on a wide variety of different ailments along with specific protocols to help rid these conditions using Oil of Oregano. As you can see the many uses of this amazing oil are many and that is why I personally use it in my personal health program. Now I planned that this series would go for three parts but I simply couldn’t hold back on the fantastic info that I had. So yes you can look forward to one last installment of this series next month. So until that time train hard, eat clean, and give this Oil of Oregano a shot because I sure am glad that I did and I know you will also enjoy the many benefits it has to offer!

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