The Top 20 Uncensored Ways To Jack your Appetite Through the Roof Part IV

The Top 20 Uncensored Ways To Jack your Appetite Through the Roof

Part IV

By Anthony Ricciuto

Hey everyone I am happy to see you back for the forth and final instalment in this series. One thing I tried to do with these articles is to not only educate you on some of the more secretive ideas that you may have not been aware of, but also to help teach you how to implement them in your daily plan. If your plan is to pack on serious muscle mass and your appetite is that weak link holding you back from attaining your goals, then it’s imperative that you learn new ways to get that appetite revved up. As I have discussed before, there are many pathways to stimulate the appetite and this is why I wanted to cover every possible way that can help dial it in like never before. So with that said, let’s get this party started!

Secrets for a Ravenous Appetite!

#16 Betaine HCL/ Enzymes/ Bile Salts/Prebiotics and Probiotics

Now one area that could be holding back your appetite is if you lack any of the digestive substances that help breakdown your foods into usable nutrients. Many people suffer from low stomach acid especially after 40 years old. This is a cause of acid reflux and many digestive issues. While mainstream media and medical doctors will try and convince you that its excessive stomach acid causing your woes, in fact for more than 90% of those suffering from GERD, acid reflux, or other similar issues is actually caused by too little stomach acid. This is a complex topic so there isn’t enough time here to expand on this greatly in this article. What you should note is that if your stomach acid is too low you will not breakdown protein properly into amino acids thereby ultimately keeping your gains dwindling. Next if you do suffer from low stomach acid you will also find that when you eat protein sources like steak or chicken you will feel like its sitting in your stomach like a brick.

Other people may be lacking different pancreatic enzymes as well thus hindering the breakdown of certain macronutrients. One way to know this is if you eat certain foods and then notice you are producing enough gas to fuel an 18 wheeler on a cross country run. This is a key sign that you are lacking a specific enzyme to breakdown a form of carbohydrates or fats. The last thing I want to talk about here is bile and gallbladder issues. There are tons of people across this country with gallbladder issues. Either they have built gallstones to where they get attacks or have had to resort to getting their gallbladder removed. This all can be avoided if you took the right actions with your dietary health in advance.

Some people do not produce enough bile so when they eat fatty foods they feel bloated and like they are not digesting their meal efficiently. Others will get pain under their ribs on the right side. Others will have thick bile where it turns into sludge. This then will also hinder proper digestion of fats but also can lead to many other health issues as well. So this is why optimizing your digestive environment is critical to packing on serious muscle.

If you have any of the above problems that I have mentioned in brief, you will not be able to pack on muscle efficiently until you fix the problem. This is why I use things like Betaine HCL, and Apple Cider Vinegar for clients that suffer from low stomach acid complications. Digestive enzymes are another thing I use with certain clients that may have a digestive insufficiency. For those that suffer from different bile related issues, the use of Ayurveda herbs, bile salts, and digestive bitters all play a role in optimizing digestion. So if you have a digestive ailment its imperative that you get it looked at by someone that knows the gut biome and its many related problems that can arise. You will never maximize your muscle gains if any digestive problems are not addressed and worked on.

Betaine HCL is a Must for Optimal Digestion!

#17 THC Edibles, Tea, and Tinctures

Now I am sure I will hear a lot of flak for this one but it is a must to be included in this article. Medical cannabis is now legal in many countries around the world for one simple reason…It works! Yes even if you are product of decades of anti-cannabis propaganda that has been dumped into your brain like a PCB landfill, the reality is that cannabis in its many forms offers numerous health benefits to those suffering from a myriad of conditions. Hell I even was anti-cannabis for most of my life but after doing in depth research reading medical studies and books, my mindset has completely changed. Now remember I am talking about medical cannabis use here in its many forms, not recreational use. The fact is that THC can really help increase the appetite. I am sure you have heard of someone consuming cannabis only to have the munchies an hour later and ravage through the house like a hurricane eating everything in sight. Now specific strains of cannabis do offer better results than others so if you are going to use THC in different forms, it is important that you study the specific strains for increased hunger. This is why it can really help cancer patients not only to quell nausea which is a major problem with those receiving chemo, but also to increase their appetite as well.

