The Top 20 Uncensored Ways to Jack Your Appetite Through the Roof! Part II

The Top 20 Uncensored Ways to Jack Your Appetite Through the Roof!

Part II

By Anthony Ricciuto

In this second installment on how to jack your appetite through the roof, you are going to leave here with some newfound knowledge that you can take to the bank in terms of real-world results. I got a ton of emails in regards to the last article in this series for a couple of reasons. First off many were thanking me for tackling this topic since there really is very little info out there in this regard. Second many of the readers really appreciated my bold and reality-based content when it came to letting the cat out of the bag when it came to methods used by many elite athletes in regards to performance-enhancing drug use. Lastly, they seem to have really liked the fact that I not only touched on the nutritional end of things to help improve your appetite but also the natural supplement angle as well. Well like always I am here to provide you with the most cutting-edge information to keep you on your toes when it comes to the latest and greatest tips and tricks to optimize your health and performance. Now with that said let’s get this party started!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

#6 Optimize Natural Insulin Levels Pre, Intra, and Post Workout

One of the natural ways to get your hunger roaring is to optimize your Pre, Intra, and Post-workout nutrition and supplement plan. Now dialing this in has many advantages and too many to go in-depth in this article as it is an article in itself. But just to scrape the surface on this one is the fact that it can really benefit your training from numerous angles. When these three pieces of the puzzle are put together in unison you will see greater muscular growth, improved strength, enhanced recovery levels, less muscle soreness, greater CNS recovery, decreased body fat levels, decreased Cortisol levels, consistent positive nitrogen balance, improved immune function, and much much more.

Pre-Intra-Post Workout Nutrition is Key!

Now when we are looking to optimize these three critical areas and time periods from a nutritional angle we need to focus on why. The first thing is that when you dial in your pre-intra-post workout nutrition plan you will improve your rate of recovery dramatically. You will find that you are not as sore and you heal much faster. In fact, when done properly many athletes will also be able to increase their training volume and still recover from it. Next, it will stimulate protein synthesis and cell volumization of key nutrients to help maximize muscle growth. It will also replenish muscle glycogen as well preparing your body for the next day’s training assault.

Intra Workout Nutrition is a Must!

During this time period, carbohydrates are very important. This is not a time for a performance-strength athlete to skimp out on this important macronutrient. Now if you are a bodybuilder getting ready for a competition, this can be adjusted to the other factors in your nutrition plan. But for the strength athlete looking to maximize strength, recovery, and muscular gains, carbs need to be in place. I will have my clients consume some carbohydrates in the last meal prior (Pre-workout) to heading off to the gym. During their training session, I will have them sip on a nutrient-dense mix of several different ingredients (Intra workout) to help them keep their Insulin levels elevated but stable. The last thing I want is for an athlete to spike their Insulin too high then crash during the middle of a leg workout where they get hypoglycemic. Instead of increasing performance, this will cause a decrement and this is not what we are looking to do. Now when the training session is over most will opt-in for a protein shake usually derived from whey to help get an abundance of amino acids to working muscles fast. Now for many, this is a good idea especially if your intra workout nutrition is not dialed in. But if it is I will many times skip the post-workout shake and go directly into a solid food meal but one that digests fast and easily.

Not Ideal Post Workout Nutrition!

Now you may be wondering what does the above scenario has to do with hunger? Well by optimizing each of the three pieces of the puzzle will cause a dramatic increase in your appetite. By keeping Insulin levels elevated during this time we are keeping Cortisol production down and anabolism up. Next, as you may already know Insulin does cause an increase in appetite. For those of you who may not have thought about this before think back to a time when you were eating lots of processed junk food. After eating one meal of junk didn’t you find yourself craving more even just an hour later? Yep, you sure did and that box of cookies you wolfed down didn’t seem to hit the spot as good as you thought it would so you ventured back in the kitchen not for a nice meal of salmon and sweet potatoes but most likely a bag of potato chips and some Mountain Dew. Does this sound familiar? Now I don’t want you stimulating your appetite with processed junk food that is for sure. Many bodybuilders are known for eating Pop-Tarts after a workout but I am sorry folks I don’t subscribe to that garbage methodology. There are many ways to optimize your Insulin production without resorting to the most health deteriorating food choices. I am not going to go into what I have my athletes do here for these three critical time periods (pre-intra-post) for their nutritional practices as this is an article series all in itself. But what you should know is that by dialing in these key areas you will stimulate your hunger once that training session is over to help you get in several more meals before you retire for the night.

