The Miraculous Healing Properties of Oil Of Oregano

The Miraculous Healing Properties of Oil Of Oregano

An In-Depth Interview with Roger Baird

Part 1

Hey folks it’s the Power Nutrition Guru coming at you with another very informative fun-filled issue once again. Now I have been getting quite a few emails from all over the world asking me to do some more of the famous interviews that I am known for. Yes, I do seem to dig up the leading experts in a variety of different fields of health and nutrition to bring you the readers of PLUSA the cream of the crop when it comes to the most elite in this industry. I do try my best to bring you the most accurate and interesting information so that you can apply this to your nutrition and training programs. I do this so that you can take advantage of all of this valuable information that will not only help you perform better but also help improve the quality of your life.

This month you are in for a treat without a doubt because once again I have responded to the call of many of the readers who have emailed me. Many people have asked me questions about Oil of Oregano and if I could do an article on that topic. Well, I thought I would do you all one better and conduct an interview with one of the World’s most renowned experts in this area. You see I go above the call of duty when it comes to my readers as I always feel you deserve the best of the best. So here is a transcript of a recent interview I did with Roger Baird who probably forgot more about Oil of Oregano than most of you could ever hope to store between your ears. So enough babbling from me let’s get to some informative answers that you have all been waiting for.

Anthony: Hi Roger it’s a pleasure having you here at PL USA. I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for the Interview. I was wondering if you could tell us a little about yourself, your education, and current projects?

Roger: Thank you, Anthony. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be here.

It has been my great fortune in this life to have had many diverse experiences. These experiences have instructed me in ways that gave me a thirst to learn more which led to informal studies in the subjects of interest. We all know that learning is a joy when it is self-directed.

When we look at who sponsors the education system we can see that a lot of what is being taught is essentially disinformation which is meant to maintain the status quo. In no area is this more apparent than the field of medicine. On the pure research side, there have been, and continue to be, outstanding achievements. Unfortunately, many of these never see the light of day as they threaten the status quo and their bureaucratic watchdogs.

Roger is a Pioneer in the Natural Health Industry!

Anthony: Sorry to interrupt you here Roger but I couldn’t agree more with you on that statement. The more you learn about natural healing and when you compare this to what is going on in the medical establishment and all the dark shenanigans that take place it makes you wonder if true healing is a crime especially when the “Powers that Be” are not making a buck off of it!

Roger: You’re right, Anthony. The corporations in charge of food, fertilizer, and pharmaceuticals do not have your best interests at heart. If it were up to them there would be no alternatives to the products they spew out.

I think we all owe it to ourselves and our children to take responsibility for our own health. Educating ourselves on a good diet and natural healing should be high on our agenda. These days your life could depend on this knowledge.

As to my current projects, I am tending my business, devoting time to my lifelong interest in playing music, and continuing my research into botanical and other healing modalities.

Last, but not least, there’s my workshop out back where work on my interstellar, antigrav, faster than light spacecraft is due for completion soon. I’m looking forward to spending a great deal of time off-planet in the near future. I’m taking applications for a female in excellent physical shape and easy-going nature to be a goodwill ambassador when we encounter alien lifeforms. Hopefully, you will pass the information where I may be contacted on to interested female readers.

Anthony: Damn, that is fantastic. Sometimes going to another planet sounds good especially when you think of how ignorant mankind has been in its destroying of this planet in so many horrible ways. The Inter-sex fish article I did a few months back that is in the Potomac River is a prime example of mankind destroying nature in all its forms. What got you interested in Holistic Medicine?

Roger: In my late teens I realized that the medical profession had very little to offer in healing the body of disease. Great advancements had been made in heroic measures, such as surgery, as a result of experience brought by war injuries, car accidents, etc. However simple infections and degenerative diseases were treated with toxic chemicals that treated symptoms but did not affect a cure. Thus began my journey into more traditional disciplines of healing.

