The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Ginger Part V

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Ginger

Part V

By Anthony Ricciuto

Hey everyone, yes I am back with another installment of this comprehensive ginger series. I know it’s been a long haul but this final issue will provide some very good insight on how you can implement ginger into your health plan. As you have seen over the last four articles, ginger has tremendous health and performance benefits for numerous conditions. In fact, I just grazed the surface of the different health issues it can help with. As much content as I put forth in this series, the reality is that I just grazed the surface. I particularly wanted to focus on those conditions that strength athletes are most susceptible to and that is why I covered those specific topics.

#10 Respiratory Health Benefits

Now the last area I want to cover is ginger’s amazing benefits for the complete respiratory system. I can bet anyone reading this has been bogged down with a nasty cold or flu in the past. I am sure you can attest that it is no fun whatsoever. Blowing your nose over and over and hacking up lung butter is not entertaining in the least. Well, at least it can be a good indicator of how strong your relationship with your partner is. If all 300 pounds plus of powerlifting sexy goodness that you are can hack up a lung butter sandwich and your better half can still look you in the face and tell you she loves you then you got yourself a keeper! Alright, enough of my banter let’s take a look at what ginger can offer those lungs of steel.

  • Ginger can promote healthy sinus functioning

  • The sinuses are a critical part of the body’s immune system so making sure they are on the up and up is very important

  • Many consider the sinus as the first line of defense when it comes to an invading pathogen so listen up

  • They help collect bacteria, viruses, allergens from the air we breathe in before they make their way throughout our body

    Ginger Can Help With the Flu and Common Cold!

  • When they are not performing as they should it causes problems where these nasty things can lodge in the sinus pockets

  • This can lead to the breeding of bacterial infections leading to hacking up the lung cheese, intense sinus pressure, bone aches, and even fever

  • Ginger helps this by kickstarting the production of mucus to help remove the pathogens from the sinus cavities

  • Its positive effects of stimulating the circulatory system also play a vital role in expelling these nasty yukkies

  • Let’s not forget Ginger’s role in strengthening the immune response and antioxidant effects also leads to improved sinus health

  • Ginger can also help reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies

  • Its positive effect at reducing inflammation (Not just for those aching joints like I mentioned earlier) can also help reduce the suffering caused by allergens

  • Ginger can also help thin mucus which makes it easier to expel allergens that wreak havoc on your well being

  • You may not know this but ginger directly targets histamine production and is a very potent antihistamine

    Ginger Is Effective for Sinus Issues and Congestion!

  • In fact, one study paired Ginger against a popular drug called Loratadine

  • Not only did Ginger give them a run for their money but also subjects didn’t suffer from drowsiness, fatigue, constipation, and dizziness like the Loratadine subjects did

  • Ginger has also shown positive results in dealing with asthma

  • It can help improve lung function, and strengthen the immune system to help fight off nasty infections

  • As you may already know, asthma is an inflammatory condition like many of the diseases that plague us

  • Gingers potent anti-inflammatory benefits once again shine to help those suffering from asthma as well

  • Research has shown that ginger can significantly relax Airway Smooth Muscle(ASM) which is the main tissue of your airway walls

  • This means those using ginger had wide airways and an easier time breathing during an actual asthma attack

  • It does this by blocking an enzyme known as PDE4D and prevents it from constricting your airways and ASM

  • Now with all the above information presented we can also see why ginger can help reduce Respiratory Tract Infections as well

  • No matter if its bronchitis, influenza, laryngitis, or even that lovely cold that your kid brought back from school, ginger can help

    Ginger is One of My Favorite Herbs!

  • Ginger’s potent antibacterial effects can help get that infection under control in no time at all

  • This is why it can help alleviate sinus congestion, muscle tightness, eliminate headaches, and much more

  • With all that ginger has to offer, isn’t it time to start incorporating it into your meal plan regularly?

Ways to Incorporate Ginger in Your Longevity Plan

Now with all the great info, I provided to you in this series I know you must be wondering how the hell am I going to know to take advantage of all it has to offer. I hear you loud and clear because consuming ginger daily is not as easy as say drinking more water. Especially in Western culture, ginger is not something used as heavily in food and drinks like it is in the East. So with that said, I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can start adding ginger to your daily plan.

Now I am going to tell you a funny story. You see I don’t like ginger in my food. In fact, I love a good healthy ginger beer, I really enjoy ginger tea and devour ginger shots when I am feeling under the weather. Now you might be wondering how I could enjoy ginger in many liquid forms but yet detest it in food. This all goes back to my childhood when my mother decided to make a rice dish with ginger. Well, first off whatever recipe she was following I am sure she added in about 10x the amount of ginger to what was recommended. On top of that instead of adding in finely ground ginger or thin slices, she added in these big chunks. Now being a kid I didn’t know what to expect in terms of its pungent taste. Eating the dish was fine until I wolfed down a big dime-size piece of ginger. It was extremely powerful especially for a kid and immediately felt sick. I felt nauseated and wanted to vomit. That left a lasting scar on my psyche that to this day has me not eating food with ginger in it. I have a similar story and phobia with choking on fish bones as a kid as well but I will save that for another day. So this is why even when asked if I want a ginger topping on my pizza, the answer is hell no!

