Zombie Kush Strain Review

Medical Cannabis Strain Review

Zombie Kush

By Anthony Ricciuto

Welcome to a new column here at Power Nutritionist. For those medical cannabis patients out there, this column will help provide cutting edge info on different cannabis strains to help you choose what is best for your current medical condition. Anyone that is new to medical cannabis knows that there is so much info being passed around and much of it not on point. This is why I started this column to help those who are looking to educate themselves with the information they can trust.

Welcome to the Walking Dead

Now just the sound of this strain makes you wonder if it will turn you into a flesh-eating zombie after a few pulls? Well no it won’t, so if you were hoping to turn into a zombie you will be sadly disappointed. But if you are looking for some amazing medicine that can help with several conditions then you are in the right place. Zombie Kush’s genetics were created by none other than Ripper Seeds from Spain. If you are not familiar with this company you should be as they have created some amazing strains over the years for the medical patient. I am a big fan of their genetics and the more you understand what goes on in creating a new strain you will see why I like Ripper Seeds so much.

I Love Ripper Seeds!

Now, this bad boy has won competitions on the world stage as well. In 2019 it received 2nd place at the Karma Kup which is the biggest cannabis competition in Canada. Zombie Kush also earned a 3rd place award at Spannabis in 2017 in Spain, which many consider the biggest competition in the world. If it can please some of the pickiest judges from around the world going head to head against some of the best strains ever created, I am sure you will like it also.

Ripper Seeds at Spannabis!


Now Zombie Kush from Ripper Seeds is a heavy Indica strain. It is a mix of Lavender Kush x Amnesia x Bubba Kush. The mixing of these three very nice strains has given birth to one amazing hybrid. I know any of you veterans out there reading this know that anything with Bubba Kush in it has to be good to go. Now, this is an 80% Indica, 20% Sativa hybrid. With this being an Indica dominant hybrid you are in for a real treat. It ranges from 23% all the way to 29% THC (depending on the grower) on various tests so as you can see it does pack a powerful punch no doubt. Its two main terpenes are Alpha Pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of these terpenes play a role in why Zombie Kush is so effective for both of these problems. For those of you looking to grow your own, Zombie Kush has the reputation of producing big yields with large resinous nugs coated in trichomes. Flowering time takes around 60 days so you have to be patient for those little babies to do their thing. But once it’s dried and cured you will be enjoying yourself, believe me.

Look at this Beautiful Plant!


Ok, hold on to your horses I know you want to know about the taste and aroma. I am getting to that so just hold in that excitement. Zombie Kush is a very aromatic strain so for those that enjoy the flavor dancing on your taste buds you are in for a treat. Due to one of the parent strains being Lavender Kush, you will find this aroma and taste coming through nicely. Personally, I love the heavy lavender strains, especially when baking them into some form of an edible. The smell from the oven usually has very little cannabis odor, but rich lavender sweetness permeating the entire room. This is an amazing strain to make some weed brownies. So if you are looking to medicate on your cheat day this is one that won’t disappoint. It does have an earthy taste with a slight hint of grape sweetness. For a dank kush, it is quite smooth compared to others with similar lineage. The look of the Zombie nugs is fantastic. It has a vibrant green color to the leaves with a slight blue tinge. It is loaded with trichomes and decorated with nice orange hairs. For the cannabis connoisseur, it is a sight to behold. For those that are vaping, they will find the smoke to be thick and full. Due to its kush genetics, you will feel that heaviness in your lungs, which is a common trait.

The Zombie is an Amazing Medical Strain!

Medical Benefits and Effects

Now that we know more about this strain let’s take a look at what it may help you with. Since this is an Indica dominant hybrid you can rest assured it will knock you on your ass. I do not recommend this strain during the day for the large majority of patients. This is because it will make you want to go for a nap which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you aren’t planning a midday nap it may throw you off. With this being said, Zombie Kush is amazing for insomnia issues. In a vaporized dry flower form it will definitely give you couch lock within minutes of inhalation. If you want to take full advantage of all it has to offer, Zombie Kush in an edible or tincture form will work even better. I find for many of my clients that tincture form in alcohol or MCT oil base works amazing. Since insomnia issues affect so many people nowadays, it’s nice to have a strain you can count on to help take you off to dreamland in no time at all.

Insomnia will be a Thing of the Past!

Zombie Kush will also help you with pain issues. If you suffer from chronic pain stemming from an injury or arthritic in nature, Zombie Kush can help shut it down fast. Due to its high THC content, the pain will be put on the back burner once it kicks in. This strain is also good for those that suffer from a lack of appetite. Cancer patients that are undergoing Chemotherapy will find a nice treat with this strain as it will make you hungry. On top of that, the food that you eat will taste amazing. Oh, yea if you thought your cheat meal tasted good on its own, try it after the Zombie kicks in and the pleasure will be amplified. This strain is also good for those that suffer from PTSD and chronic rumination. If you are one of those people that can’t sleep at night because you have a million things or should I say problems running through your head and have a hard time relaxing, Zombie Kush can definitely slow things down and take the edge off.

Zombie Kush is Pure Pain Relief!

The High

The high you get from Zombie Kush will come on hard. It will take a few minutes to kick but once it does you will know it. Your eyes will become heavy and will feel like you have 100-pound dumbbells attached to your eyelids. The classic indica full-body relaxation will take you over until you don’t even want to get up from where you are sitting. The cerebral effects will mainly be felt in the front part of your head. This stain isn’t recommended for beginners because it is very potent. If you still want to try it and you are new to medical cannabis take it slow. If you are dry vaping then start with one or two pulls and then put it down. Wait 10-15 minutes then see how you are feeling. If you feel you need more than do so in small amounts until you feel where you need to be in terms of relief. In terms of an edible or tincture start with 5-10mg only. This may sound like a chump dose but believe me, this stuff is potent. See how you feel after a couple of hours and only increase by again the same amount if you aren’t feeling the effects.

Zombie Kush has Amazing Taste and Aroma!


So here you have it, folks. Zombie Kush is definitely a heavy hitter that will not disappoint. If you are looking for an Indica dominant strain to help you relax, take the edge off the pain, or get your ass to sleep, you can’t go wrong with the Zombie. Its high THC content will be a bonus for medical patients looking for real results. If you are an indica lover then this should be on your list of what to try next. When your local dispensary has the Zombie Kush in stock, definitely give it a try because you will be glad you did.

You Can’t Go Wrong with the Zombie!

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