Now the best way to use THC for hunger is in the edible form. It could be a gummy or another food delivery system. Another way is a medical tincture that is taken sublingually under the tongue. This absorbs faster than eating a gummy or brownie and doesn’t have all the sugar and additives either, making it a better choice for athletes or health conscious people. I am not a fan of combusting cannabis even though for recreational users it is the most common form of consumption. If someone wanted to inhale cannabis I would recommend using a dry herb vaporizer. Not a vape pen with distillate or other forms of cannabis. I still don’t trust these pens even the ones on the legal market in terms of long term lung health. So organic cannabis with a dry herb vaporizer like the PAX III or the Dynavap is perfect for those that want to inhale cannabis in a much safer method.

Cannabis Edibles are Amazing to Increase Appetite!

Another method you can do is make a tea from the dry flower. Now this isn’t used by as many people but it is very effective. Many people will mix the cannabis flower with other loose tea in a tea bag. This will help change the flavour so those that may not like the cannabis taste will still find it palatable. One amazing combination to take in the evening is to mix it with chamomile tea. The combination of an Indica strain of cannabis with this natural tea will not only help make you hungry but also help you relax and give you a good nights rest.

The reason why I like an oral form of cannabis is because it changes the chemical structure from Delta-9-THC to Delta 11-THC. This makes it much stronger first off and second it lasts much longer. This will work much better than flower for those with insomnia issues as well due to it lasting all night long, where as flower before bed may only last a few hours only to have you wake up in the middle of the night when it has worn off. It will be the same way for your appetite as well. It will keep you hungrier longer thereby allowing you to consume more food than you would normally have eaten.

#18 Pulverize your Meat

With a title like that I am sure to get a few funny stares but that is A-Ok with me. From what I hear powerlifters don’t pulverize their meat enough. Ok all jokes aside now lets get down to business. Here is a trick that is used by some of the biggest and strongest men in the world. Now maybe you haven’t heard of this technique before but it is used by some of the top pro Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, and Strongmen for a reason…It Works! The reality is that if your quest is to constantly get bigger you really need to keep packing in more food to make it happen. But the downside of this quest for size is that it does place a tremendous strain on your digestive system.

Time for a Chicken Shake!

I seen tons of bodybuilders and strength athletes who in their teenage years and twenties wolf down food like it was going out of style. Hitting the buffet a couple times per week, force feeding meals even when not hungry, drinking 2000 calorie weight gain shakes, and much more are commonplace for those looking to get jacked. But after doing this for a couple decades it puts some serious wear and tear on your digestive process. Then when guys hit their mid 30’s or early 40’s they start running into digestive issues due to the abuse they put their body through in their younger years. It’s true that when you are young and healthy it’s easy to think that nothing will ever catch up with you and this is a problem with many using performance enhancing drugs at a young age. Then after years of punishing your body there will come a time to pay the piper and the sad fact is that many do not think this far ahead.

So what does this technique consist of you might ask. So one of the most basic ways to do this is to use a food processor. One bodybuilder who made this popular is the late Trevor Smith. He was around 420 pounds and had crazy strength even as a bodybuilder. If you have ever witnessed any of his training sessions the intensity is off the charts and the weights he used were powerlifter standard. He used to need large amounts of food to keep his weight that high and one thing he did was masticate his food to make it easier to handle. Following this method first off dramatically makes it easier getting large portions of food down the hatch. If you sat there and had to eat a pound of ground beef at one sitting it can be daunting meal after meal. But by throwing it into the food processor and adding in some tomato paste, now that same portion of food goes down like nothing. Plus you have saved your digestive process a huge amount of work by making it much easier to digest. Plus it will be easier on your teeth and jaw since you won’t need the 32 bites per mouthful of food that you should be doing with every bite for optimal digestion.

