The Top 20 Uncensored Ways to Jack Your Appetite Through the Roof! Part III

The Top 20 Uncensored Ways to Jack Your Appetite Through the Roof!

Part III

By Anthony Ricciuto

Hey everyone I am happy to see you all made it back for the third installment of this series. I have gotten tons of positive responses from our readers from both articles and I am excited to get started on the next issue. It was nice to see that many have started implementing some of my tips and tricks with positive results. I always love to hear from you so don’t be shy and reach out anytime. Now with this installment, I have some more really good ideas that you can implement easily into your daily plan. So without too much ranting from my end, let’s see what I have under the hood to get that appetite revved up like never before.

You need a Big Appetite for Big Gains!

#11 Optimize Water Intake and Timing

Ok, folks, one thing you need to know is that water will also play a role in your appetite. I have talked about the importance of drinking enough water in several past articles, so if you are a fan of my work you already know that I am keen on this. For the large majority of you getting in enough high-quality clean water is a must, and is something you are already doing. I am sure you know it’s important for things like proper hydration, muscle pumps, preventing kidney stones, and optimal muscle cell volumization. Now, one thing you should know is that drinking a proper amount of water every day will actually stretch your stomach and allow you to consume more food. This is a great tip for those small skinny guys that seem to have the stomach size of an apple. This technique is used by a lot of competitive hot dog eaters to help them get in all that food during a competition without vomiting all over the place. Now the purpose of this is to allow you over time to consume bigger portions of food. There are a lot of guys that suffer from a small stomach (note I am not talking about a big gut, but your internal stomach organ) and this can really hinder the amount of food they can get in without feeling bloated. So you might be wondering what this might entail? First off try and get in around 4 liters of water daily. For you Americans, we are looking at a gallon of clean water daily. This really isn’t a ton of water and with physique-oriented athletes, this is a norm. But for a lot of strength athletes, this is not as common a practice as it should be and for many, it will seem like a crazy amount.

Water Intake is Critical for a Healthy Appetite!

By drinking this much on a daily basis it will stretch your stomach thereby helping you to consume more food. Now one technique that competitive eaters do which I disagree with is that they will eat a large meal and then wash it down with a big glass of water. This is the opposite of what I like to do for many reasons. Yes, what they do will stretch it out more but the negatives of doing this I believe outweigh the good so I am not a follower of this technique. Now you may be wondering why I am against this if it is a common procedure that all the big eaters do? First off I am of the school of thought that you should not drink large amounts of fluids with a meal. The reason behind this is that it can minimize stomach acid production. One of the most important things for optimal digestion is powerful stomach acid. You cannot properly break down the proteins you are eating like chicken and streak if you have subpar stomach acid levels. Now you may be thinking that high stomach acid levels are linked to acid reflux and other digestive issues. But this theory, for 95% of people is incorrect. For the large majority of people, it is too low stomach acid production that causes reflux and not the opposite. Now this is a complex topic and perfect for another article but there isn’t enough space here to cover it all. The point is that if you are drinking water with your meals in large amounts it will dilute these acids and hinder your digestive process. I try and keep my fluid intake in about 30 minutes before a meal or an hour after eating. Yes, you may need a small amount of water to take your supplements with a meal and that is fine. But you will find some people that will drink 1-2 glasses of water with a meal and this is not a good idea. So the take-home message is that you should try and get in about a gallon of clean water per day but keep it away from meals to optimize digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Fluids with Food is a Bad Combination for Digestion!

#12 Injectable Insulin

Now the next point I am going to expand on is most likely going to get me a ton of flak. So first off you need to know that I am not recommending this at all but simply letting you know what takes place in high-level athletes and the reasoning behind it. Injectable insulin use outside of those suffering from diabetes is complicated and can also be very dangerous so this is not something to take lightly. I have personally witnessed many mishaps with Insulin use among bodybuilders resulting in hospital room visits that could have gone very wrong. Most of the time it is due to not being educated on what they are doing, negligence which usually happens with seasoned users of Insulin, and making a mistake on dosing. So like I mentioned earlier, I am not endorsing the use of Insulin, merely letting you know why it’s used and what it can do.

Insulin use among Bodybuilders is a Common Practice!

Now one technique that is popular with many bodybuilders is the use of injectable insulin in different forms. There are many kinds of insulin out there and each one has a different purpose along with how it will react inside your body. This alone accounts for some of the hospital room visits due to the fact some people that venture into playing with this dangerous compound did not educate themselves nearly enough before engaging in their use. The main reason why bodybuilders and even some strength athletes use Insulin is due to the fact that many consider it the most anabolic hormone of all time. Yes even more powerful than Testosterone or Trenbolone. Say this in front of any muscle head and his ears will perk up like never before. The main thing bodybuilders like to use it for is for driving nutrients inside of muscle cells to create an anabolic environment for muscle growth. It does have more benefits than just this, but that is an article in itself and maybe Dr.X can chime in on this in an upcoming issue if people are interested in knowing more.