Pickled Ginger

Now you may not have a phobia of ginger as I do in food, so this is one angle you can take advantage of that I simply can’t. There are numerous Asian dishes that you can incorporate ginger into as well. There are many ways you can add ginger into a meal with different chicken and fish recipes that ginger compliments quite nicely. You can also put it into a soup which is something I can handle as long as there are no ginger chunks in it. Once again…Thanks, Mom! One form of ginger I can eat and actually like is pickled ginger. For those of you who like sushi and Japanese cuisine then you will be very familiar. It is commonly used to clean the palate and is eaten in between eating different varieties of sushi to take full advantage of the different flavors. Now you don’t have to only have it at a Japanese restaurant. In fact, you can buy it at an Asian grocery store or from the health food store. I keep a jar in my fridge and use it all the time with my meals even if it’s not an Asian recipe. I like the taste of it and like I mentioned earlier it can really help with digestion. If you have not tried this then give it a shot. You might just like it and now have a new way to incorporate ginger into your diet. One company that I am a big fan of is The Ginger People. They make amazing pickled ginger that is not only organic but tastes amazing as well. If you have never tried this before give it a shot and let me know how you like it.

Pickled Ginger is Amazing with any Meal!

Ginger Tea

Now, this is a common way to consume ginger and one of my favorites. I am very big into different types of tea. As you already know I am a big fan of Green tea, Gynostemma tea, Schizandra Tea, and numerous others for their health benefits. But nothing warms you up on a cold winter day like a nice hot cup of strong ginger tea, I will add in some Manuka honey and it is simply delightful. Now there are few ways to do this. You can grate or chop up some fresh ginger and boil it in some water. That’s pretty simple. Or if you don’t have the time for all that mess then you can buy teabags. Having a nice mug of ginger tea after dinner is amazing not only for digestion but also to help you relax and settle in before bed. If you are looking for a tea bag version that will be as easy as heating up some water I have one that you will enjoy. Traditional Medicinals makes a very nice Organic Ginger tea in bag form that I use when I don’t feel like getting out the old chopping board or when I am in a rush.

Ginger Teabags can Help in a Pinch!

Ginger Juice Shots

Now here is another method I like and do often. As you know I love juicing and nothing adds a zinger to any recipe like fresh ginger juice. Oh, yea this is pretty hardcore but once you try it I am sure the majority of you will like it. Now you can take it like described where you juice straight ginger and swig it back in a shot glass. That might be a little over the top for some of you who are not used to consuming ginger so take it step by step. You could mix this straight juice with some Manuka honey and lemon juice to take the edge off and for beginners is most likely a good idea.

Can You Handle a Hardcore Ginger Shot?

Ginger Supplements

Now for those of you that lead very busy lives and don’t have the time to do all the prep work, or if you are just a lazy sloth, there are still other options. You can use ginger supplements to help you still get it in with ease. They can be taken as a capsule, ginger juice concentrate, or tincture. So no matter what your preference is I have you pretty much covered. Here are some of the brands that I like and use myself.

Ginger Tincture

By Herb Pharm

If you are looking for a potent tincture then Herb Pharm has just what you are looking for. It’s created using fully mature rhizomes to ensure optimal extraction of all the bioactive compounds found in ginger. Its extracted in small batches using organic cane sugar alcohol to give you nothing but the best quality and potency. You can take it straight like a warrior under the tongue or you can add it to juice. For those of you wanting a tincture form, you can’t go wrong with Herb Pharm as they are one of the top herbal tincture companies on the market.

Tincture is a Great Way to Get In that Ginger Goodness!

Organic Ginger Juice

By The Ginger People

Now if you are looking for some serious ginger juice but don’t own a high-powered juicer then look no further. Once again The Ginger People company comes through with an amazing organic ginger juice that is 99.7% pure juice. You can add some of this right into your smoothie or drink it straight with a shot glass. I know clients that use it on different fish recipes, stir fry dishes, and soup. It is USDA Organic, and 2.5 pounds of the highest quality ginger goes in each 32-ounce container. Now that is a ton of ginger! Each tablespoon of ginger juice is equivalent to one tablespoon of freshly grated ginger. Once you try this you will be coming back for more because the quality is amazing and when convenience is a factor to you actually incorporating ginger in your plan often, this product is a no-brainer.

My Favorite Organic Ginger Juice!

Ginger Force Capsules

By New Chapter

Now if you are looking for ginger in a capsule form then New Chapters Ginger Force is one of the top formulations on the market. One thing that makes it superior over other brands is that it contains two forms of extracted ginger. The first is an aqueous extraction and the second is a supercritical CO2 extraction to give you an amazing combo. This allows for a broad spectrum of phytonutrients not just an isolated form that other companies are known for. Each capsule contains 2,535 mg of whole ginger. Now that is a good bang for your buck in terms of quality and potency.

Capsules are Great for Convenience!


Now with this final installment of my series on ginger and its many health and performance benefits, I hope I shed some light on why it should be part of your daily plan. No matter if your goal is to keep yourself healthy, or if you are currently dealing with health issues, it’s important to remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With many societies around the world especially in the East, preventative medicine is something that is considered the most important aspect of health. While here in North America, the sad reality is that many don’t pay attention to their health the least bit until a health ailment comes and kicks them in the ass. This is why I have tried to change powerlifter’s mindset over the past twenty-plus years with my articles and columns to help flip things around. Now that you have a ton of information on ginger at your fingertips, now is the time to start taking advantage of all it has to offer. So get that ginger in your body in one way or another so you can see and feel the difference it really can make!

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