My first experiences were with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. I was living in Vancouver at the time and there was a large Chinatown where many of the herb shops had a resident TCM practitioner. My first test of the efficacy of TCM was for a brutal cold that had hung on for months. After a few days of drinking the herbal tea that was prescribed, my cold was conquered.

Anthony: Sorry to interrupt again Roger but I couldn’t agree more. I have also studied TCM in-depth for several years and find it truly amazing. You are correct about Vancouver being a hot spot for TCM as one of the country’s best schools is located on the Island there. I have seen numerous health conditions healed by TCM but that is another article in itself. I’ll let you continue.

Roger: Around the same time, I was introduced to the vegetarian diet, which seemed to be more in tune with my body type than a heavily meat-based diet. I continued to eat chicken and fish but cut back on red meat. This worked for me but there are other people for whom it would not. It is important to realize that we are all different and what works for one may not work for another.

After experiencing the effectiveness of TCM and diet change that emphasized whole, raw foods, I became curious about other holistic modalities. Over the following years, I tried acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, homeopathy, iridology, Sho Tai, Tai Chi, electric medicine involving Rife machines, Papimi machine, homeopathic frequency machine, the Don Croft Terminator which is an improved model of the Hulda Clark Zapper, color and light therapy, aromatherapy, EFT, etc., etc. I have found usefulness in all these disciplines.

Anthony: I am also fascinated by all forms of Holistic healing and modalities too. Hell, I might have to bring you back for another interview later for another topic.

Roger: It’s a very broad field and full of fascinating and useful information. I don’t pretend to be an encyclopedia of knowledge but thanks for the offer.

One area that I investigated with some thoroughness is aromatherapy. The smell is one of our most vivid senses. Just smelling something from our childhood can trigger detailed memories. Aromatherapy is seductive because it offers us a tremendous palate of wonderful aromas that can powerfully influence our moods, emotions, and physical well being. These exotic aromas come from plant parts such as roots, twigs, leaves, needles, and flowers.

These botanical treasures are steam distilled to produce oils that contain the volatile oils and phytochemicals which make up the plant. The resulting essential oil is a condensed powerhouse of phytochemicals. These oils not only have incredible aromas, but they also have remarkable therapeutic qualities.

Many essential oils have an extraordinary shelf life when kept out of the light in a sealed container. Essential oils in good condition have been found that were buried in ancient Egyptian tombs over 2000 years ago. The study, use, and business of essential oils brought me to the discovery of Oregano oil.

Wild Oregano after being Harvested!

Anthony: Today’s topic that we are going to discuss is that of Wild Oil of Oregano. Can you explain to readers who may never heard of that what it is?

Roger: Wild Oil of Oregano is the combination of Oregano essential oil and olive oil which can be used directly from the bottle for health or culinary purposes. The best Oregano essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of the wild Mediterranean Oregano herb. It takes 100 pounds of dried oregano to make 1 pound of Oregano essential oil. This highly concentrated plant extract is a potent panacea. It is suitable for both internal and topical use.

The reason it works so well for so many different conditions is due to its many properties. The following properties have been proven through traditional use and backed up by modern lab studies: Immune modulator, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, anti-venom, analgesic, expectorant, anti-mutagenic, anti-plaque, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-toxic, digestive and more.

Oregano oil supports the immune system and kills most of the common pathogens that cause disease. It helps to control pain and reduces inflammation. It is safe to use, has no side effects, and is less expensive than drugs. Most importantly… works!

Anthony: Damn, 100 pounds of oregano to make 1 pound of oil now that is some concentrated stuff you got there. Where does this type of Oregano grow? Are there any special conditions needed like the climate, type of soil, or anything else?

Roger: The wild Mediterranean Oregano plant thrives in the sunny, dry Mediterranean climate and can be found growing in abundance in the hills and mountains of the region where it absorbs nutrients from the mineral-rich soil. The Mediterranean Oregano has been in use by the people of the region for thousands of years.

Anthony: Well with me being Italian I can surely agree with that. Just the thought of oregano reminds me of the homemade pizza my Nauna (Grandmother) would make for me when I would come over to visit her. What are some of the natural compounds found in Wild Oregano Oil that make it an effective healer?