But the main thing that I want to discuss here is the effect of injectable Insulin on hunger. Bodybuilders will many times take it post-workout to help load nutrients into muscle cells at the most important time of the day…during the Anabolic Window. When a fast-acting form of Insulin is injected it will drop blood sugar levels quickly. This in turn will make you very hungry. Think of a time where maybe you didn’t eat for a few hours and noticed your blood sugar getting low. You probably got grumpy and irritated, all the while you were ready to devour a buffet with ease. So imagine that scenario times 100 and that is what happens when a bodybuilder takes Insulin post-workout. This is also one reason why many Type II Diabetics also get fatter when they take Insulin because it will over time not only make you more Insulin resistant but will also kickstart your hunger even more. Plus let’s face facts here for a minute too. If you got yourself to become a Type II Diabetic from your improper eating habits in the past, do you think when you do take Insulin and get that hunger to surge the large majority of these people will now reach for a bowl of rolled oats topped with berries? No…most likely it will be a few doughnuts and a bag of chips instead. But once again this is another story for another time. So bodybuilders who are enhanced will take Insulin anywhere from once a day all the way to some that will take it with every meal. Now I am not going to discuss the long-term health ramifications of this here, but it is something to consider even outside the direct short-term emergency room issues that can arise as well.

Bodybuilders, Insulin, and Buffets are Commonplace!

#13 Plenty of Food Variety

Now this one is more important than you think. If you have been eating pretty clean for any length of time you know that the food choices can sometimes feel limiting. In fact, you aren’t really limited since there are so many healthy foods that you can choose from but since you are cutting out a ton of processed junk foods, sugar-laden treats, and fast food it sometimes may feel like you are being left out. The reality is that in today’s society the large majority of food is man-made processed garbage which was not the case even 50 years ago. We live in a time where clean, natural healthy foods much of what our ancestors ate even going back only a couple of generations is considered weird. But yet the health-destroying junk foods that line grocery stores shelves seem to be the right option. Now one thing that I think is stupid and many bodybuilders, in particular, are guilty of this is that they don’t provide a wide variety of food choices in their diet plans. This can set you up for food allergies because you are eating the same things over and over. You will see some eat chicken and rice 4 times per day. How boring can that be? Why limit yourself to one source of protein, carbs or fat when there are so many different healthy ones you can choose from?

Create Meals that are Nutritious and Delicious!

Now don’t get me wrong I do understand that due to digestive issues and even preferences some people will deal better with certain choices. The factor that certain people also respond better to certain food choices for performance and even physique aspects must be considered as well so I am not forgetting these important facts. But the reality is many that are not even looking at these points and limit their choices which will lead to boredom and then non-compliance when it comes to sticking with their plans. If we just look at carbs, there are so many amazing sources that many of you have never even heard of, let alone tried to make part of their plan. You need to try new things to see what you like because once you did you may find something that you really like. Let’s look at carbs for a minute since for most this is their favorite group. Why just limit yourself to regular white potatoes, oatmeal, yams, and rice when there are so many other choices. I like to include others sources in my plans like Jamaican purple sweet potatoes, dasheen, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, teff, taro, cassava, lentils, plantain, and yellow yams just to name a few. I like shopping at some Asian food markets that provide foods not only from Asia but from all over the globe. The variety of produce is second to none at many of these markets and you find so much more variety than your local grocery store.

Healthy Foods don’t have to be Boring!

The other thing I see many doing when they are trying to eat clean is to make the foods boring. Why do people do this? Do you like self-sabotage? In fact, you can really decorate your new food choices nicely and you don’t need to add things that won’t fit into your caloric paradigm. There are a lot of seasonings and spices you can use that add almost no calories at all. Nowadays there are a lot of different condiments that you can use to spice things up and really bring out the flavor of your foods. Things like hot sauce, soy sauce, zero-carb chicken wing sauce, and a wide variety of different mustards can really take that meal from bland to dazzling. Don’t forget foods like ginger, parsley, cilantro, garlic, and chili peppers can really add some excitement to a boring meal. Plus with the low carb popularity over the last decade or so there are now many companies that cater to this demographic. Walden Farms is just one of those companies that make sugar-free zero carb versions of everything from strawberry syrup to BBQ sauce, to jam spreads. There are so many things you can do to make your meals exciting no matter how clean they may be. All you have to do is make a little effort and you will be surprised at some of the amazing recipes you can pull off. If you want to increase your appetite then making sure you are enjoying your foods is a must. If you are dreading that next chicken and rice meal, how hungry do you think you will be? But if you are looking forward to a delicious meal that makes those taste buds dance, you can be rest assured you will not only eat more, but it also won’t feel like a chore. So if you want to keep that appetite up and running strong, make sure your meals have variety and creativity.

Walden Farms Syrups are a Staple in Pre-Contest Diet Plans!