#7 Periactin

Oh boy, here we are back at the performance-enhancing drug info. Like I mentioned for the snowflakes out there this may offend your delicate souls so you may want to leave right now and renew your subscription to Vanity Fair. Ok, now that we got that situation under control what do I have in store? Now one of the most popular drugs to improve your appetite is none other than Periactin. It also goes under the name Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride so if you ask your pharmacist and he gives you one of those looks then now you know what to ask for. This is not an anabolic steroid as you might have thought. In fact, this is nothing of the sort and may have been something your grandma took. Well, I couldn’t hold in the suspense any longer, and yes your grandma may have taken Periactin because it is a first-generation antihistamine. Yep when you start sneezing and get all itchy, good ole Periactin can save the day. Now one of the major side effects as noted with this drug is the fact that it can make you crazy-hungry. Oh, yea I know most of you think that drowsiness is the number one side effect for most antihistamines and you may be right. But when it comes to Periactin, yes it will make you sleep as well, but the hunger level it produces is out of this world.

Periactin Will Make You Ravenous!

Yes once you are on a cycle of Periactin, “All you can Eat” buffets will be your new best friend. Oh, yea you will be hungry all day long and your monthly food bill will surely reflect, that I guarantee. Many people will find that they can dramatically increase their caloric intake even in the first week of taking Periactin. Now with any drugs, there are always side effects to look at as well. One is the fact that it will make you drowsy especially when you first start taking it. For many, this does go away after a couple of weeks so it’s not something for most as a deal-breaker. Training like a beast, eating like a freak, and then sleeping like a baby is a key to massive growth and power and Periactin helps set the ball in motion on two of those important principles. One thing to note is since Periactin is so very effective at helping increase hunger, one pharmaceutical company I think out of the Dominican Republic actually adds Periactin to their Dianabol tablets to help maximize the growth factor tremendously. In fact, I think Dr.X has an article coming up more about this interesting combination in an upcoming column so I don’t want to step on any toes as that is his area of expertise. So since I will leave you to Dr. X for more information on Periactin and its use with anabolic steroid stacks, it’s time for me to move along. Just remember Periactin is no joke. I have personally seen guys pack on some solid weight using it especially those that could not eat enough to help them get to the next weight class.

Dianabol and Periactin is a Potent Mass Combo!

#8 Consume Smaller Meals

Now here is one that many strength athletes seem to have a problem with. See with bodybuilders and competitive physique athletes eating 5-7 meals per day is the norm. Now I am not here to debate the theory of eating multiple meals over few meals in terms of health and performance. This is not the purpose of bringing this up and is a totally different topic. What I want to mention is that like many strength athletes, many eat as few as 2-3 meals per day. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Now, what is wrong with this scenario in terms of keeping your appetite revved up? Well if you are only going to eat three meals a day like breakfast, lunch, and dinner there are a few things you need to consider. First off you are going to end up eating too much at each of those meals. Yes, some of you may not do that, but when you are only eating three meals per day then you will not be able to sustain adequate strength levels if each of those meals is not nutrient-dense. Next, to maintain any serious gains in terms of eating so infrequent, you will have to eat large amounts of food at each serving just to keep you going. This in turn will overload your liver and digestive system which is not something you want to do especially as you get older. You will see many athletes who force-fed themselves trying to pack on weight with digestive problems in later years.

Smaller Frequent Meals Optimize Digestion!

In my opinion, by eating several small meals, you will find you get hungrier faster than if you ate the same amount of total calories and food volume in only a few feedings. Now, remember the purpose of the above technique is to stimulate hunger thus allowing you to eat more food and helping you to pack on more quality muscle weight. In this scenario I personally have my athletes eat between 6-8 small meals (including pre-intra-post workout meals) per day to stimulate the hunger factor as well as optimize digestion by not overloading the system with huge amounts of food at one time. Listen I love a good buffet as much as the next guy. In fact, when I was younger I had such a ravenous appetite that I would get asked to leave at many different sushi buffets in the Toronto area. Yea no lies here folks. But that is another story in itself that I am sure someone will want to hear about in a future question and answer column. So with that said if you want to increase your hunger levels eat smaller more frequent meals (every 2-3 hours) that won’t overburden your digestive process leaving you wanting more each time you eat.

Sushi Buffets are My Weakness!

#9 GHRP-6

Oh, snowflakes be warned more drug info coming ahead. So in the last episode, I mentioned that different peptides can also be used to help stimulate the appetite and this brings us to the uncensored content once again. Now peptides have really gotten popular over the last 10-15 years for many reasons. There are too many different peptides to count, to be honest, but learning about the main couple dozen is more than enough to get you by. There are peptides to help you heal injuries, peptides to tan your skin, peptides to increase erection strength, peptides to help you burn fat, peptides to help heal digestive issues, and much more. So when I say that the study of different peptides is very complex I was not joking. Now the topic of peptides is a bit of a grey area. At the current time, there are numerous places you can buy them online, but the quality and integrity of many of these companies are suspect. Some do claim to be made in America, but to be honest I know for a fact that a large majority of them are coming out of China so that is something you have to consider when buying them if you decide to go that route. Personally, when it comes to things like peptides, I would rather get something manufactured in North America or Europe. Ok, so enough of my banter let’s take a look at what this peptide can do to help increase hunger.