You Can’t Beat Grandma’s Homemade Pizza!

Roger: There are four known phytochemical groups found in Oregano oil. The largest fraction and best-known components are the phenols of which Carvacrol is the largest. Carvacrol typically varies from 40-85% of the total content of wild Mediterranean Oregano oil. Thymol is another phenol found in Oregano oil in small quantities of 1-5%. Both these phenols exhibit strong antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

The alcohols in Oregano oil are long-chain alcohols so you won’t get a “high” from them. They have some antiseptic action but are better known for their antiviral capabilities.

Terpenes of different varieties are found in abundance in Oregano oil. These are long-chain hydrocarbons. They are able to penetrate into fats. They exhibit antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and antiviral properties.

Esters are the fourth group of chemicals found in Oregano oil. Oregano oil shares two esters with sage and lavender oils, linalyl acetate and geranyl acetate, which are known for their calming effect as well as increasing blood flow in the body. Esters are powerful antifungals. Oregano oil contains Rosmarinic acid which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

There are many more known compounds and even more unknown compounds present in Oregano oil. The synergistic action of all these compounds is what makes Oregano oil a powerhouse against all varieties of nasty pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

Anthony: That is some amazing information right there. I am sure most of our readers were completely unaware of the in-depth composition that Oil of Oregano contains. How did your focus become so intense on Wild Oil of Oregano?

Roger: I previously mentioned my interest in aromatherapy which I was initially drawn to because of the wonderful aromas of many essential oils and their positive effect on mood and health. At the time I was focused on essential oils that were produced from organically grown and wild-harvested plant materials.

The reason for my interest in organically grown and wildcrafted materials was that I had become aware that concentrations of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides had been found in essential oils produced from conventionally farmed plant materials.

These contaminants were found at 50 and more times the allowable limit for foods. Essential oils make their way into the bloodstream quickly through absorption through the skin and the lungs. There was a much greater chance of harm from such chemicals at high levels in essential oils than there would be from food. For this reason, I became committed to only using wildcrafted and organic essential oils in my business.

Anthony: Yes sir, organic is the only way to go especially with oils because the dangers that the pesticides offer are much too dangerous.

Roger: My search for organic and wildcrafted oils took me to many different suppliers in different countries. Often the less developed countries were good sources of plant materials as the farmers did not have the money to buy into the ‘better farming through chemistry’ approach. As a result, crops and wild plants were free of contamination of these dangerous chemicals.

One of my contacts was an American living in Turkey. I used to buy different essential oils from him. He kept telling me of the usefulness of Oregano oil. He also sent me studies done at the local university on the ability of Oregano oil to successfully treat diseases such as cancer and much more. He kept this up until I ordered some and tried it myself.

At the time my children were small and were constantly picking up flu bugs and colds from friends and at school. I found myself frequently coming down with these bugs. When I received the Oregano oil, I started using it and found to my amazement that it defeated the common cold!

Oil Of Oregano Can Help Knock out that Common Cold!

Anthony: Yes I know what you mean. Young kids going to school are some of the best carriers of the common cold. It seems like they are always catching something and so generously passing it off to everyone else in the family. This can be really annoying especially for the competitive strength athlete that needs to keep his immune system working optimally so that you can train hard in the gym.
Roger: Weight training is also a challenge to the immune system. Many of your readers could benefit from preventative dosages of Oregano oil. Just a few drops a day can do the trick.

During the next few years, while regularly using Oregano oil, I remained remarkably cold and flu-free. I read a lot more about research on Oregano oil. Over that time I shared the oil with friends and became aware of the many conditions that it could be used for. I started off in a small way and received such positive feedback that I decided to focus on Oregano oil as it worked so powerfully for so many ailments. I had not seen anything up to that time nor since that time that has the raw healing power that Oregano oil displays.

Anthony: Can you tell the readers some information about Carvacrol and some of its potent properties?