#14 Agmatine

Now here is a natural supplement all the drug-free guys can take advantage of. Agmatine has been on the market for several years and is quite popular in the bodybuilding market. It is promoted as a pump product that will increase nitric oxide production. It is basically derived from L- Arginine through a decarboxylation process. Yea I know if you are reading my articles especially in the medical cannabis section of my website, you have heard that word before. It would also fall into the neuromodulator and neurotransmitter category as well. Many people don’t know this but on its own, it can decrease the perception of pain, but also increase the effectiveness of opiate pain killers as well. It can also increase the efficacy of certain antidepressants and one example would be Bupropion.

Agmatine has Numerous Health and Performance Benefits!

Believe it or not, it is also popular in the cannabis community due to its ability to enhance signaling through the CB1 receptor. What this means in layman terms is that it will help with high THC tolerance issues which are common for those that have used cannabis for long periods of time. But it can also work synergistically with THC to make you feel a more potent effect with a lower dose. It also is one very amazing nutrient partitioning agent as well and this is why it can help those who are insulin resistant or suffer from Type II Diabetes. It does this by three main mechanisms. It sensitizes your muscle cells to insulin through at least two different pathways. It can also stimulate the pancreas to release Insulin. Last, Agmatine mimics Insulin itself on your muscle cells as well. It can also help lower blood glucose levels for those of you who find their daily glucometer readings disappointing, to say the least.

Agmatine is Popular in Medical Cannabis Circles!

Now there are many other performance and health benefits but I would need a full article just to cover them all. I just wanted to give you a little insight into this powerful natural supplement and what it can do. The last thing I wanted to discuss is Agmatine’s ability to increase appetite. Yep, that is the purpose of the article remember? One study on rats showed that it actually increased the caloric intake and even preference for carbohydrates in satiated rats. Yes, that means even when the rats were fed and had a full stomach, they still wanted to eat more. Now, where would we find humans that seem to eat a lot but still might need to get in more food to pack on muscle mass? Yep, you guessed it, strength athletes and bodybuilders fit that perfectly. Now you might be thinking that we are not rats so how does it work in humans? Well, there are tons of anecdotal reports of people using it and finding themselves very hungry after only a few days of taking it. In fact, some people that are using it for health benefits and are not jacked up strength athletes even report the major appetite increase when taking Agmatine. Well, they may think of this as a negative side effect, but for those looking to pack on more muscle or push their strength to new limits, this can be a blessing in disguise. Most athletes will take 1000-2000mg per day spaced out for maximum results. If you have never tried Agmatine before then it might not only improve your health markers but also push that appetite to the max!

#15 Megestrol Acetate

Now here is some more drug info so once again for those of you who get offended, you can close this page and get back to your issue of Vanity Fair. Now, this drug in question is called Megestrol Acetate and goes by the name Megace. It is a drug commonly used in different forms of cancer patients as well as those that have other types of wasting diseases. It is a progestational agent that as you guessed can really stimulate your appetite. Its original purpose was to be a contraceptive agent but when the ladies taking it started ravaging their fridge at all hours of the day and night and gained weight like you couldn’t imagine, many discontinued its use. With all the complaints of husbands all over the country about their once lean wives blowing up into momentous proportions, the pharmaceutical companies decided it was time to change the purpose of this drug from contraception to an orexigenic agent (weight gainer).

Megestrol can make You Ravenous!

It is used with those that suffer muscle wasting due to HIV as well as geriatric patients that lose their appetite in later years. Now this compound can have some serious side effects and that is something that should be noted. But with that said, those that are looking to enhance their performance in the chemical arena, most take that with a grain of salt and jump in sometimes without doing enough research on their own. One downside that many strength athletes and bodybuilders will not like to hear is that of a lowered testosterone level. For those of you trying to get jacked, an optimal testosterone level no matter if you are natural or enhanced is critical for performance. If you are on an anabolic cycle I doubt it will really make that much of a difference, as I am sure jabbing large amounts of synthetic Testosterone will override this effect. But for the natural guys, this may work against you, so this is one thing to consider. It is also used by a lot of very underweight women that want to gain weight but can’t. I know this might be every girl’s dream right here but there are some that want to fill out their frame and have a hard time doing it on their own. Most people who want to try this compound could easily get it prescribed by their doctor if they felt they were underweight. But for a 275-pound powerlifter with 21-inch arms, he might be a little harder to convince that you need a drug to treat a wasting condition.

Most likely won’t be getting a Script for Megastrol from his Doctor!


So here you have it, folks. Another installment on how you can jack that appetite through the roof. Dialing in your water consumption and timing can make a big difference in your appetite and digestion, but is often overlooked by the large majority of athletes. The use of injectable Insulin is commonplace among bodybuilders both at the amateur and professional level, even though there are some serious repercussions of its misuse. Megestrol is one drug that is not well known in the performance enhancement circles but still is used by a small segment that can handle the side effects. Once again these are not methods or drugs that I am recommending, but simply educating you on what happens in backroom gyms all across America even if you are totally unaware of this reality. In the last and final installment of this series, I will have some more uncensored ways that are sure to take your appetite to the next level.

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