GHRP-6 Dramatically Increases Hunger!

GHRP-6 stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6 and falls into the category of performance-enhancing drugs known as Growth Hormone Secretagogues. It is a potent 28 amino acid peptide that allows the body to release more natural Growth Hormone and thus an increase in IGF-1 as well. Just like the last compound that I mentioned in the first part of this series, (MK-677) it also stimulates the Ghrelin receptor. This basically makes it a synthetic Ghrelin mimetic. For those of you not familiar with GHRP-6, it is an injectable peptide that is usually taken 2-3 times daily. Many times it is stacked with other peptides but that is not needed as it is quite effective on its own not only for Growth Hormone release but also for the purpose of this article…increasing hunger.

A Young Arnold Getting Swole!

Most will inject it about 30-60 minutes before a meal on an empty stomach to get the best results. This will create a dramatic increase in hunger levels thus allowing you to consume your meals with ease. Taken post-workout is one of the most popular times to be administered to help take advantage of the anabolic window that occurs after your training session is over. Now GHRP-6 is quite a complex topic so I am just focusing on the aspect of its ability to increase hunger. This peptide is common among bodybuilders using it in the offseason when looking to pack on more mass. I have seen some strength athletes using it but not nearly as many when looking at the bodybuilding scene. I am sure that Dr.X once again will get some questions in this regard and can help do a more in-depth report on the many pros and cons of this peptide.

#10 Optimize Fiber Intake

Ok, you are probably wondering what this one is doing in here? You see when it comes to improving your appetite, the topic of fiber is like a double-edged sword. Now I know some of you are thinking that by eating large amounts of fiber you will actually fill yourself up and limit your appetite. If you thought this you are absolutely correct. This is why when someone is dieting I will include large amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber in their nutrition plan. This will help them feel full longer and will also stabilize their blood glucose levels better as well helping them have fewer cravings for sugar-laden treats. There are numerous other performance and health benefits of consuming large amounts of fiber but covering them all is not the purpose of this article.

Fiber is a Must for Health and Performance!

Here I want to show you how to use fiber to create a balance to keep that appetite running like a fine-tuned machine. So if eating tons of fiber will help keep us full longer between meals, then doing this will be the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. Yes, so when you are looking to take in more calories and keep your appetite elevated, I do reduce the amount of fiber in a client’s meal plan. One thing you need to know is that I am a big fan of fiber. Yes, I can hear all your jokes right now on this one, but the reality is that it prevents so many different health issues. This includes cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, elevated blood sugar levels, and even cancer. So how could I not be a fan with all I just mentioned? So with this in mind, I do have my clients for the large majority of them consume 30-45 grams per day. Now that is a ton of fiber I know, but it’s what is needed for positive health benefits. Since many Americans probably don’t even get in 10 grams per day, you can see what huge differential we are talking about here. So you are probably wondering then what do I do in the scenario of keeping the appetite elevated?

Do You Have Lazy Bowel?

Since we know eating too much fiber will cause you to be full longer what is the best way to make it work for us and not against us. Since the majority of you reading this probably are on the side of not eating enough daily fiber in their nutrition plans then you should all listen up. When you eat a decent amount of fiber it will help the digestive process work much more efficiently. Next, it will increase the volume of excretion but also the number of bowel movements each day. Many strength athletes suffer from what is known as “Lazy Bowel” Yea I didn’t make this up even though I am sure many of you are thinking that I did. This is a condition where you are not moving fecal matter through your system as fast as you should be. One thing that I want all my athletes to be aware of is that they should have 2-3 bowel movements per day. If you are eating 6 meals per day and 300 grams of protein or more, how can you just have one bowel movement per day? Now consuming more fiber in this case will actually help you increase your daily bowel movements and volume of each. This will in turn help prevent that bloated sluggish feeling you have because you have waste building up in your system that is not being excreted fast enough. This issue will make you feel full longer and something you don’t want when trying to get in more food. So here we need to take the middle road when we are trying to optimize digestion and at the same time increase hunger. I would still try and get in at least 20 grams of fiber per day no matter what. This is not extreme in any way and will help your digestion not hinder it.


Ok, here we have the second installment of this uncensored series on getting you hungrier than a wolf. I know some of the points presented here may seem basic, but yet it is sometimes the many basic tips that are forgotten or overlooked. When several of even the most basic tips are put by the wayside, it can make a huge difference in your results, especially in your nutrition plan. I didn’t want to leave out the pharmaceutical angle of what goes on behind the scenes as well. Some of you may be aware of these chemical tactics, but I know many of you reading this had no clue what some top-level athletes do to up their game. No matter what side of the fence you are on, I want to bring you the absolute best cutting-edge information that is totally uncensored content. In the next installment, you can look forward to some new and exciting ideas that I am sure you haven’t heard anywhere else before!

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