Blend Your Meat for Massive Gains!

This is even done by World Champion Powerlifter Blaine Sumner with his famous chicken shakes recipe. Since he can’t get in that same amount of food if it was all cooked, by drinking them in a shake manner he can get it all in with ease. Now I personally wouldn’t turn all my meals into a liquid protein shake because I do like to eat my food, and second if you are just drinking meals all day long then I can see an issue when you go back to eating food in terms of a digestive issue arising. With my above method you aren’t drinking the meals and are eating them but they are pulverized down to a much easier state to eat. Now do you need to do this with all your meals? No definitely not! But by doing this with even two of your daily meals out of the six you are probably eating, it can definitely take some strain of the digestive process and allow you take in more food than if you didn’t do it. If you have never tried this before give it a shot and you will see how much easier it is to digest a large protein based meal.

#19 Optimize Fat Intake, Sources, and Digestion

For anyone that has read my articles over the years you know that I am big fan of healthy fats in the diet. While I include all the healthy fats in my clients meal plans, I do try and prioritize them to optimize both training performance and recovery, as well as long term health. Since the standard American diet consumes way too much Omega 6 fats, this is the leading reason why these same individuals have so much inflammation in the body. This form of fat is in just about all processed foods in one way or another.

So if it’s not something you could hunt, pick from a tree, or pull from the ground, then most likely it is loaded with high amounts of Omega 6 fats. I rarely have to include this form of fat in anyone’s diet. While most of these Omega 6 sources of fat including corn oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, and others which I do not recommend using, there are two forms of Omega 6 fats that I do like. This would be known as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which is an Omega 6 fat but is of the healthy kind. These sources would include Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil, and Black Currant Seed Oil. These have numerous health benefits and the only Omega 6 fats that I would consider using.

Next we need to look at the other end of the scale with our Omega 3 fats. The best sources are fatty cuts of fish which you already know I am a big supporter of in the diet. These are amazing for numerous reasons but they work to reduce inflammation in the body. Since most disease is rooted in inflammation in one form or another, it is wise to consume proper levels of Omega 3 fats to help obtain a proper Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio for optimal health.

Monounsaturated fats or what is known as Omega 9 fats are also a big priority on my list. These sources include extra virgin olive oil, avocado, olives, almonds, cashews, walnuts among others. These are critical for heart health so I make them part of all my athletes plans. Last let’s not forget about saturated fat. Yes often vilified, but in my opinion it is a two way street. Now if you genetically inclined for heart disease due to specific blood markers and family history monitoring your saturated fat intake is a good idea. But for those of you who are not, then it has numerous benefits for increasing hormone production and strength among others.

So what is the take home message here besides taking in the good fats and minimizing the bad fats in your diet? One thing is that fat is calorically dense. Carbs and proteins contain 4 calories per gram and fats contain 9 calories per gram. Fat also will keep you fuller longer than carbs or protein as it takes longer to digest. I recommend my clients to not mix large amounts of fats with higher carb meals. This combo is counterproductive as it leads to fat gain but also is not best for longterm health as well. I will separate this into meals that are protein and carb based and then meals that are protein and fat based. This is better for performance, but also fat loss and health as well. This is also easier on the digestive process as well. If you are eating meals that are high in carbs and fats at the same time it will take longer to digest leaving you feeling full longer. This then leads to you not getting in all your meals cause the last meal is still sitting in your stomach like a brick.

Fish Oil is a Must for Optimal Health!