Roger: Carvacrol is a phenol that is found in abundance in the Oregano herb. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, anti-parasitic, antioxidant, and anti-spasmodic properties. Depending on the genus of the plant and soil and climate conditions, the amount of Carvacrol can fluctuate over a wide range of roughly 40%-85% of the essential oil. Carvacrol is largely responsible for the hot taste of Oregano oil. It is thought that this caustic effect is what destroys many pathogens on contact.

Studies show that Carvacrol defeats such bacteria as E.coli and B. cereus When combined with Thymol, the other phenol found in Oregano oil, the antibacterial power is stepped up a notch and will terminate such critters as Staphylococcus aureus and even MRSA. MRSA is the antibiotic-resistant mutant variety of S. aureus that is storming hospitals and communities everywhere.

Carvacrol is a Potent Anti-Inflammatory!

Of interest to your readers, recent studies into Carvacrol have demonstrated that it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the action of COX-2 which is an enzyme responsible for producing inflammation and pain.

Anthony: Wow that is amazing stuff right there. I just did an article on shopping carts and the many disgusting germs and viruses that they contain which were many you just mentioned. Yes, many lifters do suffer from joint inflammation from all the high workloads that they put on their joints over the years. I am sure the readers would love to hear that Oil of Oregano can help reduce joint inflammation because this is a common complaint among thousands of lifters. What other benefits does this powerful compound have?

Roger: Researchers studying the effect of Carvacrol on metastatic breast cancer cells, chronic myeloid leukemia cells, and melanoma cells
discovered that Carvacrol inhibited their growth.

As many wonderful properties as Carvacrol has, it is not the whole story when it comes to the healing power of Oregano oil. Other compounds found in Oregano oil work together synergistically to generate more powerful effects than Carvacrol is capable of by itself.

Anthony: That information that you just dropped on us about its effects on different Cancer cells is out of this world. There are so many people out there that are getting Cancer it’s unreal. It seems like there is someone in everyone’s family that has been affected by this disease. This alone is such an amazing value that readers should take advantage of this now that this information has been made known to you. Now some readers may think that they can simply buy some fresh oregano from the supermarket and get the same effects, is this possible?

Roger: Good question! Remember that it takes 100 pounds of dried Oregano leaves to make 1 pound of essential oil. You would have to eat a large quantity of the dried spice to match what just a few drops of the oil can provide.

Anthony: Yea, I can just see all the cheapskates out there trying to eat a pound or two a day of fresh oregano to get the benefits. Yea like that is going to happen!

Roger: I think it’s probably cheaper to buy the Oregano oil and it’s a lot easier to consume! Besides, the supermarket variety of Oregano spice found in fresh or dried form is usually Thyme or Marjoram. Neither has the medicinal benefits of the medicinal Oregano plant found growing wild in the Mediterranean.

Essential oil created from Thyme can contain large amounts of Thymol which is quite toxic in such a large quantity. Marjoram oil is not safe to consume either. Thyme and Marjoram do not have the healing properties found in the true Oregano oil. It is not uncommon to find essential oils of Thyme and Marjoram mislabeled as Oregano oil. Caveat emptor…Buyer beware!

We source our Oregano oil direct from the distiller in Turkey. Our Oregano essential oil is certified organic. The agency responsible for organic certification makes positive identification that it is the correct species of medicinal Oregano plant that is sent to the distillery.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the highest standard of Oregano oil available on the market. As a result, our business has grown by word of mouth.


Well, here you have it the first part of my interview series on Wild Oil of Oregano. I am sure you all have learned some very interesting information about this powerful natural healer without a doubt. Believe it or not, Roger has just skimmed the surface for what is coming in the next installment. The amazing Cancer-fighting benefits that it possesses are truly out of this world. It is a disease that has hit not only just about every family in North America at one time or another but has also robbed us the Powerlifting Community of one of the most influential and innovative strength coaches the world has ever seen in my good friend Rick Hussey. So until next month train hard, eat clean, and please take advantage of all the great information that Roger has touched on in this issue!

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