Also certain fats like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Macadamia Nut Oil will also digest much faster than eating the same amount of grams from a animal based saturated fat meal. Knowing how to combine your meals properly will allow you to get in more calories with avoiding that bloated feeling that accompanies higher fat meals. One side note that I want to mention here is for those that have a hard time digesting fats. This will happen if you have had your gallbladder removed. But this problem is also an issue for many people as they get older. Supplementing with Bile Acids is a must if you don’t have a gallbladder or if you suffer from bile deficiency. If you find yourself feeling bloated, have belching where you burp up the fatty taste of your food, get pain in your right side under your rib cage, and have floating light coloured stools, all are signs you are not digesting your fats properly. Making sure you are digesting your fats is critical so not only you can take advantage of these healthy fats benefits but also so you don’t become deficient in fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins A-D-E-K2.

#20 Oral Steroids and the Liver Appetite Connection

Ok here we have another controversial discussion so let’s let it rip. Now strength athletes are known to love oral anabolic steroids like Anadrol, Halotestin, Methyl Testosterone, Dianabol and more especially in the last six weeks before a competition. Many strength athletes will use injectable steroids year round and save a heavy blast of orals in the last part of their pre competition prep. But in those last weeks before a powerlifting or strongman competition, many will start taking large amounts of oral steroids to get that extra edge. Since their use is minimal during the year, most strength athletes will get a huge increase in strength which is a real confidence booster when it’s time to step up on the platform.

Now one thing you have to consider with oral steroid use is the effect it can have on appetite. Studies have shown that Anavar increases appetite in patients. Now this can be a very individualized scenario and taken on a case per case basis. You see Anadrol 50 which one of the most beloved oral anabolic steroids of strength athletes and even bodybuilders alike, can wreak havoc on the appetite of some of those who use it. In fact many actually stay away from Anadrol mainly due to this main reason. For some people taking this steroid, their once ravenous appetite now turns into one that resembles a bikini competitor. Since the main purpose of taking Anadrol would be to maximize strength gains and pack on some serious muscle mass, not having an appetite can actually do you more harm than good. Now if Anadrol is taken in the last two weeks before a bodybuilding show to produce a full look, the decrease in appetite might do the person some good to take that hunger edge off when calories are at an all time low.

Turkish Anapolon is the Breakfast of Champions!

Many of you might be wondering why this occurs. While we don’t have any medical studies to prove the point but many in the game relate this too the liver being overloaded and toxic thus thereby causing a decrease in hunger. Now I do believe this could be one of the factors but not the only one. One thing I have noticed is that many of those complaining of lower appetite when using stronger orals is those that are above 30 years old. Some even could use orals with no issues in their younger years but as they got older they just didn’t jive any longer. One thing that I have used with my clients to help bypass this situation is by taking Betaine HCL. I mentioned this supplement above earlier in this issue. It helps increase stomach acid thereby helping you to break down proteins more efficiently. When I have my athletes take this with their meals and also along their dosing of their potent androgen oral steroid, the stomach bloating and appetite decrease was no longer present. Making sure you are breaking things down efficiently like your food and even tablets you are taking is imperative for optimal absorption.

Protect your Liver from Oral AnabolicĀ Use!

This is why I always use liver protecting compounds during the cycle and even during their Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to help lower elevated liver enzymes and detox this important organ. I am a big fan of different liver protecting compounds including NAC, LIV-52, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle, Herbal Bitters, Vitamin B-100 complex, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and many more. If low stomach acid is a culprit then the use of Betaine HCL, ACV, Ginger, and more can really help keep the appetite optimized when taking oral steroids. So like I mentioned earlier it is very important to keep your liver healthy not only for long term health, but also to maximize your appetite.


So here you have it folks, the final instalment in this no holds barred appetite series. Now if in the past you have found yourself suffering from a low appetite you now have an encyclopedia of information at your fingertips to make a real change for the better. No matter if you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder or strongman, a subpar appetite will hinder not only your gains, but your competitive prowess as well. I have presented to you my top tips on getting you ravenously hungry in no time at all. If you suffer from this issue no worries, I have your back. I have used these techniques in my practise with numerous world champions and professional athletes with amazing results. So go grab yourself something to eat and devour it with precision, because your gains and competitive success is depending on it!

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